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This institute is the only fully disciplined and well organized place I have ever seen. Never once I heard about tyros getting caught for doing something stupid except us. Many tyros deal with their dirty jobs in secret like how Olivia slipped something into my drink and caused me feeling like crap. That is why I was surprised to see a whole group of tyros cheering someone to fight at the cafeteria’s mini garden. I squeezed in between the crowd to see what is going on. My friends were standing at the other side watching the fight with amusement. I was astonished to see Ray battling with a guy, someone I never seen before. The crowd cheered loudly every single time both of them throw punches and kicks. It was obvious Ray was at the losing side. Though he moved incredibly fast and tactful, his opponent was too damn good. He could read Ray’s every move easily. The odd thing about this unexpected event is that everybody is enjoying it including Ray. There was a small smile on his face. The fight went on for awhile until Ray hit the ground and the fight was over. The crowd started to scatter away. I walked to him and crouched beside him. “Are you okay?” I asked him. His lower lip was bleeding. “How was I?” He asked me, his mood was good even after got beaten up. “Really really good. Now I get it why everyone look up to you.” I told him sarcastically. “I didn’t know you have become an inspiration at the Angels.” A man voice said. I looked up and saw the guy who fought Ray standing in front of us. He offered Ray his hand and lifted him up. The man gave a polite nod to me. He was the same height as Ray. He was a really good looking man. I smiled at him awkwardly. He reminded me of someone but I couldn’t pin point who. Ray introduced us, “Anna, this is my uncle, Michael and this is Anna, my friend.” “Hello, Anna” He greeted me. “Hi.” I said shyly. I knew Ray had a famous spy uncle but I didn’t guess he would be looking like an action movie star. We walked back to the cafeteria and a young lady in a summer dress was waiting for us. Her hair was highlighted in pink which was a big contrast among the other tyros. Her fun pixie hair cut and the floral white dress made her look pretty in a very girly way. She smiled brightly at Michael and then at Ray. Ray greeted her and introduced us. Her name was Lia. “I have never seen your sweet friend before.” She said while smiling at me. “She’s new, a few months old here.” Ray informed her. Both of them frowned at me in doubts but didn’t ask me any questions. “Ray, we should get going now. I have to invite Mr. Henderson in person.” Michael said, looking at his watch. I noticed his eyes. It’s the same colour as Ray’s. No wonder I felt as though I seen him before. His dark forest green eyes resemble Ray’s. “And Ray bring your friend as well. See you both at the party.” Lia said to us before leaving. “Party? What party?” I asked Ray in confusion. “I’m not sure. They barely celebrate, this got to be something.” Ray stated, still staring at his uncle. “So what you think of him?” Ray asked me when I didn’t say anything. “He’s very handsome.” I stated and Ray raised his eyebrow at me. “And young and good in fighting.” I went on awkwardly. “You like him.” He said. “Yeah, you can say that. How old is he?” I asked Ray and he gave me his surprised look. “Oh my god, you have a crush on my uncle? He’s thirty, Anna.” I had to laugh at his expression. “Cut it, Ray. I was just asking.” I told him, feeling my cheeks turning pink. “You should know Lia is his girlfriend, so don’t get any ideas.” He warned me playfully. I guessed that earlier. The way they walked hand in hand made it pretty obvious. “Sweet couple.” I muttered. “Anyway what are they doing here?” I asked Ray. He shrugged. “I don’t know maybe have something important to do. I guess we will find out this evening.” “We? This evening?” I asked him dumbfounded. “You heard her. She invited you to the party. It’s good you will be there or else I will be the only tyro there. I’m sure they’re inviting the staffs only.” He went on. “Where is this party?” “At the Angels’ guest house.” He told me. “We have a guest house here?” I was surprised to hear that. “Yeah, behind our dorm.” He stated. “Okay, what should I wear?” I asked him, suddenly feeling nervous of the thought of seeing all my tutors and trainers assembled in one place. “A dress I supposed. We should get to the class now. I will meet you here at seven okay.” “Sure and do something to your lips.” His lip was still bleeding and obviously he’s unaware of it. He frowned at me and then winced when he touch his lips. “Oh, crap.” He rushed to the washroom and I turned to catch my friends watching me. “Going somewhere?” Naomi asked me. “I need a dress.”

“What are we going to do with your hair?”

I shrugged at my friends. It took them half an hour to choose a dress for me from each of our closets. After a few arguments, we finally agreed with the beige knee length dress. It was the right color, in my opinion because I have never seen the society of the Angels’ in anything but dull colors. I most certainty would not want to attract any attention this evening. The neckline was decent and the waist line wrapped around mine perfectly. Fascinatingly, my friends enjoy dressing me up compared to myself. I simply nodded with their fashion talks. “I think you should let loose your curls. They bring out the fun and you won’t end up looking like a thirty year old.” Jane suggested. I agreed reluctantly. I’m not sure about the idea of letting loose my wild hair. I may end up looking like a crazy girl but I have no time to argue. I don’t want to be late and drag my friends’ dinner time. Naomi helped me to braid my hair in a water fall fashion. So there was a crown like braid around my head and flowing long curls that falls around my shoulder. “A few clips of flowers on your braid and a bouquet of wild flowers in your hands would have perfected you to be the bride somewhere in countryside mini garden.” Ivy commented when I was done twirling in front of our long mirror. “This is good. Simple and young. Thank you my dear fashionistas.” I told my friends. They were beaming at me. “If you’re feeling nervous then why did you agreed to go?” Jane asked me before I leave the room. I had been fidgeting a lot and my friends noticed. “Because Lia invited me so I don’t want to be rude. Also this is a good opportunity to know this people. I mean to get to know how the whole thing works including the party.” I told them. “Yeah, I’m curious about that too. How do these lifeless people actually have fun?” Naomi wondered out loud. Ivy laughed at her, “You’re forgetting something, now we are part of these lifeless people too.” “You’re right but you’re not completely lifeless, you have Daniel.” Naomi countered. They started to argue in what sense life should be lifeless which was quite intense so I decided to leave the dorm before I get dragged along. I walked to the cafeteria feeling out of place. Every tyro that passes by looked at me as though I’m wearing something I shouldn’t have. I kept my head down, shielding the stares with my hair. My white low heels clacked along the way. I reached the cafeteria and saw Ray waiting for me. He noticed me the second I walked in. He was in white shirt and black pants. His hair was neatly gelled, giving him a gentleman look. “Well hello beautiful.” He greeted me. He smiled a little too sweetly. “Really? Thank you, mister. You don’t look bad yourself.” I told him. Some tyros at the front tables faked cough at us. I’m sure we looked lame smiling at each other in a crowd of uninterested, hungry and tired tyros. The smell of food made my stomach growl. I gave the food counter one long longing look before exiting the cafeteria. Ray led me to the left corridor of the cafeteria that is to the boys’ dormitory. We passed by Olivia and Lucy on our way out. Her shocked slash angry glare was unexpectedly satisfying to me. I resented her for the coffee incident. I acted as though she is not around since that, well that was not my first plan but Ray made me promise to trust him and he was right. She completely ignored us since then. I was quite surprise to see how much Ray have influence on her. Maybe she really likes him but I’m in no mood to feel bad for her unrequited love life.

We walked past Block F and there was Block G, the staffs’ dormitories. I saw some from the administration department walking ahead of us. I have never been to this part of the institute so I looked around to get the full view. The surrounding was the same as the other parts of the Angels, corridors and mini garden in the middle of the Blocks but this garden looks more like a flower park. At the end of the corridor, there was a black and white stone carpeted pathway until another building at the north. A singled storey bungalow, painted in white with black roof. No doubt it’s the Angels’. Though it’s a house structured building, there’s nothing homely about it. Ray and I walked into the house, greeting some of the staffs we knew.

The inside of the house was beautiful. The first thing I noticed was a huge crystal chandelier at the living room. The room was big enough to fit more than hundred people. Ray and I stood awkwardly at the hall. I have no idea what to do next. Many familiar faces were here and they all pretty much occupied in their own conversations. I looked at Ray and he looked as lost as I am. “You have never been to this kind of party before?” I asked him. “Of course I have but to the ones where most of them are my age and not my teachers.” I dragged him to the food corner. There was variety of delicious looking cuisines. “Let’s start socializing by starting to eat something.” I told him and gotten myself a black forest cake. “How that’s socializing?” Ray asked me in confusion. “You got to try this. It’s good.” It’s been ages since I ate cakes. The cafeteria never sells cakes, not even muffins or cupcakes. Ray took a fork and sliced my piece to half. “What are you doing?” I asked him. “I’m trying the cake.” He said and gulped down the cake. “No, you’re stealing mine.” I accused him. “It is really good.” Ray told me, completely ignoring my annoyed face. “Enjoying yourselves?” Miss Lia came to greet us. “A little.” Ray answered playfully. “I’m sorry. We weren’t given the permission to invite the young ones. You two are the exceptional because you’re related to Michael and he wants you to be here.” She explained to us. “Oh so this party has something to do with Michael?” Ray asked eagerly. “You will soon hear it. Okay, I know it might be boring for you two but try to stick around until dinner is served.” She excused herself and went to talk to another group. “Anybody could rent this place and throw party if they want to?” I whispered to Ray. “I’m not sure. This is the first time I get to come here but I heard normally the spies would use this place to celebrate their achievement mostly.” He told me. “Oh, okay.” I took a sugar cookie to munch. “That’s not only it, this house serve more purpose other than just celebration.” A lady in grey office dress stated. She was the one standing behind Ray and no doubt she heard us. Her bob cut hair and a glass of wine in her hand made her look like a diplomat. “Hello tyros of the Angels. I’m Angela Rookie from the Agency.” She introduced herself. “Hello, please to meet you. I’m Ray and this is Anna.” I extended my hand and she shook it. “I recognize both of you. You are the young man that came in for a mission recently and you, young lady is lucky enough to be here in this great place.” I wasn’t sure if she meant well or simply trying to make me awful. Probably she had no clue about the fact that I knew the reason why I’m here. “Now about this magnificent place, it holds histories worth hundred years old. It used to be a small building solely used to hold important meetings and a place to organize the entire organization of the spies. Impressive isn’t it. But following our modern day culture and administration standard, all those works that was carried out here is now being administered at the headquarters. And in due respect of this place, the Angels decided to restructure it and the spies are allowed to use this space for their personal use, hence now it’s known as a party house, which is quite disturbing actually.” She ended her lecture with a very proud smile. I’m guessing she’s even expecting a round of applause. “That’s very interesting. I would never look at this place the same again.” Ray told her. She scoffed a laugh and looked at me. “I’m sure everything here is quite a lot for you to take in, you and the other girls. Frankly, I never expected to see you here, to be at this so call elite gathering of ours. I’m sure you are well aware by now that the spy system work based on talents and ability to reach a certain standard. The four of you were never tested by that standard if I’m not wrong. I’m certain you are experiencing difficulties to survive in this advanced world. Being a close friend to one of the best tyro who is related to a great agent is a smart move to fit in.” She sipped her wine while waiting for me to say something. I was tongue tied to hear that. “Oh well, excuse me kids I have someone important to meet.” She walked into the now growing crowd at the hall. “I hate her.” Ray muttered under his breath. “Thank you.” I told him appreciatively. “No really she was the one who interrogated me after I have done my mission. She was every bit ridiculously annoying but very influential woman at the agency.” I was barely listening to him because her words were still playing in my head. She literally insulted me for being someone who is not officially a tyro and she made it very clear that she did not approve us being here. “Anna, are you okay?” Ray asked me. “I shouldn’t be here. I didn’t know that this is some elite gathering thing.” I said sarcastically. “What? No, wait.” Ray grabbed my wrist stopping me. “Don’t move.” He told me and then took a plate. He picked up one of each cookie and cakes served and filled the plate. “What are you doing?” I was more confused than irritated. “Done, let’s go.” He held my hand and led me to the crowd. We walked past the crowd to another room inside. The room was full of people so Ray turned and walked out. There were a few coffee tables at the compound and none of them were occupied. He walked me to one and placed the plate on the sliver table. There were only two chairs, he sat on one. “Sit.” He said when I didn’t join him. “Come on, Anna. Don’t leave me all alone with this mean people.” He pleaded with a very cute smile on his face. I reluctantly sat opposite him. I nibbled the blueberry cake quietly. “Forget about what she said. She’s nobody.” Ray said to me. “You just told me she’s a very influential person.” I pointed out. “Does it matter now?” He asked me. “Yes. It does.” I answered. “Why?” “Because she was right, except for the last part.” I told him. “We’re here well you know all of sudden and yes we are struggling to get along with everyone here. She thinks we don’t deserve to be here. Maybe she was right.” I knew the reason behind all of these was Mr. Henderson. He wanted to provide the best for us but as he told me not everyone agree to that. He even mentioned that some authority need to see our capability and that’s why we are required to get involved in this coming mission, probably this lady is one of them. “Do you want to hear something? I think you have doubts on yourself and your friends. That’s why whenever anyone says anything about your ability, you instantly agree with them. You’re lacking of self-esteem and that is very bad.” He bit a big chunk of chocolate cookie and went on with his mouth full. “Listen Anna, I don’t care what that annoying lady or anyone else say about you or your friends because from what I have seen for the last three months. You guys are amazing and obviously talented or else how can you cope up with the new education system. I remembered in my Year 1, everything was very strange and the Angels didn’t put us under any pressure like you are going through. Our classes were very slow paced. I’m sure you noticed that at the first year classes. The intense activities started after we were familiar enough with our surrounding. You got through without any need of that and now you possibly know half the things I learnt for the past four years in few months time. Now that’s just cool.” His expression was genuine. “Thanks, now I feel better. You’re right. I do have problem when it comes to believing in myself. It will be really awesome if I have someone like you to keep reminding me how awesome I can be.” I laughed. I was honestly flattered to hear his view about us. I always pictured us as the losers here, like how the other tyros feel about us. “Well, I’m not going anywhere.” He mumbled. “Really thank you, Ray.” He smiled at me. His lower lip was swollen and the cut was still fresh. “I have a question about what happened earlier. Why did you fought with Michael?” “He wanted to test my combat skills. He does that all the time he visit me. Actually, he trained me a few years ago before he became active in the field.” He explained. “Oh, that’s a strange way to greet nephew after a long time.” I stated. He wanted to reply something but he abruptly stood up looking at something behind me. He bowed down respectfully. I turned behind and saw Mr. Henderson and Mr. Henry on their way to the house. I stood up quickly and bowed as well. Mr. Henderson nodded at us before entering the house. I felt guilty to see him today.

Last month when I heard about Mr. Henry’s failed mission and the lost he suffered I went to Mr. Henderson to clear my doubts. I questioned him if at all that incident related to us and he affirmed me after a few drilling questions from me. He explained that during Mr. Henry’s mission at Drago’s place, he was attacked at the camp. Drago had lured the team in and caused that as a distraction to trap Mr. Henderson at the camp all alone unarmed. The death of the two tyros made me asked Mr. Henderson to reconsider the mission. Honestly I am afraid about going out there when Drago is still on the loose. Mr. Henderson disapproved my attitude and dismissed me immediately. Ray was right, I have serious problem in trusting myself and my friends. Probably my friends would be disappointed if they found out any of this. “Can I have everyone’s attention, please?” I heard Miss Lia’s voice. Ray and I went in and found Miss Lia and Michael standing close to each other in the middle of the hall while others were seated. The room was quiet. We stood at the entrance watching them. “Now that everyone is here, I should let you know the reason for me to gather everyone.” Michael’s eyes were on Ray when he said that. “I know this is very rare and if ever occur, it’s mostly done in secret. But I wanted to share the news with all of you. I considered everyone here as my family so here it is.” He clasped Miss Lia’s hand and raised it up showing of the rock on her ring finger. “We are getting married and I hope each of you will give us your blessing.” Miss Lia beamed at us. She slides her arm around Michael affectionately. “Wow.” Ray breathed. The room was silent for a while. I could see mix reaction from the small crowd. Some looked happy for them and some disapproved. “Congratulations! Both of you.” Mr. Henderson broke the silence and the others joined in. “What’s up with the reaction?” It’s obviously a good news.” I whispered to Ray. “Yeah, it is but it’s rare to see a couple in this field and to top that one who declared it openly. This will change a lot of things for them. Agents are not supposed to open up about their relationships and loved ones.” He answered. “That’s weird. Why not?” I demanded. “Anna, think about it. The field we are in is dangerous not only for us but those surrounding us. That’s one of the reason we are taught to live separately from our family. Family and loved ones can be distractions.” He explained to me. “And you agree with that?” I asked him in disbelief. “In a way, yes.” He stated. “But, that’s just sad. I’m with your uncle. What he just did was the sweetest thing ever.” I knew relationships are not encouraged among us but I didn’t know it’s this extreme. “That’s not sweet. It’s bold and a statement. It’s either his being tactical about something or simply being foolish in love.” Ray told me with a half smile on his face. “Whatever, enough with the big talk I know you’re happy for your uncle. I can see it on your face. Don’t you want to wish them?” I nudged him. I know I want to. It’s the sweetest things I ever witness and from what Ray told me, now I have more respect and admire this couple.

Our final two weeks at the institute didn’t go very well. As usual all sort of rumours about us circulate this institute but today it’s not something we could ignore. The news about us preparing for a mission after the semester leaked out. We had no idea who got it out. I personally suspect Olivia because it’s been months since she caused us any trouble. The reaction from the tyros were worst compared to our schedule and special trainers issues we had in our first week here. They despise us and blamed us for taking away their chances to work in the field. The tyros sent numerous complaints to the administration saying how biased and prejudiced this is. We were back to our first day stage where everyone whispers and boycott us. The only difference is now they are not afraid to actually come and yell at our faces. The weekend was the only get away from the unbearable atmosphere.

Since it’s the second last weekend, we decided to stay out longer than we normally would. The day was well spent but there is some awkwardness in the group. We had our dinner at the restaurant that has a cute man made waterfall view at the corner. It was seven when we were done with our dinner. The humors and jokes started to fade away, replaced by the awkwardness. It was Ronald that broke the ice. “Is it true?” He started. “What is?” Ivy asked him. She set aside her tiny silver handset. She had somehow convinced Miss Anita to let us use the Angels’ handsets. She gave her the excuse that we need to get familiarized with it before our big day out. Miss Anita agreed without any hesitation I bet that was because Ivy is her favourite student. “You been offered to do a job.” He stated and the whole table felt quiet. “Come on, Ronald. Not you too. It was a stupid rumours made up by some…” Naomi was interrupted by Stephanie. “We kind of know it’s true. Even my roommate heard it from the office few days back.” I looked at my friends, feeling very uncomfortable for having this discussion. Finally, I gave in. I don’t want to lose them and their trust. “It’s true.” I muttered and everyone stared at me. My friends were not quite happy while the other three surprised. “It’s out anyway. Everyone seems to know it. No point denying it any further.” I claimed. “I know but…” Jane gave the other three hard stare. “Guys, we were instructed to keep it to ourselves so don’t look at us as if we intended to do this on purpose.” She told them. Ronald put up both his hand on the air, “Woah, we are not accusing you or anything, really.” “He’s right and we understand your situation. Don’t worry we won’t talk about this anymore.” Ray cut a look at Stephanie and Ronald. Both of them nodded in agreement. “Thank you very much.” Ivy exhaled loudly. “I wished Daniel would say the same. He keeps on pestering me about this and he even accused me for being dishonest.” She complained. This is the first time I’m hearing her complaining about her boyfriend. “Really? He said that? That’s stupid. He should know this is an important stuff.” Naomi said, shaking her head. “I don’t know. He didn’t like me keeping him in the dark. And…” Ivy paused, looking at us guiltily. She was obviously trying to not say something. “What?” Jane demanded. “He said our relationship might get affected by this.” She said, looking at her phone. “That’s ridiculous, why would he come to that? What is the big deal?” I asked her. Ivy’s expression turned sour. “I don’t know. I haven’t talk to him yet.” She mumbled. “I don’t get it. Why everyone is making it such a big deal? What’s wrong with us getting a mission? Is it really unacceptable?” I let out my frustration out. I felt very tired of the little dramas and overreaction that we most certainly don’t deserve. “Do you know how stressful it is for us to learn almost everything in six months and try to fit in and when we finally thought it is okay everything just goes back to square one. Now we have to deal with the crap all over again. It feels like we are unwanted in the Angels and maybe we will forever be the unwanted.” I didn’t know I will end up yelling at my friends but I did. I calm my breathing to stop myself from blurting out everything on my mind. I don’t want to yell about the details of our missions. The fact that I have no idea what I’m going to do on my first day out there. I don’t want to rattle about a mafia that is so much interested in harming me and my friends. The name Drago has already started to give me nightmares. I constantly thinking about the possibilities of us meeting one of his men or he himself out there. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to.” I could feel my cheeks burning with frustration. “Hey, it’s okay to yell once in awhile.” Naomi smiled at me but as me I could see the weariness in her eyes. The conversation went back to normal. Of course we stayed away from the dangerous topic.

I excused myself after a while and went to the restaurant’s left corner where the small waterfall situated. The waterfall was connected with the only river in the town hence making the water to flow aggressively. The running water sound was somewhat soothing. The view was not that bad. The restaurant built a wooden corridor along the waterfall. I stood at the corner and stared out at the dark water. I stared at it for a long time. Long enough that my mind simply tried to imagine if there’s a pair of eyes watching me from the shallow water. I dismissed my thought when it gotten a little creepy and I don’t want start seeing things. I almost yelped when I turned away and saw Ray standing next to me like a statue. I had no idea when he came to stand beside me. “Oh God, You scared me, Ray.” I breathed. He chuckled, obviously feeling pleased of himself to be able to sneak up on me. I have done that several time at the institute, tried to scare him but failed horribly. “Feeling better?” He asked me. I wanted to say yes but didn’t. I think Ray would know if I lied. “Is this about what Miss Angela said the other day at the party?” He leaned forward on the wood planks and stared at the water. “No.” I answered. “No? Really?” He stressed on. “Fine, a little bit. It’s not easy to simply ignore and forget about what people say about us.” I told him. “Anna, stop taking all that nonsense in. You have so much better things to concentrate on. You have only two weeks to prepare for you assignment.” “I know.” I am fully aware of the amount of time left. “Are you scared?” Ray asked me. I was too absorbed in my own thinking that I didn’t realize he’s watching me. “Of course I am.” I claimed. His brows creased in confusion. “I know everyone at the institute thinks how lucky we are to be able to get this opportunity to prove ourselves. I’m sure you were all hyped up during your first mission. But it’s not the same for us.” I looked at my friends chatting animatically in the restaurant. I’m sure in the eyes of any passerby they would look like a normal teenagers talking about something very normal. “We have pressures from the administration and the agency. We have expectations to meet and that’s not the only problem. Months ago we never had any idea we would even get chosen for a mission. We never even cared. All of a sudden, we are going to be in charge of something very serious. Getting involved in a mission is dead serious. The practices and lectures, all those skills and tricks we learnt were so much fun. But this is not fun, to go out there, trying to be like you guys when we are not. This is real. We know we are not ready for this. We are so not ready to perform all the fancy stuff we learnt and solve crimes like a spy.” I remember how each of my friends would freak out when they got a wrong answer in their papers and when they find something new in the textbook. I know my friends are trying hard to meet the fully graduated tyro standard and now our last test will decide that. We are still struggling to understand so many new concepts. My mind starting to rewind all the freaking out sessions we had in our dorm every time we realize we still haven’t covered the basics of being a tyro. “Hey, breathe Anna.” Ray’s voice snapped me out of my line of thoughts. I focused on his forest green eyes. “I can understand you, yes, it may feel terrifying at first but you guys are chosen for a reason.” I interrupted him unwillingly. “What if there’s no reason.” “What you mean?” “Nothing.” I quickly closed the topic. Sure as hell I’m not going to tell him about how we are here because we have to and not because we chose to be. We didn’t say anything for awhile. The silence was not awkward. One of the reasons I like to hang out with Ray is because we are comfortable with each other and could easily diffuse any awkwardness even before it’s there.

“Ray, what went through your mind when you were offered to join the Angels?” I asked him. “I was excited and happy. I was young so I liked the idea of joining something epic like this. Also, I knew I’m going to be at a place where my uncle will be.” He smiled as he recalled his past. I tried to imagine a younger version Ray, running around the institute happily. I smiled at that thought. “Then, what about your first mission?” He thought about it before answering. “I was thrilled and happy.” He said. “How come you’re always happy?” I complained childishly. He rolled his eyes at my silly question. “You know how I look at it, the moment I understood what my first mission was all about. My first thought was about those affected by the…” He stopped himself and looked at me apologetically. “You know I can’t go into the details.” “I understand, Ray.” I assured him. “What I’m trying to say is try to forget about your position and think about those that will receive your help indirectly. The Angels are created to protect the innocents. That’s the goal, the objective. It is such as great thing and to be part of it is simply awesome.” Ray tried his best to make me see his point of view and I sort of get it. I thought about the two missing girls and the other students that might be affected by some criminals trying to take advantage of them. It will be great if we could pull off whatever we should out there and try to help the students and hopefully the two missing girls. “Maybe you’re right. It totally would be amazing if we could make a difference out there.” I agreed with him. “Maybe? I’m always right.” He claimed with his boyish smile. “Yeah right, Mr. I’m The Best In Every Single Thing.” I teased him. “Hey, I don’t claim that. If you think I am well thank you.” He said fancily. I could only laugh at his carefree behavior. We went back to the institute before eight. I felt so much at ease after a day out. I told myself repetitively to not strain myself with too much thinking. I don’t want to be the lost cause in our team. I need my mind and heart in one place not everywhere. Breathe, Anna.

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