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The image of Justin getting shot and falling on the ground helplessly is still in my head. I tried to suppress the emotions and the tears rising within me. I don’t want to look like a weakling. My throat is as dry as dust as I tried to swallow my sob. He is badly injured, probably dead because of me. He tried to protect me. Now as I listen to Russell’s conversation on the phone, I realized we got exposed because me. He recognized me. My identity had exposed Justin. He was very well undercover all this while until he made me his partner.

I couldn’t do much but to listen to Russell Chant as he barked orders to the girl that is driving. He knew very well that my friends are following us. Though the strange part is he didn’t know this by recognizing them on the road but through phone calls. He keeps on receiving calls and from there he changes his plan accordingly. I wondered who is giving the information to him.

My tears had dried long ago when the car stopped abruptly causing me to hit the front seat. I cussed the driver for driving like a newbie. Russell and the girl jumped out the jeep while the other two stayed with me in the car. I heard whispering outside and tried to listen. I only caught few words that are enough to know they’re planning to trap my friends. I raised my head in alarm but the girl beside me kicked my gut hard. I gritted my teeth in pain and anger. I didn’t go down but tried to sit up. “Stop moving or…” The girl yelled and then I felt something hard and pointed pressed at the back of my head, a gun. I refused to comply with her since I know they need me alive, as per the command of Russell Chant. She cursed at me. I ignored her and tried to peek a look outside. But the other girl on my right produced a long black cloth and covered my eyes. With my hands and legs tied, I can’t do much to stop both of them. Sudden panic crept in. As I lose my eyesight, the fear of unknown started to rise in me. Many thoughts swam in my head. The darkness I see frightened me more. I calm myself by taking deep breath. I can’t lose myself now.

I clutched both my hands together tight to stop them from shaking. I heard the car door opened and two hands held me from both sides. They moved me out slowly. I sharpened my senses to my surrounding. I could hear many footsteps and a dog barking. I was rushed into the house I guessed when the temperature around me cools down. They shoved me into a corner and then I heard the sound of keys and door knob. I got locked in. I tried walking around but there was nothing in my path. I was all alone. I tried to bite the ropes around my wrist but it was not an easy task. It felt like an hour before I heard footsteps outside the room. The door was unlocked and then locked again. But this time I’m not alone. I stayed quiet for awhile but the silence and curiosity burned in me. I cautiously asked, “Who are you?” I heard gasping sound and then two familiar voices. “Jane?”

“Is that you?” It was Anna and Naomi. Their voices almost brought tears in my eyes. “What happened? Why are you here?” I questioned them. “Are you hurt?” Naomi asked me. “No, I’m fine but Justin…” I trailed off, couldn’t finish the sentence. “Yeah, we know.”Anna said in low voice. “Let’s try to untie each other.” She suggested. I nodded and tried to get a hold of them blindly. I knelt down and in a few attempt Naomi unfolded me. I squinted at the bright light in the small room. I helped them both. We quickly untied our hands and legs. However, that was how far we could go. The room had no other exit but the locked door. The empty room gave us no weapon to defend us. Our weapons had been taken away.

Anna and Naomi admitted in frustration about how they got tricked by Russell. Apparently they got attacked by a huge mob and they stand no chance. Obviously, they were disappointed at themselves. “Did you inform others? Ivy?” I asked. Naomi looked around cautiously as though people might be watching us and then nodded slightly. I noticed her reluctancy and immediately understood.

The sound of the key at the door made us jump. Two girls walked in, one of them is Roan. They eyes grew wider in shock as the notice our hands are not tied down any longer. If the situation is not this severe, I would have laughed on their face. How could they not realize the consequence of throwing in three people in a room, especially spies in training. Duh! We lunged forward and got hold of the girls before they even had time to react. I grabbed Roan’s gun and pointed at her. She snarled at me but stayed still. Anna and Naomi tied two of them quickly using the ropes we had on. We stepped out of the room with no plans. As soon as we were out of their sight, the two girls shout their lungs out, warning others. Even with the closed door, their voices were loud.

We were surrounded by five males, each of them dressed in black just like the one we saw at the camp. I kept calm and aim the gun at the one standing I front of me. My friends stood at both my side in their defensive stand. We refused to back down even if we stand no chance in this house full of Drago’s men. The one in front of me laughed loudly at us. With the face mask on I could only see his seawater blue eyes. His dark blonde hair was long framing his masked face. “Give me the gun.” His asked me as though I’m a kid who had been playing with dangerous stuff. I took involuntary step behind, standing close to my friends.

I heard another booming laughter from the living room. The blue eyed guy stepped to the side and revealed Russell Chant walking towards us. His smiling face made me fume in anger. His image had awakened the image of Justin in my head. His eyes were watchful as he steps closer. “Desi, get the girls to the van. We have a slight change of plan. D will meet us halfway.” He informed the blue eyed and then faced us. “I never expected I would get you here with no sweat. How unchallenging this is. Maybe I had overestimated each of you.” His evil smile crept on his face unattractively but only for a few seconds. We heard loud noises coming outside the house. Russell rushed out, followed by Desi leaving four men watching us. Welcoming the distraction we attacked the men. I manage to shoot two men but it didn’t hit the target intended. In the midst of the battle, I lost control when an elbow hit me hard on my face. I lost focus and dropped the gun. One of the men kicked the gun away from us. These brawlers were not the same as we had dealt with before, these men are solid. They were obviously trained. We struggled to escape but managed to move outside the house.

The sight of chaos made us come to a halt. There were two groups battling each other, both in black, its agents and the mobs. Noticing us at the front door, two agents rushed to our side and ushered us out. The four men tried to stop them. Joining forces, we managed to knock them unconscious. There were most probably seven agents fighting the mobs. A few cars screeched away, a few Drago’s men had run away. The two agents pushed us to the corner and dealt with the remaining mobs. Instead of waiting at the side, we joined them to fight. It took almost fifteen minutes to get the situation under control. A few gun shots rang out and three men fell down unconscious, one of them was an agent.

The sight was horrifying. We stood still and watched the other six agents handcuffing the remaining men and Russell Chant was one of them.

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