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I was breathing heavily as I watched the guy fall on his knee and then to the floor completely losing his balance and consciousness. My knee gave up and I sat at the corner of the staircase catching my breath. I never ran this fast ever. I stared at the unconscious body in front me and slowly the fear I didn’t felt all this while caught up to me. My heart started racing while my eyes analyzed the body. Is he dead? Like a robot I stood up and stepped towards James. I looked around and saw nobody. That’s not going to stay long. I need to drag him away and hide him. I placed my two fingers on his neck checking for his pulse. He’s alive. I breathed in relief. I was happy to see the man who tried to kill me alive.

The second Jane called me I ran up to the dormitory she mentioned as quickly as possible. I knew breaking into Tyra’s room is risking. I read the file Ivy sent me the other night and the possibilities were high. I reached the corridor and saw Tyra walking to her room. I picked up my spycell to warn Jane but she was already there. I waited patiently when both of them enter the room and minutes later they got out. The uncomfortable closeness and rigidity of their movement was very obvious. Jane looked pale and immediately I knew something is very wrong. I watched them intently from far and I lost my surrounding.

James attacked me from behind, placing his palm on my mouth. I struggled to break free as he dragged me to the end of the hallway. He was not as tall and fast as Hugh so I manage to break free before he pushed me down the stairs. He was clearly intending to harm me. I shoot out of his arm and ran across the hallway to the next floor above. It was still early morning, not many were up so I had a long free space to run. James was fast but not as fast as me. I never knew I could outrun a guy, probably instinct to stay alive could make miracles. He caught up with me at the staircase. He tried to seize me but I fought him hard. The whole fight was blurry to me. The only thing I remember was I picked up the flower pot from the corner and smashed it on his head. And that’s when he blacked out.

I went to the nearest room and unlocked the door, it was a storage room. It was dusty so I assume this room is not used often. I dragged James to the room carefully. I silently prayed nobody would show up out of nowhere. I have no idea how I would handle that situation. I found an old rope in between the mess I tied James hands and legs before hiding him under a pile of wood planks. I shut the door and sprinted to the down floor. I dialed Ivy. She answered in the first ring. Her voice was rough and sleepy. “Jane got caught.” I stated as I went to Tyra’s room. I kicked opened her room and found nobody in there. My eyes fell on the opened drawer that held a few papers. I grabbed them all and mushed them into my jean pocket without reading them. I have no time for neatness or speculations. “What happened?” Ivy panicked over the phone. “I lost her. Where is she?” I asked her as I head out of the room. Some girls that passed by gave me a curious look. “Ground floor, go to the isolated building. At the far end there is an auditorium. She’s in there.” Ivy told me in rush. I ran to the building. “The room has two entrances.” Ivy went on. “I can see that.” I muttered as I reached the room. I slowed down and stood at the front of the door. I realized I have no plans. The room was long. The other exit was far away from me. “Anna is on her way.” Ivy informed me. “Good. Okay got to go. Report to the Agency now.” I knew I can’t wait and do nothing until somebody come over to help. Jane is in there. I must do something. “Wait!” Ivy stopped me before I hang up. “Go to the back of the building there is a small door. The door leads to the back of the stage.” “Are you sure?” I questioned her. “Yes, I am staring at the structure of the building right now.” Ivy told me. I found a door as Ivy mentioned. The door was not locked. It creaked when I opened it. I stepped in quietly and found a room full of wigs and dresses that nobody will ever wear outside the stage. I was well aware that I’m going to face dangerous people and yet I had no weapons in my hand. My eyes caught a few bottle on the dressers. I scanned through and grabbed a liquid spray used for hair. This is too ridiculous but this is the only closest to weapon I can find. I crept to the long blue curtain. I walked past the thick curtain and found myself standing behind the stage. I froze when I saw Jane sitting at the middle of the stage, hands tied and gun to her head. She was glaring at the guy holding the gun. Tyra was walking back and forth, thinking about something. I took the spray can for different purpose but now I had no choice but to aim to the wrist of the tall guy. The only danger I could see is the gun. I can’t do anything when there is a gun pointing on my friend’s head.

I scored high in knife throwing test I had at the Angels so I have the confidence to hit my target. I aim and threw it with full force. It was as planned, the can hit the guy’s wrist. His fingers opened up involuntarily and dropped the gun. I leaped on the stage and ran towards the black metal. Tyra stopped and stared at me in shock. I bare them no glances until I kicked the gun of the stage to the audience sitting area. The gun slid in between the chairs and went missing. I had no opportunity to untie Jane because now I have two people to handle. Both of them launched forward to me in anger. The tall guy aimed a punch at me but I dodged quickly. He threw his fist at me clumsily. The joy sunk in me as I managed to dodge each of it. I could easily read his movement which was unexpected. The more we danced on the stage battling each other I could guess that my opponent is not trained. His punches and kicks were from instinct. I gained more confidence. Tyra watched us from the side for a minute. She realized her man is going down and she decided to join in. I knew I was outnumbered but I can’t stop.

Tyra was fast but predictable. “You… came… to…surrender?” Tyra lurched forward with each word. She threw a blow. The blow was too sluggish. I ducked and smashed my fist on her torso. She yelled out in pain and fell back. The guy took advantage of my distraction and kicked me off the stage. I flew and hit the floor, closed to the front cushion chairs. I got up in no time and glared at both of them on stage. Jane gave me an apologetic look. The guy jumped off the stage. I stood straight and waited for the second his feet meet the floor. I turned around and kicked his guts. He went off balance but didn’t fall. I advanced forward giving him no time to recover. I kicked at the same place again. He coughed a few times and grunted in pain. My heels were unbelievably incredible today. Tyra got down from the stage far away from me. I eyed her from my peripheral vision. The guy didn’t give up yet. He came forward and threw his body on me. I knew I would go down easily since I’m small in size. I inched away quickly. He grabbed my arm and tried to twist it to my back. I remember the practice I gotten. I turned my body making it hard to twist my arm. I kicked his groin hard and he fell on his knee groaning. I stared down at him in satisfaction. In the split second, I failed to see Tyra getting hold of her gun. She pointed it towards Jane as she stood few feet away from me in between the chairs. I froze.

“Don’t move or I will put a bullet to your friend’s head.” She hissed at me. Her right cheek was torn and bleeding. I felt the satisfaction of ruining her pretty face. “Useless.” She spat the word at the guy, who now standing tall beside me. “Tie her down.” She ordered him. I bit my lower lip when he grabbed my arms and started to drag me up on the stage. Tyra stood down there watching me with her scornful smile. My eyes were on Tyra as I followed the tall guy. My eyes caught a flicker of movement behind Tyra. I fixed my gaze at the dimmed area at the back of the room. I saw a figure moving slowly in between the chairs to the front. The tall guy was getting out long ropes from his pocket. It was too thin. I prepared myself for the moment. As I guessed, Anna crept on Tyra and kicked her wrist. The gun fell and Anna kicked Tyra causing her to fall on her face. I took the opportunity and brought the guy down. After a few blows, I managed to lock him down on the floor. I looked up and saw Anna instructing Tyra to lie down on the floor hands on her head. We got the situation under control. I got up and went to untie Jane. The guy knew better to stay on the ground. “You guys were amazing.” Jane told us while examining her wrists. They were bleeding. “Hey, have extra ropes?” Anna called out. “Plenty.” I grab the one beside me on the stage. I went to Tyra and tied her down. Jane took care of the guy. Anna flipped open her spycell and called Ivy. “The Agency will send two agents. They will be here in minutes.” Anna told us after she hangs up. “Now we wait.” I mutter and sat on the stage. My body felt sore and tired. “The doors.” Anna ran back of the room while Jane to the back of the stage. I told her about the opened door at the dressing room. Both of them made sure the doors were locked. We can’t risk the students find us here, like this. There is still a chance to keep our cover. We haven’t finished our job here.

“This is a horrible place to pick a fight.” Anna said disapprovingly. Her eyes were on the doors back and forth. The two of them were placed at the side of the stage, Jane watching them from the front corner. Tyra and the guy gave each of us acid looks once in awhile. “There’s another guy. I left him at the storage room.” I informed them. “James?” Tyra asked me. I didn’t bother to answer her. I remembered the pictures of us. “Did you see the pictures of us on her room?” I questioned Jane. She nodded. Her expression grew grave. “What pictures?” Anna demanded. I wanted to reply her but the sound of the door knob stopped me. Somebody from the outside, trying to open the door. “It’s locked.” I heard a faint voice saying and a few others mumbling. We looked at each other in panic. “Give me the keys.” The same male voice called out loud. Anna’s eyes grew wide. Tyra and her partner smirked at us. We heard noises coming from the back stage too, the dressing room. The students got in. Both Jane and I tried to drag the two to the back of the room but it was too late. We heard the sound of key unlocking the door. We braced ourselves for the upcoming commotion. I could see each of my friends face turned pale. I knew exactly what they would be thinking. Our cover will be blown and we screwed our first mission on the third day itself. We will be the failures. Worst spies ever. I mentally went through the possible humiliation we will go through back at the Angels. And that’s went it went off loud and non-stop, the emergency bell. It started to ring suddenly and the voices outside the room grew louder. I could hear the panicked voices outside the room. “Fire?” I asked my wide eyes friends in confusion.

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