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“Can’t we talk somewhere else. This place is hot and crowded.” I couldn’t be in the little van with everyone. Earlier, Jane had texted all of us to meet up in the van and go through the current development in the mission. Justin had drives all of us to the back of the college compound and parked there. Us, girls gathered at the back of the van while Justin stayed in the driver seat.

“There’s no need for that. We will not stay long here. So let’s not waste time and get to the plan.” Justin started. As how I met him first at the Angels, his hair is neatly styled and dressed smartly. He looks presentable even if it’s late night. “Okay, what we got so far?” Anna asked us. “We met Russell Chant today.” Jane and Justin answered simultaneously. A short silence fell as Justin and Jane stare at each other awkwardly. “What happened?” I asked them. “We were unprepared but I managed it well. He approved her without any suspicion. I have gotten Jane into the gang. There’s meeting tomorrow and Jane’s invited.” Justin replied me with a smirk on his face. “Yeah, he made everything happen.” Jane said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. “Wow, that’s fast.” Ivy stated. “Of course, we have to act fast. What about the two girls?” Justin directed his question at me and Ivy. “We found them at the house you mentioned but only one girl was alive. Apparently they shot the other one when she tried to escape.” Ivy said. “Yeah and Stella was very adamant not to leave the gang. We had to tie her down before bringing her to the Agency.” I continued. Jane and Anna stared at us wide eyed. “You went to the Agency?” “Don’t get too surprised, it was not that cool in there especially the lady we met.” I told the girls. “Ms Angela something.” Ivy tried to recall. “Oh! I know her. I met her once at the guest house back at the Angels.” Anna wanted to say more but Justin cleared his throat pointedly. “Focus.” He stated curtly. We four rolled our eyes at him.

Anna continued to share about her visit to Russell’s house. After that we went on for few more minutes discussing about the possible events to occur tomorrow. At the end we agreed to wait until Jane and Justin comes back from the meeting. Since it’s quite dangerous to send them all by themselves to the enemies’ den, Anna and I decided to follow them while Ivy will stay in the apartment to watch this area and keep track on us. Justin asked us to keep the plan to ourselves at least until tomorrow evening before disclosing it to the Angels. We didn’t argue with that suggestion since we are authorized to act on our own but of course must update them as soon as possible. Our discussion ended before midnight and we returned to our respective place to retire the night.

The next day went by slow. I lazed around Ivy’s apartment waiting for Justin and Jane to leave. Anna was working at the coffee shop while Ivy was writing a report on the recent updates. She barely spoke to me as she was engrossed in typing the letter. I peeked at her laptop screen and saw she was almost done. After about fifteen minutes or so, she sighed heavily and took a sip from her mug. Since she was the tech geek in our group and more brainy than getting physical, the Agency had chosen her to be the one to write reports on our daily activities and send it daily as long as the mission is on. “Do they send any reply or respond for every mail you send?” I enquired her. She shook her head, “No. The Agency will only respond when there is an error even if that happen they would call and not mail. They are very particular with the accuracy of the information. Have to keep my eyes open to every detail around me.” She said. “Hey, you don’t have to do it all by yourself, ask us if you need help, okay? I think you’re the busiest among us right now.” I stated. “I know but it’s not the same as risking my life more often.” She retorted. I laughed, “Well that actually apply equally to all of us.” She smiled. “I’m glad we are doing this.” Ivy stated. I frowned at her not exactly understand what she meant. “The other day, when we met Stella, to see her like that and the way she was treated. I’m relief that we gotten her out of there. Thinking about other girls that could be possibly trapped in that house and then smuggled out, I wish we could have done more. If we get this guy, maybe we could save the other girls.” She went on. I have been thinking about it too. “Not maybe. We will get this guy and put an end to his criminal activity. Of course not us, literally but if we do our part well, I’m sure the Agency will take care of the rest.” I told her in full confidence. Both our spycell buzzed at the same time. It’s from the JJ team, Justin and Jane. Both of them are about leave the college compound together. It’s my cue so I left the apartment to meet Anna and took the van. The van is common enough on the road to not attract any attention. Justin sent us the address of the warehouse so we didn’t follow their ride.

I accelerate to the location so that we could look for a safe hideout to observe the area. We need not be in the building since we will be wearing the bionic ear piece that enables us to hear any conversation within 100 yards.

As the location of the house we went yesterday and the resident of Russell Chant, this warehouse too located at the outskirt of the town. Obviously it’s easier for them to bolt if anything goes wrong. This warehouse looked newly built but no any activities that show any business operation is going on for now. It large and fenced in its perimeter. There are a few other factories in the vicinity so we parked at the farthest one and went on foot. There’s no any hill area in the surrounding so we decided to trespass into the nearest factory. It was an electrical appliance factory but oddly it’s not in operation today as well. I made a mental note to inform the Agency about this strange coincident. We avoided the entrance and jumped over the fence which supposedly stated to conduct high volt current but not from our quick experiment result.

There was stairs at the outer part that lead to the top of the factory. We climbed up and found a small compartment. It was big enough for both of us to cram in. The view of the warehouse from here was perfect. We noticed there’re a few cars parked at the back of the building. One of the cars was Tyra’s. Probably the other gang member is driving it now. Just as we focuses on the conversation inside the warehouse, Justin and Jane arrived at the spot. Jane looked around and her eyes spotted the factory we are in non suspicious manner. Though she couldn’t see us, she does know that we are here watching their back. An armed man peeked out of the warehouse cautiously before welcoming both of them. Justin stayed very close to Jane. Both of them disappeared into the building and we quickly resumed to the earpiece that is now connected to the laptop to record the conversation.

We identified three female voices and two males’ excluding Russell Chant. We were quite sure that he is in there as Anna saw him leaving the college half an hour ago. A female voice goes on asking Justin if they found any clue on Tyra. Justin denied and the next question posed to Jane. The conversation was not pleasant. Obviously, the team do not welcome new member. It was almost ten minutes, only then we heard Russell Chant’s voice. He was in the building but what took him long to shows up.

A male voice inquired him of the new task. There was a long silence. Anna and I could only exchange worried glances. He cleared his voice, “Yes, this is an unexpected turn out of an event. Not to worry it’s favorable on our side.” Even by listening through the earpiece, his voice sounded deadly as though he’s on to something. “Apparently, we have an intruder among us for a month time. Oh wait, did I say one, my bad, its two intruders. Am I right, Miss Jane Black?”

I cringed at the sound of my best friend’s name spat out by Russell Chant like a poison. Anna’s expression mirrored mine, her eyes gleamed in horror and her hand cupped her agape mouth. It took us a full second to realize the situation. I wanted remove drop everything and run to the warehouse. Jane’s life is in danger once again and this time it’s not some girl and guys but one of the most wanted criminal in the country. The sound of loud footsteps and banging sound stopped me. It must be both of them defending themselves. As though reading my mind, Anna got on her feet and nodded at me. We both quickly chucked everything inside our bag and threw it on top of the rooftop, just in case it might fall on the wrong hands. We sprinted to the warehouse but before we could reach the compound, we heard an ear splitting gunshot sound. For a moment, it felt like a déjà vu the difference now is that not all my friends are here with me, safe.

The door at the most right of the building creaked open. It was Russell Chant coming out with a gun in his hand. Before he could notice us, we disappeared behind a jeep beside us and to the side of the building. We watched the scene unfold in front of us. Three young girls and two boys followed after him. Two of the girls were both standing beside Jane with a gun on her head. Jane was giving her dead glare at Russell Chant. Her eyes were red. We were momentarily glad that Jane is alright but Justin was nowhere to be seen. The girl on the left kicked Jane. Jane hit the ground, groaning. “What did you do to Tyra and James?” She yelled in anger. Jane made no attempt to answer. Russell Chant shushed her. “We will figure that out later. Listen, never underestimate her. I need each of you to make sure she never tries to escape. D wants her alive. She’s extremely important. Now tie her down.”

In the mean time, Anna had sent the news to Ivy and we know she would take care of the rest. Just in time when Jane got tied down and thrown into the Jeep, we received text that help is on the way for Justin and Jane. The Angels and probably the Ghost had sent two teams. We were asked to follow Jane without being discovered. Russell Chant received a call which made him to look around the place suspiciously. We ducked under the stacks of boxes at the side of the building. As though sensing our presence, he ordered the two males to stay. “There are people coming to get him.” He stated before leaving in the Jeep with Jane. Somebody has informed him about the rescue team.

We had to come out now to follow Jane. We can’t afford to lose her now. We may never get her back if Drago gets her. The boys had guns in their hand and so did us. I moved forward slowly while aiming my gun at one of the boys while Anna stayed behind. I had never shot anyone before in my entire life. I never thought I would come to this point where I will want to want to shoot a guy. The thought of Justin probably dead inside the warehouse was a good enough reason for me. I stood dangerously close but still hiding behind the two big boxes. On cue, Anna took an aim and shot one of the boys knee. The boy fell on the ground. His weapon flew few feet away from him. The other guy turned and aimed at our direction blindly. I took the opportunity and shot his wrist, the one that is pointing the gun. The accuracy was perfect. The gun fell and fired a bullet by itself. Thank god, not in my way as I dashed forward and lunged on the boy. He was so much taller than me but the element of surprise was enough to knock him unconscious in a few blows. I could feel the heat is rising in me due to the anger I felt. Anna took care of the other one. We were done in minutes. Both of us rushed in and found Justin unconsciously on the ground. There’s blood stain on his chest, close to his heart. We checked his pulse. He’s still breathing. I didn’t know I was on the verge of crying until Anna touched my shoulder. “We should get moving. They will come for him.” I nodded and left Justin all alone in the warehouse.

We took the car we saw behind the warehouse, Tyra’s. For few seconds we panicked for we had no idea where Jane is but then we recalled about Ivy. She always knows where we were. She tracks us 24/7. We called her and she started to guide us to Jane. We caught up with the Jeep in five minutes time but we couldn’t get too close since they knew this car very well. It took us a few minutes to realize that the destination is Russell Chant’s house. Anna remembered the road well. In a few phone calls, we directed the rescue team to go to the house earlier, maybe Drago might be there.

Thanks to the Anna’s cameras in that house, Ivy informed us the status of the place. There were eleven individuals waiting for Russell Chant’s arrival. Apparently they arrived an hour before the group meeting was held.

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