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“Hey Taissa, are you ready?” Rachel’s high pitched voice said on the line. “Sure, see you in a sec.” I grab my handbag and left the room. Today is the third day in this college. But I feel it’s been weeks now. Spending time with the Barbies is not fun, it’s draggy. The only time I actually listen to their conversation is when they talk about the club or Tyra. I tried to ask them in so many ways for them to open up about anything that could be related to the underground criminal activities going on here but none of them saying anything. It’s either they knew but pretending not or they are clueless for real. Anyway I’m certainly not giving up. Today it’s only Rachel and Mia. Tyra could not make it. That’s only raising further suspicion. After my conversation with Anna and reading the huge file Ivy sent me via the spycell, I have been trying to come up with some sort of plans but none of it matches the situation yet. I need to get the evidence and that is only available from Tyra or James, only them. Not Joe.

Joe. I can’t get that name out of my head. I am still feeling extremely mortified whenever I think about that night. I let my guard down, around a stranger. A stranger, that could possibly be the suspect or a stranger that knew the truth about me. I can’t believe I took a ride with him. His demeanor the whole night was very strange. I remember clearly his last words. He told me not to join the group again. For that one moment, I thought I saw him being completely honest but of course I was darn wasted that night, I can’t really interpret that situation. What did he really meant?

“Dreaming about Joe?” Mia asked me when she found me standing in front of the breakfast shop, same row with Anna’s coffee shop and the club. I was thinking if I should pay Anna a visit. “No, why would I? Oh hey, nice earring!” I pointed at Mia’s butterfly shaped earring to change the topic. I don’t want them to ask me about Joe and what happen the other night again. They had been bugging me about it for hours yesterday. I tried my best to dodge that part and talk about their hobbies. Of course nothing illegal came out. “Thank you.” Mia touched her left earring and beamed at me. We entered the shop and Rachel was already there, waving at us. These two are very friendly with me and that causes uneasy feeling in me. I always doubt the intention of others if they are being nice to me. It just doesn’t make sense if someone is suddenly acting all friendly. Though this is not real friendship, it still bothers me. I wonder if there is some ploy they are playing with me.

“Where’s Tyra? I asked Rachel as soon as I sat down. “I told you yesterday. She can’t make it. She has some other plan.” Rachel flipped her hair as she eyed a cute waiter at the next table. “Really, I forgot. So where is she?” I asked casually. Both of them shrugged it off. “She didn’t tell you guys?” I asked further. “Nope. She don’t do that.” Mia told me. I sensed irritation in her tone. “Oh, that’s weird. Maybe she’s with her boyfriend like the other night when they took off early.” I stated. The girls nodded. “Yeah, they barely stay away from each other.” Rachel told me. “Do they have any other group to hang out with? I was thinking maybe we should throw more parties with more people.” I simply suggested. “More parties? I want that!” Mia chimed in her girly voice. “But no outsiders. Taissa, Tyra don’t hang out with others but us and her boyfriend. She’s very choosy and it’s always us when she have parties.” Rachel said. Obviously both of them adore Tyra. They never give away anything about her and that’s not working for me. I almost ordered my breakfast but I stopped myself when a plan suddenly formed in my head. I turned to Rachel and Mia and said, “Got to go, sorry.” I rushed out quickly so that I don’t have to give them any explanation because I really don’t have any. I want to try something and I don’t want them tailing me around. I took out my phone and called Naomi. I don’t think there is any harm in calling her with my normal phone. “Hey, I need you.” I told her as soon as she answered. “Where?” She asked. “Your bloc, room 37. I’m going to break in. I want you there just in case.” I was hoping Tyra will be away so that I could search her room. Rachel and Mia told me that she’s in a single room and barely let the girls in. This should be the best opportunity. I need Naomi around because Anna and Ivy had warned me to be careful around her. I jogged to her building and walked in to her corridor. I almost turned around when I saw Tyra at her door. She was unlocking it. Too late, she saw me. “Hey, Taissa.” She greeted me. I smiled back, “Hey, I didn’t expect to see you here.” I told her, smiling awkwardly. “This is my room, what are you doing here?” She opened her door but didn’t step in. “I’m here to check out the rooms. I want to change mine. The lady in that office told me there’s a room somewhere here.” I lied effortless, thanks to Miss Raina’s class. “Oh really, I don’t think there’s any empty room here.” She told me. “Oh, that’s bad. I should go back to the office again.” I faked annoyance and stepped back. “Hey, maybe I can come with you. Why don’t you wait for me a while, I need to use the bathroom.” She gestured me in. I momentarily panicked when she said she wants to come with me but I guess going in her room is much more essential. I will come up with something later. I felt as though I’m walking into the tiger’s den as I went in the room with Tyra.

Her room looked exactly the same as mine but a little messier. I leaned against the closed door as she made her way to the washroom. I scanned the room quickly. There is a cupboard and a dresser. No tables or study place. This is weird. There was a bag at the corner full of books maybe that the only place for her college materials to be. It’s pointless to search her dresser since it’s obviously full of cosmetics. I heard her bathroom door clicked and I leaped to her cupboard. Unlocked. Great. I opened it and went through her clothing. “Hey, Jane I got to tell you this. I love your hair.” Tyra said to me in a loud voice. “Thanks.” I told her. It was easier to look through her cupboard since her clothes are small in size. Nothing there. “I think I’m going to change mine like yours. What you say?” She went on. “Great idea.” I answered while I crouched down and opened the only drawer. It was full of lingerie. Wait. Few papers and a 9mm handgun, loaded. For a second I froze and my mind panicked. I’m in the room with a criminal. I picked up the gun but the papers below it caught my attention. I picked up a photograph on top. It was a picture taken at a mall. The moment my friends and I were queuing up in front of the ATM machine three days ago. All our faces were there. Clear shot. My mouth went dry as I noticed there’re more pictures of us at the same place, taken from different angle. This is confusing. Why is she having our pictures? Who took this? I was so caught up with the photographs that I didn’t see it coming. Tyra’s heel struck me in between my ribs. I lost balance and my head hit the wall at the side. She immediately grabbed the handgun from my loose grip. My head swam in pain. I couldn’t make any move when Tyra pressed the gun on my head. I glanced up and dared a look at her. She smirked at me smugly. Her eyes travelled from the photograph in my hand and then to my face. “Found what you were looking for?” She asked me. She hardly removed her eyes from me. She stood so still, staring down at me. She took out her handphone from her pocket and called someone. I couldn’t do anything with the gun on the side of my head. I was breathing heavily, feeling agitated and angry at the same time. After all the training I have gotten, now I got caught too easily. I was mad at myself. I glared at Tyra while she asked someone to enter her room. “Little Jane, do you think it’s easy to lurked around in my territory unnoticed.” She asked me and flashed me an ugly twisted smile. She knows my name.

Her door creaked open and a tall guy peered in. His eyes met mine and then hers. “Stop staring and get her.” Tyra ordered him. He entered while being careful with the door. He didn’t shut it but also didn’t let it open wide. He came to me and grabbed my shoulders from the back. I struggled to get away from his grip but Tyra pressed the gun on my forehead, “Don’t even think about it.” She warned me. She watched me like a hawk. I saw a glint of fear in her eyes. She’s afraid of me. Slowly I got up, relaxing my body. Her fear of me, feed me strength I realized. The guy held tight both my arms and forced me to move forward. I faced the door and started to step forward. As soon as we stepped out of the room, that guy shifted his grip to a tight hug from the side. He was on my right while his arm still gripping both of my arms. I could easily get out of his grip but Tyra came to my other side and pressed the gun on my waist, in between us. I have no idea if anyone who might pass by would actually see that gun. I moved forward with my heavy steps. My eyes caught a movement at the end of the hallway, walking away swiftly. I was sure I saw a glimpse of blonde hair.

We took the stairs all the way to the ground floor. The students around us didn’t find any of us strange. We walked past a few group without any suspicion. I felt very irritated to see these clueless students. If only someone would create a mess, make this whole place a chaos I could at least try to slip away. No such luck apparently. We walked to the farther building. It’s a game area. I have never been here before. Each room was meant for some sort of indoor games. I read the label on each door as we pass by. Tyra stopped at a door labeled auditorium. “Here.” She gestured to my captivator. I looked around the room when we entered. There are only two exits. One is the one we got in and the other one is the back door. There’s a stage at the front. We went up the stage. Tyra dragged a chair from the side and the guy forced me to sit on it. With the gun staring at my face, I had no other choice but to comply. The guy produced a string like rope from his pocket and started to tie me, my hand at the back and my legs with the chair and that when I started to lose it. I’m panicked. This is it. I got myself tied on a chair with gun pointed at my face. I’m helpless. I can’t even do anything. I didn’t try anything all the way from the room to here. Oh my god. What kind of spy am I? In that moment various self accusation and pity was going on in my head. I wondered if I would see the daylight again or my friends, my family. They had no idea what is exactly going on in my life. Have I deceived them? Jane, stop. Calm down. You’re not dead. That means something, I thought to myself.

Tyra was enjoying the miserable look on my face. She walked around the stage, smiling to herself while her assistant stood still behind me. I can’t even move my hands and legs. The rope is too thin that it could possibly cause a deep cut if I try to wriggle out of it. “You’re very quiet, Jane.” Tyra said to me as she walks back and forth in front of me. “The photographs. Who sent it to you?” I asked her. My voice was rough and thick. I didn’t realize I was getting emotional until I hear my voice. It was surprising because I am not a touchy person. Maybe I might die today scene is causing my body to go unstable. “My friend. Your enemy.” She stated as though it’s not obvious.

“How do you know someone else that took the pictures and not me?” She asked me a few minutes later. I was staring at the one empty chair at the front row in front of the stage, counting the seconds pass by. “I guessed.” I told her the truth.

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