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“This has been a long day and it’s not over yet. Let’s make it quick, girls.” Mr. Henderson had just come in. We had been waiting for him for about fifteen minutes. He’s always punctual so it was a surprise to see him being late. But of course we didn’t complain, he has quite a lot of work to do. He looked directly at me. “I told them.” I answered his unasked question. He nodded and looked at my friends, “It must have been a shocking news. I was hoping to deliver it myself but due to current circumstance I had to leave it to Adrianna. I hope you’re coping well with the truth. I know it must hard for endure such a threat in young age, especially when you’re still getting to know this new world. And right now instead of giving you comforting words, I have to do my job that is to let you know that your mission is related to Drago.” I felt a chill in my spine when I heard that. My friends’ shocked faces were unmasked. Mr. Henderson watched our expression in worry. “It was Drago, who sent our pictures to Tyra?” I asked him. He nodded. “That’s right. He knew about your being at that area. I purposely sent you to the nearest town just in case he caused any trouble and I was right. Tyra and the two boys were his men. They intended to take each of you to him without anyone noticing.” Jane went pale.

“So was it a trap? The whole mission?” Naomi spoke up. “No, the two missing girls and the suspected criminal activities rumors are true. What we missed is that the possible suspects are Drago’s people. Based on the papers you collected, the head of the college is one of the most wanted criminal. He can be said to be the right arm of Drago. He had manipulated the government and faked his identity at the college. The agent from the Ghost had been following the suspect for a month now. Russell Chant was the head of the group selling drugs to the students and he’s involve in human trafficking, there’s more girls went missing but not in the same time length so the police didn’t suspect each incidents could be related. The Ghost has been waiting for their agent to uncover the suspect’s base where all the others will be. We had sent you to investigate a group lead by the man that you supposed to avoid. The issue now would be that the Ghost insisted that the mission had been going for a long time so they don’t want to ruin it. The agent insisted the mission to keep going. The question now is the four of you. Nobody knew about the threat excluding me, Miss Fiona and yourselves. Before I head to the meeting to discuss the strategy, I need to know your say in this.” We listened to him patiently. “Are you still willing to continue your mission or would you want to back out? I would understand if it’s latter because you will be dealing with Drago’s men, that could be dangerous.” I know I am scared of this Drago but I’m not sure if I want to give up our mission to another organization. We took some time to think hard. I looked at my friends’ hard expression, trying to come up with an answer. “This is our first mission. A job entrusted to us. I have heard about agents failing their mission, it’s not something I want us to be.” Naomi stated. “We don’t want to back out now.” Jane added. I looked at Ivy and her face was determined as well. “We will do it.” She informed Mr. Henderson. “What is the next step?” I questioned him.

Mr. Henderson watched us, his eyes shines proudly. He smiled at us. It’s a rare moment, to see him delighted. His wrinkled face looked happy despite all the stress and burden he carries on his shoulder. I wondered how old he is and how tired he felt each and every day. “Well, I made the right choice to bring you here.” His face went back to business mood when someone knocked the door. It was an agent, fully suited up. He informed Mr. Henderson that the meeting going to start soon. Mr. Henderson dismissed him and turned to us. “I will let you know the next step after this. This meeting will go through all the details of the mission and how the agents will perform it. Unlike the usual way, the agents don’t get to come up with the plan by themselves. We had to interfere due to the involvement of two bodies and the importance of the mission. What you should be aware of is that there is a huge possibility for both the novices to work together. It is very rare to have both Agencies’ agents to work side by side. We never had this situation before. Prepare yourselves.” With those terrifying words he left the room. Once again we were left in daze in the same room on the same day.

It’s past our dinner time and none of us had any food. Jane and Naomi decided to go to the library. Jane insisted that she wants to know more about the Ghost and look for possible stories about Drago if there is any. Naomi was not hungry so she tagged along with Jane. Ivy and I went to the cafeteria and found the counter closed. After calling out the staff a few times we gave up. We have to get something from our room. We found some crackers and we settled for that. We didn’t talk much as we munch our dinner. Ivy left the room when she received a call from Daniel. I lied on my bed for awhile hoping to sleep but no luck. Since its holiday season, I don’t think the no roaming around rule applies. I put on my sweater and went out for a walk. It’s an eventful day. We uncovered so many things and it’s all related to us in one way or another.

One day we were the new freaks in this institution and now we are on the wanted list of a high profile criminal and involved in a mission with the most secretive body in the world. How much more interesting my life could get? I looked up at the night sky in desperation. I feel pressured and stressed. I remembered the proud face of Mr. Henderson when we decided not to step away from the mission. Now, not only the Angels are watching us but also the Ghost. Mr. Rogers had already stated how careless it is to send undertrained tyros. I’m sure he would not be happy to see us join force with his team. The Ghost would expect the best from us. Mr. Henderson had mentioned the higher authorities are not fully satisfied with us being here. We must prove our capability and it’s not going to be easy. Working with new people, separate body will only make us more popular. Everyone will be watching us out there.

I walked around the school compound wondering what will happen next. The thought of Drago was watching us and almost caught us made me shiver. I hugged myself as I passed the boys’ dormitory. The whole building was dark, no sign of tyros in there. I knew some stayed. Most probably they are asleep by now. I had walked a big circle around the institution without realizing it, the boys’ dormitory place at the opposite end of the girls’. I continued walking and as I reached the end of the building, I heard a voice, a voice calling out my name. Ray.

I looked around until my eyes spotted Ray sitting on a bench at the dormitory’s corridor. I could see him waving at me in the dark, trying to get my attention. I made my way to him. He was wearing an old tee with shorts. “You do know girls are not supposed to be at this side of the institution right?” He asked me, smiling, his teeth gleaming in the dark. Instead of answering his question, I sat beside him I sighed heavily, “A lot happened today. I need your good words to lift my mood. I know how motivating you can be.” I told him as I rest my head on his shoulder. His body went still for a few seconds but his posture relaxed. I leaned on him for comfort and it felt right. “What happened?” He asked me. I don’t have to look at his face to see how worried he was, his tone was enough. For a moment I wanted to tell him everything but I bit my tongue, knowing we are not allowed to. “Some things that I find hard to deal with.” I said. “Did you talk to your friends?” He asked. “No, we sort of in this together. If we talk about it further, we will only worry each other more. I don’t want that.” I said in a small voice. “And yet you can’t stop thinking about it.” Ray stated and I didn’t deny it.

Ray kept quiet for awhile. I stared at the bushes in front of us while focusing on the silent breathing of his to calm myself. Slowly I found myself drifting away, my body finally decided to take rest. “Anna, I have no idea what kind of distress you’re talking about so maybe whatever I’m about to say might be irrelevant.” Ray stated. I smiled, “It’s okay. Go on.” All these months Ray had been there for me, giving me all kind of advices and almost all his words are believable and motivational. Maybe I should suggest him to work at the consultation department instead being a spy. “This is a very famous quote, when you are going through hell, keep on going. Never never never give up, said by a well known guy. My uncle mentioned it to me once, when I needed it the most. I was very young at that time. That year my dad passed away. He was protecting someone. I don’t know who, it was a classified mission. I was lost and scared to see my mum standing alone. I thought, in that young age, I am the one to take over my dad’s position to protect my mum. But I didn’t know how. I cried a lot that night. I thought I was useless and my uncle found me and had a long chat with me. I don’t remember what we talked about but this quote got stuck in my head. At that age, I thought I’m just sad, I’m not going through hell.” He laughed lightly before he continued. I listened to his past silently, imagining a small boy with black hair and green eyes crying alone in the dark. It was a painful image. “I didn’t get it until I joined the Angels, when I started to witness so much in so many different ways. I realized going through any kind of sadness is its own way of hell, especially when you want it to be. Sometimes I see you breaking down, doubting yourself and worrying too much. I think you should get a grip, Anna. No matter how terrible or scary your life could be at this point, you should believe you have the power to change it to your advantage. Anna, do you understand. Are you listening?” He asked me, his voice concern but strong. I mumbled lazily, “Mhmm.

“Anna, did you just doze off listening to my story?” Ray asked me in disbelief. I opened my eyes guiltily. I didn’t even realize that I had closed my eyes minutes ago. “No, I didn’t.” My voice was dry, betraying my words. “Anna, I cannot believe this. I thought you were so sad and whatever you was a few minutes ago.” He stood up, shaking his head. “I was and I am. Look, I was listening to you and I remember the quote well.” I said proudly and I could easily see his narrowed eyes in the dark. “And I have a question, did the famous man mentioned that many never in his quote?” I asked and earned a smile. “Very funny, Anna.” He stood there watching me. “What? You freaked me out. I thought you got really mad. See I’m no longer sleepy.” I said to him loudly. “If you fall asleep here, I’m just going to throw you behind the bushes.” He warned mockingly. “That’s not nice, Ray.” I wanted to argue more but a flash of light from far stopped me. Then, we heard a faint voice, belongs to a man. “Who is out there?”

I stared at Ray in shock and whispered, “Who is that?” He crouched beside me, “Mr. Lowrie.” He stated. “Who?” I have never heard that name before. “The warden.” He said. Of course, the boys’ dormitory has warden too. “Why you didn’t tell me? I thought there’s no warden during holidays.” I hissed at him. “I’m sorry. I never had the chance, you were too busy sleeping.” He mocked. I rolled my eyes, “I was not. Okay, quick plan. You distract him and I will run.” I told him. “Oh, you want me to get caught and you escape.” He questioned me but we felt quiet when we heard his footsteps and the flash light approaching. “He’s coming, Ray.” I hissed. “Fine.” He agreed and stood up. “Jump over the bush.” He instructed me and I followed without hesitation. I landed hard on my feet, “This is crazy.” I mumbled to myself and heard Ray saying, “No, you’re crazy.” I wanted to reply something but notice the warden, a tall and huge man standing in front of Ray. Ray is going to kill me, I thought to myself. A sudden bubble of laughter came up my chest as I crawled away in hurry.

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