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At the end it was a good ending, the bad guys got caught. Not all of them but we got the one we targeted. But still the disappointing part would be the operation didn’t go as planned. If not for the help sent by both agencies, we might have been sent to Drago and god knows what could have happened to us. As much grateful we were to the proficient agents, we didn’t get the opportunity to thank them. As soon as Russell and four other men arrested, we were instructed to return to the Angels. We retrieved our bags thrown above the roof at the warehouse before we head back. Along the way we shared our stories in detail. It felt unbelievable to be safe and unhurt after all the dangerous incidents. Ivy was marching anxiously when we reached the Angels’ compound. We parked the van at the parking lot and caught up with Ivy. We assured her that we are not harmed in any way.

We thought of meeting Mr. Henderson but according to Ivy nobody is allowed to the administrative bloc for the whole day, and that include us. Miss Gabriella had informed her that we will be summoned the next day. So, calling it a day we went to our room. We slept like a log the whole night. The next morning was slow and peaceful. I woke up late, almost noon. My friends were up early and went to the cafeteria. I stayed in the room, not wanting to get up from my bed. Yesterday’s events seem like a dream now. My wish didn’t last long because Jane burst through the door. She sighed when she saw me, “Good that you’re awake, Miss Fiona wants to see you now.” She informed. I sat up groggily, “Now? Why?” “I have no idea. Let’s go and find out.”

We met Ivy and Naomi on the way to Miss Fiona’s room. They tagged along in curiosity. She was in her room, busy talking on the phone. She waved us in when she saw us at the glass door. She gave a disapproving look at my attire. In the rush, I simply put a tracksuit and faded blue tee. “I only asked for Miss Adrianna.” She stated after hanging up the phone. She stood up and walked past us. “Follow me.” She called up to me as she walked out swiftly. My friends gave me a worried look before parting away at the corridor. I followed her fast steps. She didn’t utter a word until we reached the ground floor of Bloc C. She entered a room I never been to before. It looked like a mini boarding room with huge table in the centre with chairs around it. A huge white screen hangs at the front, clearly the place for presentation to be held. Miss Fiona walked straight to the white screen and moved it to the side, revealing a metal door on the wall. A secret pathway I realized. She scanned her id card and there was a click sound. She opened the door and walked into a well lit corridor. She glanced back, making sure I’m following her. The door gave another click sound when it was closed. I obediently followed her into the long corridor until we reached another door.

On time the door opened and a man in dark blue uniform was standing there. He greeted Miss Fiona and then gave me long scrutinizing look. “Yes, she the one he asked for.” Miss Fiona told him. I looked at both of them in confusion. “Lead her in and stay with her.” The man ordered someone in the room. We stepped into the room. It was a control room. There were almost twenty televisions that show the display of different places of the Angels and a huge table at the side that holds a set of computers. I didn’t pay much attention to the surrounding because my eyes glued on Ray, who is standing in the room. He looked exactly like an agent. He was dressed in a well tailored suit and his hair is well combed. He greeted Miss Fiona and then nodded at me. I could see him trying to not smile at my shocked expression.

“Adrianna.” Miss Fiona called for my attention. I turned and faced her stern expression. “You’re only permitted three minutes to have conversation with him.” She stated. I frowned at her. Why would she give me three minutes to talk to Ray here? Miss Fiona looked at me impatiently and explained, “Russell Chant’s son requested to talk to you, only then he will co-operate with us.” I was still staring at her in further confusion, “Why would he want to talk to me?” I asked her but she turned to Ray. “Bring her. We don’t have much time.”

Ray led me through another corridor that brought us to huge compartment that consist numerous cells with prisoners in it. “We have prison here?” I questioned him. “Just a temporary one. After investigation over the accused will be shifted to another place. Some might get lucky and get freed.” We walked along the center path with cells on both our sides. It’s glassed and soundproof cells. I could see some of the prisoners banging the glass door angrily but I couldn’t hear a thing. I tried my best to keep my eyes away from them and look at the floor. “Why Russell Chant’s son wants to see me?” I asked Ray. Ray shrugged, “I have no idea. I was helping the management to sort the recent accused file, that’s when Mr. Henderson called me and sent me down here. He asked me to assist you.” He told. “This is odd.” I muttered as I walked along.

Ray stopped in front of a cell on his right. I moved closer to the glass door to get a good look at the person. The second I saw him my jaw hit the ground. He gave me his easy smile as though nothing is wrong. “Zach?” He stepped forward and stood closer to the glass. I could see his lips moving but I can’t hear him. I turned to Ray, who had been watching me curiously. “Do you know him?” He asked me. I nodded. Ray gave Zach a crude look before typing some numbers on a security box at the side. There was a loud sound and a layer of glass slide upwards in the cell. “Hi.” I heard Zach saying. “Hi.” I stated awkwardly. “I never thought we would meet again this way.” He said. “So, you knew about me and my purpose at that place?” I asked accusingly. “Anna, I had no idea. Not until my dad told me about you.” He stated. “You’re his son.” I stated in disbelief. “Yes, I am.” He affirmed it. His expression turned sour mirroring mine. I took a voluntary step back. “Does that make me your enemy?” He asked. My expression was enough to answer him. He cleared his throat, “Anna, I maybe my father’s son but I’m not involved in his business. Don’t hate me yet.” He looked at me earnestly. “Why did you requested to see me?” I asked him. “To see you.” His smiled was back on. “And to explain that I’m not who you might think I am.” I had no idea how to response to that. I wanted to walk away. I don’t want to be associated with Drago’s man but I couldn’t walk away rudely from Zach, the sweet guy I met at the coffee shop.

“Don’t see me from where I belong, look at me as an individual, Anna. I’m the same guy you saw last two days.” He went on further. I could see he is trying to earn my trust. But why? “Zach, that’s not what you should be concern about right now. If you truly mean what you said about you not involved with your father then the best thing you should do is to help us.” I told him. “You want me to join your side and turn on my father?” He questioned me. “It’s not what I want but what you should do instead. Since you’re a guy I happened to know, I wish you would choose the right path. Choose the good side. Help us.” I went on. Zach didn’t reply immediately. He stared at me for awhile, as though trying to make a decision. “What will happen if I decide to give information against my father and his men?” He asked me. “The agency will protect you, I’m sure of it.” I said then regretted it immediately. I can’t be sure of that obviously. As though he could read my mind, he smiled but not the usual smile but a sad one. “I couldn’t do that. I can’t betray my father.” He said and there was pain in his eyes. “If that’s what you want.” I said bitterly without looking at him. “Anna.” He called me. “Anna, look at me.” He demanded. I looked at his face. His untied hair was barely touching his shoulder. He ruffled his hair roughly, his eyes searching for mine. “Zach, what your dad had been doing was wrong. You know that. He’s a criminal and now he got caught. Don’t try to defend him. You can still save yourself. You can still try to amend this and maybe get yourself out of here.” I moved closer to the glass wall. Zach inched closer as well, “Anna, if I do that, will it make any different to you? Will I gain your trust again?” he asked me. “Of course, if you are willing to help then obviously you re nothing like your father.” I answered him without hesitating.

“The time is up.” Ray announced. I almost had forgotten him standing beside me. I nodded and before I leave I told Zach, “You can always change your mind and be the good guy.” He didn’t say anything but waved me goodbye with a sad smile. I walked away with Ray without a word.

Miss Fiona stood up from the chair when she saw us coming. “I heard your conversation. You have a dangerous friend, Adrianna. Beware who you’re befriending after this. You should know you’re not in the field where anyone could be your friend.” With those words, she left us. We exited the place. Ray and I went to the cafeteria. I was still processing the fact that Zach is Russell Chant’s son and that I should have been more careful with him. “How did you get to know him?” Ray asked me after a while. Ray had been extremely quiet since we met Zach. “I met him at the coffee shop during the mission.” I answered. “I don’t like the way he looks at you.” He stated bluntly. “What?” I frowned at him. “Miss Fiona was right. You should be careful with who you are talking to. You should stay away from him.”

As expected, my friends were there. They stopped talking when they saw me coming. “You look pale. What happened?” Naomi asked me worriedly. “Did she scold you or something?” Ivy asked. “Russell Chant’s son wanted to see me. I cannot believe this. He’s that guy’s son.” I said out loud. “His son? Why he wanted to see you? Do you know him?” Jane questioned me. I nodded guiltily. “He came to the coffee shop few times and he even asked me out.” I informed them. “Oh no!” Jane looked at me in shock. “The one that kissed you in front of the shop after you came back from a date?” Jane words made everyone to stare at me in shock. I didn’t deny her. “You went out with that fellow and kissed him?” Ray’s voice was loud and angry. I have never seen him this angry before. I looked accusingly at Jane. Jane gave me the ‘I’m sorry’ look. “Not exactly, we went for lunch and he kissed me. I didn’t see it coming, okay!” I defended myself. Ray started to pace in front of us. “You went out with a stranger when you have much more serious mission going on. Anna, is this how you do your job?” He stormed at me. I was too shock to answer Ray’s question. My friends stared at both of us equally surprised. “Ray, I…” I wanted to explain but part of me knew he’s right. I had been reckless. “I didn’t expect this from you.” His words were harsh. His angry and disappointed look made me feel agitated. “Ray, I had no idea he was Russell Chant’s son. I didn’t know…” I started to explain but his angry words interrupted me, “You should have been careful. He could have hurt you.” “But he didn’t. He’s not the bad guy. You heard him just now, he said he’s not involved…” And again Ray interrupted me. “Anna, are you seriously defending the guy behind the bar right now, are you even in your right mind?” Ray demanded. I wanted to defend myself and Zach. For some reason, I trusted Zach and his words. But Ray could be right. My eyes stung and a drop of tear rolled down my cheek. I didn’t know I was on the verge of crying. Ray was still staring at me accusing. I bit my lower lip while trying to find something to say but nothing came up. When I made no attempt to answer him, Ray walked away in anger. I looked at my friends but they were as speechless I was.

I wiped of the tears away and walked to my room leaving my friends behind. I had no idea Ray could get that scary and make me cry. I knew Ray was right but maybe he shouldn’t have yelled at me like that. His words stung. I felt as though I disappointed him and that made me feel guilty and uneasy. I sat on my bed and saw the bag I left on the floor last night. It was the bag I used during the mission. I opened the bag and fished out the book Zach bought for me on our so called ‘date’. When I first looked at the title, I laughed out loud, it was, ‘The Rock Star and The Girl from The Coffee Shop’. I doubt he picked the book I pointed at. The more I stare at the novel, the more I could hear Ray’s angry words. I sighed heavily. It was not even Zach’s revelation that made me anxious but Ray’s words and his angry look. I wondered the reason Ray lashed out at me. Was it only because he was worried about my safety or something more?

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