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“Here we are, the Summer Boot Camp of the Great Woodland.” I said, switching off my GPS. It was not that difficult to locate it but since we abandoned Naomi’s car at the reserved parking area, we had to go on foot. I breathed in the fresh air while taking in the greenery surrounding us. The damp sweet smelling air and scenery was not something I can see back at my hometown. It felt refreshing to just being here, maybe coming here is not a bad idea. It took us fifteen minutes to locate the camp, thanks to the bunch of guys that was walking ahead of us. “It looks like they are here to join the camp too.” Jane noted. Each of us carried two bags with the things that we were asked to bring and of course some that we were forbidden. Though I didn’t like the idea of spending my first week of summer here, I did enjoyed shopping and packing to get here. It was fun to think about how I’m going to spend a week with my friends. Maybe I will have fun here as Anna said. I noticed the three guys stopped and waved at us. I had to look behind us to make sure it’s us that they’re looking at. I smiled and waved at them, “Well, let’s start the camping with making new friends.” I said and walked ahead of my friends. My friends were just too busy looking around the camp site. As Anna mentioned, the site was completely empty, looks like they chopped down the trees and just maintaining the near dry grasses so that it’s not all rough grounds. There was a small blue tent at the entrance where some kids gathered. “Hello, ladies. I’m Billy. Need some help with the bags?” The guy with sandy brown hair said. His friends simply smiled at us. “Oh, hey I’m Ivy and this is my friends.” I wanted to introduce my friends but we got distracted by the other guy with some ridiculous sunglasses. He took it off while staring at something behind us. “Whoa, she’s hot.”

“Smoking hot.” That’s from Billy.

I turned and saw a girl, probably three years older than us. She walked past us to the small tent at the entry of the campsite. The guys were right, she was gorgeous. Her pin straight black hair that fell around her waist was a striking contrast with her pale skin. She was wearing a black tank and a jean jacket on top coupled with a jean short that showed off her great muscular legs.

“Her boots.” I heard Jane said. Of course Jane loved to collect shoes, and those that she’s wearing sure something Jane would want to have in her closet. “Wow, she’s pretty and damn she knows how to pull off camp style.” Naomi said in wonder. We look plain with our jeans and tee compared to her. The boys walked to the tent and greeted her. We were all forgotten. She simply nodded and smiled at them. She resumed talking to another guy who looks like the instructor, completely ignoring the now gaping boys. Anna shook her head looking at the boys, “Too bad, she’s out of their league.” I studied the girl again, other than her obvious good looks, there’s something that makes her stand out. “I wonder who she is.”

“She’s our facilitator.” Anna said in shock. “I bet she’s only a few years older than us so how come she’s the faci. I mean look at the rest, they’re all looked aged.”

That’s true. The gorgeous girl was standing in line with the other facilitators. Now she had changed to a long pants and her hair pulled up in pony tail. The briefing had started 30 minutes ago. A guy whose name I didn’t remember had been giving us the talk of what we will do and how serious we should take all the activities. Now he’s introducing all the facilitators. I have been too busy texting Tony that I missed almost all his advises. My friends were all ears especially Anna. It’s no surprise to see her glued to the briefing. She takes everything seriously. For her rules and regulations are important and should be followed no matter what. She’s also an outdoor freak, by outdoor, it’s not shopping or clubbing she’s more into the camping, hiking, sports sort of stuff. The rest of us do love those activities but we keep it mild unlike Anna, in high school she was quite an athlete.

“I wish I have her body. Tall, slim and fit. I think she works out a lot, look at her legs.” Naomi whispered while staring at that girl.

“Hey, you’re not so bad, you look better than all of us ever since you start working out. But yeah, you legs are a little short.” Anna said mockingly, Jane and I giggled at that, completely forgetting our surrounding. “Quiet!” The man with the microphone shouted, snapping us out from our conversation. I quickly hide my phone and all of us pretended to be attentive. “To those who think this is just a place to pass time, you may leave now.” Obviously, those words directed to us. I prayed he would not call us out. I don’t want to draw any attention. After a few moments, he continued his talk. It’s that girl’s turn to be introduced. “And lastly, this is Miss Gabriella, she will be in charged on our outdoor activities. Ladies are welcome to seek her if you have any problems.” She stepped forward and smiled politely. Though her face look sweet and young, her demeanor was full of confidence and if I’m not wrong her eyes were watchful. Her gaze swept through the open hall, it’s like she’s expecting to see something or someone. I feel as though there’s more to her than she let us see. I quickly shook my head, trying to make sense of myself. What am I doing, she’s just some girl. Well, it’s not only me. The boys that are sitting at the left side of the hall were all under her charm. She’s the center of the boys’ attention in this camp, that’s for sure. I was a little irritated at that but I couldn’t help myself from admiring her too.

My phone buzzed, it’s a text from Tony. I quickly replied him that I will text him maybe later at night. He sent a sad emoticon. I had to smile at that. Tony is such a sweet guy. I met him at the last concert I went. He was a fan of the Sly band as I was. None of my friends shared my interest in music, that is the infamous new band. I find their music’s appealing and cool. I believe we, human couldn’t live without music or at least not me and that’s why I had applied for sound engineering course to study in college.

I received another text, another sad emoticon. Jane noticed the many incoming messages I received since we met this morning and now she kept on throwing me glances. I knew it’s only matter of time before the girls grill me with questions. Nothing serious going on between me and Tony but I do like talking with him. He’s free spirited and funny. He’s the kind of guy that girls never say no to. I mean who don’t like a guy that can make you laugh almost all the time. But I know my friends don’t really approve any guys that I didn’t know well. So I simply kept him as a secret from them. I’m sure they knew that I’m seeing someone but didn’t ask me anything so far. Sometimes having caring friends can be a little annoying.

The day went by very fast with various activities. Soon after the briefing ended, they collected all our important items including our gadgets, my handset. I almost cried to part from it. Never been a day I spent without it, of course, not to mention no Tony for a week. I thought the day will be awful but I had to admit I was enjoying the events they held. First we had ice breaking session where we got to interact with all the campers. I got to know some people and we even did a performance about kids nowadays. It was fun. Our group did the theme of social networking, Naomi and I acted as spoiled brats while Jane and Anna were the troublemakers. We didn’t win the drama competition as they said we overacted.

After having lunch, the facilitators split us into five groups and each of the groups was given different activities. My friends changed with others so that we all will be in the same group but we got caught. One of the facilitator instructed Naomi and Jane back to theirs. Anna and I were in the same group, we chatted a lot as our group instructor brought us around the campsite. We got scolded twice for talking. The campsite was quite huge, there were an open hall and beside it a canteen. To the left of the canteen we have a long wooden building. The room of the head instructor was there. As we passed the room, I saw an old man in military like uniform was standing at the doorway watching the camp. We stopped and greeted him. He simply nodded at our way. He looked fierce as if he was a real soldier, maybe he was. That got me thinking, are we stuck in an army camp? I hope not.

Next the instructor showed us a few hideouts they built for the upcoming match we will be having. It’s brilliant to see the traps they had made. There was also a tree house on top a tree, quite far from the campsite. Some boys tried to climb the wooden ladder but they were forbidden. “Not now kids, tomorrow we will have survivor match between groups. You may utilize the whole camp site and you will be given fake weapons too. You will have one match tomorrow and another one the day before the camp end. During the second match each of you will be able to use every lesson you will learn throughout this week. Normally the real competition will be the final one, tomorrow will just be a warm up.” Our instructor, Mr. Hans stated. The boys were all excited to hear that, I didn’t get what kind of activities we will be doing tomorrow but it did made me feel thrilled.

Around four, each groups given task to create a name and motto. My groups even went extra length to create our own flag, something to carry around after this. A big frame boy named Danny volunteered to be the leader. I helped with the drawings and painting on the plain white cloth. A few girls sat around me and watched my art work in awe. Anna was trying to get the name right with the guys. She winked at me when she noticed the small crowd gathered around me. Obviously she’s enjoying this, just as I am. Who knew, group work could be fun.

We had given the whole evening to finish our task. Many gave up after an hour and simply came up with simple name and motto. My group was named as The Eagle’s Eyes. I had no idea what that means but didn’t protest it. By seven they served us dinner. The food was fine, not that delicious but better than I expected. It was almost dark, only then they assigned us to set the tent. It seems that the day’s activities were over and those who can get their tent up should stay in there until tomorrow early morning aerobics. We were grateful when they let us to choose our own group to share the tent but well we were the last one to set the tent up. It was almost nine when we were done. Thank god we had the lights from the hall and canteen. Many had gone in to sleep. Even we were dead tired but we didn’t sleep. The four of us ended up walking around the campsite while sharing our stories of the day. The campsite was bright but as soon as we neared the jungle it was pitch black, we had to keep close with the tent area. We didn’t get far because we were stopped by none other than Miss Gabriella.

I had to stop myself from screaming when she appeared out of nowhere. Her complexion was extra pale at night but still she looked amazing. She instructed us to the hall and we got punished for loitering around and not following instructions to stay in the tent. She asked us to get down on our knees and hands up in the air until we feel sleepy enough to get in the tent. Now, she’s not all that cool and awesome. It was embarrassing when some kids came out of the tent to look at us.

As we sat there, the old man, that is the head instructor came to talk to Miss Gabriella. They stood far enough to be out of our earshot. “Hey, that’s the box with our handsets.” Jane nudged me, pointing at a guy carrying the box to the back of the hall. We watched him as he went in the small room and came out empty handed. We also noticed he didn’t lock the room before he left. After a few minutes, Miss Gabriella let us go and she rushed with the old man. Apparently there’s something more important to deal with than punishing us. We crawled into our small tent. We had to sit close to each other and call us crazy because instead of sleeping we ended up planning to get our phones from the room.

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