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“Daniel?” I called his name as I went up the stairs. He texted me to meet him at our usual dating spot, the tower. I didn’t get to see him often this past week because of the final examinations. It the busiest week I ever had in my entire life. The final paper ended today noon and I hit my bed right after it. I haven’t sleep well this week so sleeping was the only rational thing I wanted to do. If not for Naomi, I might have slept through the night. It’s almost midnight and we were all supposed to be in our rooms. But I couldn’t resist myself from meeting my boyfriend after all it’s our final meeting for this semester. Tomorrow everyone will be busy packing and going back home except us. We will be heading to the New Whybrow College. “Daniel?” I reached the top and saw him leaning against the rough stones, waiting for me. He smiled his heartwarming smile at me. “Hey.” I went to stand in front of him. “You’re late.” He told me. “I’m sorry. I was damn tired so…” He shushed me and placed his forefinger on my lips. “I know. I can see that.” His finger slowly traced up and around my eye like a ring. My skin tingled under his soft touch. “Does it look that bad?” I asked him, feeling mortified to look like a panda. I should have borrowed Naomi’s cream to hide my dark circles. “Ivy, I told you. You don’t have to be self conscious around me. I like the way you’re and it’s midnight. I can’t see anything that makes you look bad.” He said to me in his mellow voice. “You’re such a sweet talker.” I told him. His smile grew wider, “How can I not be when I’m with a girl like you, glowing in the moon light.” He cupped my face with both his hands. His palms radiated the warmth my face welcomed. The night was cold against my skin. “There you go again.” I accused him but he simply smiled and leaned forward to plant a kiss on my lips.

I stared out at the darkness of the night. Daniel hugged me from the back, his chin resting on my shoulder. I smiled to myself, appreciating the moment. Daniel is the most charming guy I ever met. He is the only one that does everything in a fashionably romantic way. Unlike many other guys, he prefers to be the gooey and cheesy one but of course only when I’m the only one around. Initially, I was pretty much stunned every time he phrased out corny lines to make me smile. But sometimes he overdoes it. Maybe I should remind him that I’m not sixteen but as always I never have the heart to ruin the mood. I never would have guessed I would be complaining about how cheesy my boyfriend could get at times. He’s like the dream guy every girl wants to have.

“I’m going to miss you.” I mumbled. “Me too. I would have planned out something for us last weekend if you had told me earlier.” His voice was gentle but the earlier accusation was there. Past couple of days, we had arguments about me not telling him about the mission. He said that he felt left out when he heard the news from his buddies instead of me. I didn’t know he would feel that way but fortunately he did understand my situation and as a tyro he knew how secretive anyone could get in this world. “So what are you going to do next? You will graduate when your results are out.” I asked him. “I’m planning to work at the Agency.” He said. “Oh, are you not interested in field work?” I was surprised to hear that because all this while every single tyro I met want to be chosen for a mission. “I am but it’s not that easy. I knew the job would not come rolling as soon as I graduate so planned to get a good position at the agency meanwhile.” Daniel was right. Though the number of the tyros graduate are not much the odds of half of them to get a mission right after their graduation is rare. The mission should be the right fit and people with the required talents will be chosen. The tyros here are all almost equally talented, but there are some who stand out and that’s the one that get chosen right away. In a way I do feel guilty, my friends and I are chosen by the principal himself. I am still not convinced that he’s giving us this opportunity because he feels grateful for us saving him some time back. And I can understand why the other tyros are acting cold towards us. We gotten the dream job they wanted even without us wanting it. Daniel didn’t bring that up so far and I am glad for that. Our late night date came to an end sooner than I wanted. I have to get up early tomorrow to leave. “Will I see you tomorrow?” I broke out of his embrace and faced him. “Call me when you leave your dorm. I will meet you at the compound.” He told me. I stood there, staring at his handsome face. “Ivy, we will meet again, as soon as you’re done with your work. You’re coming here for the next semester right?” He asked me. I nodded like a small girl. “But you won’t be here.” I reminded him. “I can visit you. The Agency is not far away.” He gave me his goodbye kiss. The kiss was soft and gentle. His lips lingered on mine, making a statement that he didn’t want to break away. I was more than willing to stay there. His lips smiled against mine and slowly he pulled away. “We should leave.” He stated, his eyes gazing into mine. “Yeah.” I agreed unwillingly. I cast one last look at the magical small compartment with the beautiful night view. I’m going to miss this tower. I wrapped my hand around his arm as we went down the stairs. I’m going to miss my boyfriend.

We got up early and packed our luggage. Each of us will only carry two bags so it was quite tough to decide which one we should take and which one to leave behind. Before leaving the dorm we called our respective homes because for the next two weeks we won’t be able to talk to anyone but the Agency, even that if it is necessary. According to Miss Fiona, the Agency will be keeping tabs in our phone records so it is advisable if we don’t call around as we wish. My mum was clueless about me going to a mission so I cannot tell her how nervous I feel. I told her that I will be back after the semester end in two weeks time. That is the time frame the Agency had given us to complete our job. Two weeks to get as much information as we could. Though Stephanie have no idea what our mission is about, she did blabbered about a few things that was closely related. One of it is that the easiest job an agent could get is spying for information. I knew I should feel relieve that we had been given the easiest task to do but the nervous feeling in my stomach is not going away. We went down to the institute’s compound and found a few familiar faces waiting for us. Ray and Stephanie quickly walked to us and helped us with our bags. Daniel waved at me when he saw me coming. There was a van waiting for us. We loaded our bags in it. I rushed to Daniel when we were done. “You came.” I said to him. He looked sleepy. His brushed his messy hair with his fingers. “Told you, I would come.” He said in his rough voice. Obviously, he just woke up. “Thanks.” I muttered and quickly hugged him. He was unprepared and his body went rigid. I let go after a few seconds and smiled at him sheepishly. Daniel has this rule that he don’t like acting too affectionate in front of others. He wants to maintain his professionalism in public. I have no problem with that but today I don’t care. I might have kissed him here, if not for Miss Gabriella. She had just arrived. She stood at the entrance and watched us in amusement. I said goodbye to Daniel and went to her. “What is it?” I asked her in curiosity. She gave a smile and gestured at my friends and Daniel. “I have never seen any agents’ departure to be so lively.” She stated. “What?” I asked her, not understanding what she meant. “Normally, agents leave for their mission in secret and quiet.” I looked over at my friends. They were talking and laughing about something. I gave an awkward laugh. “Oh, we didn’t know that.” “It’s not wrong Ivy.” She assured me. “You should be happy instead.” She went on. “Why?” I asked her. “You and your friends have made a few good friends.” “Yeah, I never thought we would in our early days here.” I agreed with her.

Our farewells were cut short when the driver arrived. Miss Gabriella gave him some instruction before we leave. Ray, Stephanie and Daniel wished us luck. We jumped into the van and we left the institute. “We won’t be seeing them after this.” Anna said after several minutes of silence. “Yeah, we will only start our real courses next semester, by then they will probably working as spies somewhere around the world.” Jane stated. “Hey, what is that?” Naomi pointed at metal brief case that was sitting beside me quietly. I didn’t notice it all this while. I opened it and saw a few gadgets in it. “I forgot about this totally. Thank god it’s in the van.” I said, suddenly recalled my conversation with Miss Anita yesterday. She told me that she will hand over the basic gadgets that we will need throughout our mission. “Is this all for us?” Anna asked in surprise. “Yeah, every agent get to bring one wherever they ago. Since all four of us going to the same place, Miss Anita only gave us one.” I felt bumped out to hear that and also about Miss Fiona restricting the types of equipments we should get. The most upsetting part is that we were not given any weapons to protect ourselves. I think the administration have no confidence in us handling guns. The only thing we got close to a weapon is our spycells. It has special electric zap effect so whoever gets zap for sure will go unconscious. “Is this a pen?” Anna picked up black metallic pen from the case. I recognized it from our textbook. “That’s the scanner. We could simply scan any documents by flashing the tip on the paper.” I opened the lid saw a little box like screen at the tip. “Cool.” Naomi muttered. All of us started to examine each of the gadgets given excitedly, forgetting our nervousness temporarily. There were ear bugs, bionic ear sets, doorbell lock, laptop and a few others. Most of them were tiny, easier to hide. I handed three similar tiny gadgets to my friends and placed the same one in my handbag. “Is this the anti bug thing?”Jane asked me. I nodded. “You know how easy it is to eavesdrops and spy others with these toys. So we never know when someone else will do the same to us. This little bug will help us to disable anything suspicious gadget around us. Make sure you carry this wherever you go.” I explained to them. We continued to go through the gadgets in our way to the college.

Our phone buzzed at the same time. It was message from the Agency. In our briefing, Mr. Henderson had informed us about the pocket money the institute had been giving to us all this while. We didn’t touch the money because the money our parents sent us was more than enough. Mr. Henderson told us that each of us have a bank account registered in our names just like the other tyros. We were too curious to know the amount of money in our account so we asked the driver to drop us in a mall before reaching the college. We went to the closest ATM machine in the mall. We receive six digit numbers as our passwords in that message. We were required to memorize it and delete the message soon. “How can we check? We don’t have our bank card.” Naomi wondered as we waited in line. They were a couple in front of us using the machine. “The old man said we won’t need one.” Anna answered but even she had no idea how that’s going to work. As soon as the couple left, I went to machine and clicked the balance button. It requested for a bank card. There was another small button with the word ‘more info’ on the screen. I never cared about that button’s use before but now I have no choice. I clicked on it. The screen asked for the bank’s name. I typed in Angel Town Bank. The screen immediately asked for my passwords. I typed in the six digits. Next, it asked for my thumbprint. I placed my thumb on the screen and my account popped open. My mouth fell open when I saw the amount of money it showed. “Oh my god.” I said in shock. My friends peered in and were equally shocked. “That’s a lot of money. Are you sure it’s your account?” Jane asked me. I pointed at the top right corner on the screen. My name, Ivy Luciana Hale was there. “Now we know how the spies get dress up glamorously and keep up with the trend.” Jane stated. “Afford to go to all the fancy places and travel around the world whenever they want.” Naomi added. We took out enough sum of money we might need for the next two weeks and left the mall.

Our next stop was at the apartment right in front of the college. The driver left as soon we unloaded our bags. Anna and I will stay here while Jane and Naomi will be at the hostel. Since the college hour haven’t started yet. We quickly rushed into the apartment. Ours was at the fourth floor. We unlocked in with the key given. The apartment was small. It is perfect for two teenagers to stay in for couple of weeks. As taught in our class, we took out the doorbell lock from the brief case and started to activate it at the front door. This room will be the only place for us to keep our spy things so it is extremely important to make sure nobody breaks in. We set the door to unlock only when it register our voices. I took the binoculars and went to look outside the window. I can see the whole front view of the college. “Hey, I can see the coffee shop you will be working.” I told Anna. We were each given a station to do our job. Mine is this apartment. I barely need to move. Most of the devices will be here and I will be keeping an eye on my friends from here. Anna will be my roommate and she is assigned to work at the coffee shop right beside the club where the two girls were last seen. She’s required to keep tabs on who constantly visiting the place and is there is any possibilities for any illegal activities going on. Jane and Naomi will be disguising as the students and blend in some suspected groups. Our instructions were short and brief. We were told to simply collect the necessary information and I will send it to them as soon as we get some on the spot. We were strictly forbidden to get into any form of further investigating without informing them and not to get involved in action that is fighting the suspects. I started to assemble the laptop and the other devices on the old dining table. I have to stay in contact with my friends 24/7 so I better get started. The time was up for our final discussion. Jane and Ivy left first to the college. Anna changed her clothes to jeans and tee before leaving for her job. I changed to my comfy pants and watched my friends walking on the street from above. The apartment is awesome. I can get the whole view of the perimeter. I clicked open the laptop and logged in to my mail, specially set up by The Angels. There was one mail waiting for me. “Let’s get this started.” I said out loud and started to scheme through the file sent to me.

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