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I started moving forward as soon as I saw Russell Chant walking towards the building. I pretended to be on the phone while I walk fast, towards him. I purposely avoided eye contact and stared at the new Porche parked in front of the college compound. I caught my reflection on the car window, my curly hair left loose in a messed up way with a cap and a sunglass, classic disguise method. Just as I planned, I walked straight into him. He was caught off guard. I quickly placed the tiny sticky bug on the lower part in the inside of his coat. Before he could say anything I muttered a fast apology and walked away fast while talking on the phone. My heart was racing and my breath came heavy. I was afraid that he might notice. I turned to the other bloc and then only I slowed down. I sighed in relief when I saw nobody tailing me. I went back to the coffee shop and settled on my seat, the counter. I flicked open my spycell and found the dot moving in the college building. Russell is heading to his office.

My job description is simple. Keep an eye on Russell all the time while my other friends focus on his group members. I stayed at the shop for the rest of the morning, savoring the coffee and attending the customers. As always, Russell is not supposed to leave the college until evening which is the perfect timing for me to end my shift. I had negotiated with Mr. Patrick about my new schedule. He didn’t complain much since I was working for free for the extra hours before this.

My break was approaching when he step into the shop. The same leather jacket but with a white tee underneath and blue jeans, he came and stand in front of the counter. “I thought you ran away.” He said to me. “Why would I?” I asked him, hiding my spycell further into the counter desk. “Because I asked you out.” He stated. “Oh yeah, you did.” I recalled. I have forgotten about Zach entirely. “I’m sorry I was busy.” I told him. His dark eyes studied me. “Were you sick?” He asked me genuinely. I smiled at that. “Yeah.” I didn’t elaborate much on my fake sickness. “I can tell, you look pale and too thin for your feature.” He leaned closer. “Oh really?” I didn’t look at my reflection this morning since we were rushing out from the Angels but I can bet that I look so much worse than during the training days we had back at the Angels. What’s with all the matters going on lately.

“Coffee?” I asked him but he shrugged it off. “Nah, its lunch hour.” “Then, why are you here? We don’t sell lunch set, only breakfast.” I informed him. He laughed at me warmly. Some of his long hair escaped the black tie and fell on his forehead. “Where do you go for lunch?” He asked me. “I simply grab something nearby.” I told him. He shook his head disapproving. “Now, I have no choice but to bring you out and show you around.” He said, flashing me a smile. I couldn’t help but smiling myself. “That’s the excuse today. No, I’m fine staying here.” I sat on the bench making my point. “Oh, come on Anna. Don’t do this to me.” He whined cutely. “Mr. Patrick, is it okay for her to have a full hour lunch break?” He turned and asked Mr. Patrick, who was reading the daily newspaper. Some of the customers in the shop started staring and smiling. I wanted to hide under the counter. “She always has an hour break. Take her out but make sure to return her at one, young man.” He answered with big smile. Great. “See, no problem. Come on, let’s go.” He started to walk to the back of the counter. I stood up in panic. “Zach, what are you doing?” He noticed the sudden panic in my voice. He stood still and gave me sweet small smile. “Okay, let me ask you a simple question. Answer me honestly.” “Okay.” I nodded. “Are you in love with someone?” Not a question I expected. “No.” “Do you hate me?” “No.” He advanced a step forward. “Do you think I’m cute?” His smile grew wider. “You seriously asking me that question?” I tried to hide my smile but failed. “Answer me, Anna.” “You’re cute.” I answered honestly. “Really?” He asked. His face looked disappointed. “Not hot or unbelievably gorgeous, that kinda stuff.” I rolled my eyes at his fake expression. “Nope.”

“I was just kidding so we’re cool, right? What’s the harm of having lunch together for an hour?” He leaned against the counter, two feet away from me. Russell Chant won’t be out for now, that’s for sure. I will only stay here and do nothing so what’s the harm going for a lunch nearby. I could totally come back in no time if anything goes wrong. “Okay.” I said. “Awesome.” He cheered loudly and stepped out of the counter area. I took the opportunity to stuff my spycell into my jean pocket and grabbed my handbag that contains a handgun. “But only if it’s nearby.” I told him as we got out of the shop. “Sure, what do you like, Italian, Mexican or Chinese?” “We can get all those here?” I asked in surprise. I didn’t do any research on the food department before coming here. “Yea, if you know the right place to go. So?” Zach and I walked along the street and to the next building. “I prefer something unhealthy like…” I trailed of while looking at the restaurants around us. “Fast food.” Zach pointed at a fast food restaurant. “They have one of the best burger.” He added. “Let’s go.” Both of us went in. There was a small queue so we waited until our turn. Zach paid for my meal and even carried the food tray to our table. The burger was really good. Zach had a few pieces of chicken and then we both shared the onion rings.

“Wow, not always I see a girl swallow a big burger on the first date.” Zach mocked. “I was not aware that we are on a date?” I acted clueless. “Well, to be precise a lunch date and now we have about sixteen minutes.” He looked around for something. “Are you up for some ice cream?” He asked as he pointed at an ice cream van parked at the opposite street. I couldn’t resist that offer, it’s been a long while since I had one especially after I joined the Angels. “Why not?” I grinned at him and we both crossed the road to get one. I ordered vanilla and he had chocolate. He paid for it too. I used the opportunity to check my spycell and noticed Russell Chant was still in his office. “Okay, let’s get back.” I started to walk away but he held my wrist to stop me. “Wait, I want to buy you something. Like a remembrance in case you disappear again.” He told me. I almost smiled. “You bought me enough, Zach.” “No, not for me. Okay, one last stop.” He dragged me along the road to another turn with more shops which I didn’t notice before. “What’s your hobby?” He asked me. “I have a lot of them, which one you want to know?” I asked him. “The first one that come to your mind.” “Novels. I love to read.” I told him. His big smile appeared on his cute face. He stopped me and turned my shoulder so that I would be facing a bookshop. I couldn’t hide my surprise and the excitement I felt this almost one hour. I pointed at my ice cream, “They will not let me in with this.” Zach had already finished his ice cream. “We can always sneak it in.” He walked in front of me while I hide behind his huge body. Zach’s muscular tall built was enough to cover me head to toe. We slip in between the bookshelves away from the cashier and a girl that works there. “Okay, now let’s get you a book. Any favourites?” We walked past the cookbooks to the young adult bestseller. “Pick one.” He told me. I looked at the books and wondered which one to choose. It’s like asking a small kid to only take one candy from a candy store. “I don’t know. I love stories, which ever the book is. This will take forever.” I said. “And we only have six minutes.” He continued my sentence. “I have an idea. Come here.” He grabbed both my shoulders and made me stand close to the other shelf behind me. “Now close your eyes and randomly point at a book.” He went and stood beside the shelf. “Okay.” I agreed and shut my eyes. I felt strange pointing my fingers at nowhere with my eyes close and not to forget an ice cream in my hand. “Got it.” I heard Zach’s voice and opened my eyes. “Where’s the book?” I asked him. He was hiding it behind his back. “Let’s make it more interesting, why not you take a look at it after we buy it?” He suggested and I agreed. I wanted to pay for the book because it was awkward to have a guy I barely know to pay it all but of course he ignore me and made the payment. I check on the spycell and found Russell Chant not in his office but moving on the street back to the college compound. I guessed it’s possibly from the club since he does visit that place at least once a day. I hope I didn’t miss anything big. “Oh crap.” I cursed and Zach heard it. “What?” he questioned me as we walked out of the store. “We are late.” I stated. We reached the coffee shop a few minutes late. Mr. Patrick didn’t say anything but I felt guilty for simply walking away having fun and not doing my job, the real job. Zach wanted to leave immediately so I walked him out as soon I dropped the anonymous book package on the counter. “That was fun, Anna.” He started. “Yeah, it was. Thanks for forcing me out.” I told him playfully. “Force? I’m pretty sure you thought I was the cutest guy on the planet and agreed to go on a date with me.” He claimed with his goofy smile. He’s the sweetest rugged looking guy ever, I thought. “That’s exaggeration.” I laughed it off. Before leaving he took a few steps forward and swoop in a kiss casually. I honestly didn’t see that coming. Though I didn’t overreact other than going red like a tomato and went completely speechless. It was a brush on the lips kinda kiss. Simple but sudden. “Now, that’s the classic way to end the date. I will see you tomorrow.” With that he left. I stared at him until he disappear and then recover myself only to find Jane in the shop, gaping at me.

She was about to leave but apparently my arrival with a guy made her stay behind. I was back behind the counter while Jane standing at the side, not blocking the customer. It was easier to reply to her questions in robotic manner since I was attending the customer. “That was your first date ever, right? Anna, you didn’t even tell us.” Jane is still on the topic I very much want to avoid simply because even I haven’t digest the whole scenario. Yes, I had lunch and a mini shopping with a guy I barely know and to be honest I had fun. But still for me it was just an interesting lunch. “It’s not like how you think it is. I barely know Zach.” I claimed but Jane was simply shaking her head in disbelief. I can understand why, ever since high school I have never shown much interest in guys compared to my other girlfriends and it’s the same the other way around. I know I’m not the type that would steal all the guys’ attention if I walked in a room so dating and falling in love is not a part of my life so far. “But he kissed you and you actually went out with him while on the job. That says a lot.” Jane told me. “That kiss was unexpected, I didn’t see it coming.” I checked on my spycell as I replied her. “You didn’t see it coming?” Jane started but I raised my hand and she stopped. “I got to go.” It’s Mr. Russell Chant. He’s leaving the college earlier than he suppose to. “Oh, Anna I totally forgot to tell you about my encounter with him this noon.” Jane recalled. I listened to Jane’s story intently. I made excuses to Mr. Patrick before leaving the shop. “We sure have to talk about it more.” Jane stresses on before she left. “I know.” I muttered, knowing what that meant before rushing to the road side. I stopped a cab and pretended to inquire about some places. It took about three minutes for Russell to walk out of the college compound to his car. I took the cab and ordered the cab driver to follow the black Audi. Of course, I earned a very judgemental look from him but he complied. I kept my eyes on the car all the way. He drove to the outskirt of the town and then took a turn to a private residential area. He entered the second house with a big lawn at the front. He parked his car and went into the house. I instructed the cab driver to drop me at the junction. My classic disguise was on. I lingered at the road side, staying close to the big trees. It has only been few minutes before he rushed out with a brief case in his hand. I could see the front view of the house from here so I watched him. I noticed the gates and door are operating electronically. There’s a big Doberman that played with him for a minute. As soon as he drive away in the opposite way, I walked towards his house slowly, my heart started to race thinking about my next action that is to break into his house.

During the brief meeting we had back there at the Angels, both Agencies had given us some guidelines as to the ways to perform the mission. One of it was the suggestion to get closer with the main suspect, Russell Chant, of course. Though it was not directly stated, the agents did mentioned about how convenient it would be if we had the potential and the opportunity to search his premise for further details in regards to his mobs and the underground activities. So now that I am here and he’s not, maybe I should try it. As reported by the Ghost, Russell Chant stays alone most of the time as his wife and son are residing in another country. Based on the background check, he had recently bought this place for about a year ago, few months before occupying the principal post at the college.

Instead of dealing with scary looking dog, I decided to try the back entry which requires code number to unlock. Since we were trained to set our own lock circuit as how we did at the apartment, Ivy in currently, I had no trouble dismantling this one. I took a deep breath and entered the house. I planned out my short visit here. First and foremost is to make sure I’m the only one here and of course I activated the anti bug kit just in case. The house was free from camera surveillance except for the entrance which I luckily didn’t use. I was too nervous for that I’m might make mistake. The next step is the primary reason that is to search and lastly wire the whole house. Recalling the training we had at the Angels, I started my operation.

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