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“Guys, lets pack up. We’re going back tomorrow. And don’t forget to hand in the devices, if you have any.” I told Anna and Naomi. I have just met Miss Fiona and she informed that our semester has actually ended a week ago and we are free to go. “Hey that’s good news! I can’t wait to go back to my normal life.” Anna clapped her hand in excitement. “Yeah and I just want to get out from here.” Naomi said in a complete reverse mood.

“Did you guys see Jane?” Jane had been quite busy these past few days. “Probably with Justin again.” Anna answered. “Probably. Do you think there’s something going on with that two? She’s very worried about him.”

We noticed Jane’s stricken posture the day she found out he’s here and since then she is not interested in anything but him. “I’m not sure. It could simply be guilty conscience and gratefulness, you know Jane. It’s not every day thing to have someone take a bullet for you.” Naomi told us. Just in time Jane walked into the garden with a very angry face. “Jane, we were just talking about Justin and you.” Anna paused when she noticed Jane’s mood. “You don’t look right.” Jane sat at the opposite bench, right in front of the huge Angel statue.

“Oh my god, it’s Justin right? He didn’t…” Jane cut in before Naomi start to get into her best melancholic voice and sad face.
“No, it’s not that. He’s fine. Actually he’s up. No longer in comatose condition.” Jane stated with a blank face.

“That’s great. But why are you not happy about it?” Anna questioned Jane’s odd behavior.

“Did he said something and you two got into a fight like always?” I guessed. She shook her head and sank back into the bench. “He left, early this morning. I didn’t get to meet him.” She said, not angry anymore. “I wanted to thank him and I thought if I get to see him waking up and talking like normal people and not on the bed all the time, I would feel so much better.” Jane said while looking down at the grass. “That’s so Justin, leaving without a word.” Anna mumbled. “The next time you see, kick his ass and you will feel better.” Naomi cheered Jane up. She smiled a little. “I will. If I get to see him again.”

“Hey, Daniel. It’s been a while.” Anna suddenly said. I turned around and saw him, standing awkwardly. “Hey, I hope I’m not interrupting your group meeting.” He took a few steps forward. “No, you’re not. We’re just leaving to pack our stuff.” Anna stood up and the other two followed. “Yeah, you two lovebirds have a good chat.” Naomi winked at me before taking off with the others.

“Hi.” He came and sat beside me. “I missed you.” He took my hand and held in between his. “But we talk everyday on the phone.” I adjusted my position so that I could face my boyfriend. He looked the same as how I met him the first time, the same short hair and sweet smile.

“It’s not the same as being here with you, holding your hand.” He said with his gaze on me. I smiled in response. “And I get to kiss you.” He gave me a peck on the lips kinda kiss.

“I’m leaving tomorrow.” I told him. “Oh right, of course your semester ended.” “Yeah, six months ended. I didn’t expect the time would pass very fast. I think I might miss this fast paced life.” I said while looking up at the white buildings around me. “How long is your break?” Daniel asked me. “Three months like the others. Our next semester will be nine months long. I heard they going to add more subjects and it’s going to be purely classes. No more missions until we graduate.” I informed him. “And when that’s gonna be?” “Graduation? I’m not sure. Our schedules are sketchy. Couldn’t be sure when is what. I cannot believe I handed my future in these people’s hand and waiting how will it be decided.” I sighed and he did too. “Here we go another confusing grumble from you.” Daniel said, slightly annoyed. “I’m sorry I know how much you hate it for me not to let you in my circle. It’s not my choice.”

“I know. I know. Not your choice. And that is why I’m not going to bring up about your involvement with the mission that could be related with the disappearance of Mr. Hugh Henry.” He stated as a matter of fact.

I shook my head in disbelief and got up. “And you are still the same. Why you always believe the rumuors and start questioning me?”

“I am not questioning you. I told you I’ll not bring it up.” He stopped me from pacing.

“How is that not bringing it up? You just mentioned it. Look Daniel, you’re the one from this world. You should know there are things that can be said and things to kept as secret. I have some things that I can’t say to you. So stop beating around the bush and hoping I would say stuff that would feed your curiosity.” I let out my frustration. “Ivy, I am truly sorry for mentioning that. I’m really really am.” He placed both of his palms on my cheeks.

“Then don’t be the type of boyfriend that wants to know it all because if that’s the case this will not work out.” I said in a small voice. “Hey, don’t say that. I will not be that guy okay. Now I don’t want fight with my girlfriend on our last day. I’m not gonna see you in another three months. Hey you wanna follow me to our tower?” Daniel asked me in his sexy voice. I laughed despite myself, easing the tension between us. “The last time I checked the tower was owned by the Angels.” I said while he led me to the tower.

Our romantic getaway ended in not more than an hour. There was awkwardness between us this time. The small argument we had had been occurring quite a lot lately and I’m getting weary of it. From the past few short relationship I had, I guess Daniel is the creme de la crème but his curiosity could get the best of him. I really hope this will not be the reason for us to go in the separate ways.

The room was a mess when I entered. The girls are busy stuffing clothes in their travelling bags. “Yay, packing time.” I stated dully before jumping onto my bed. And I yelled out loud when something pricked against my back sharply. “The hell.” I muttered as I rolled to the side. My friends looked at my way curiously. “What’s wrong?” Naomi asked. I shook my head, “I don’t know. There’s something on my bed.” I started to searched my bed, throwing off my blanket and something dropped on the ground.

A black rose. Perfectly bloomed black petals with black long stem with no leaves or thorns. It’s not a live rose. “Is that yours?” Jane asked me. “Nope.” I answered as I picked it up carefully. “What is this doing on my bed?” Nobody knew the answer.

“It’s just us in here so how can a rose magically appear by itself?” Anna wondered. We had left the rose on my table and went on to packing. Once in awhile each of us gave a hard stare on the odd colored rose in confusion.

“Maybe it’s from secret admirer of Ivy. Odd, we didn’t know any till now.” Naomi suggested. “That’s creepy.” I stated. “What you gonna do with it?” Anna asked me. “I’m going to leave it here, if it’s really from some creepy guy then maybe he will know that I have no intention to carry around some burnt looking rose with me and he will take it back.” I told them.

“The mysterious rose, I wonder what story it holds.” Anna started in a poetic manner. I threw my pillow at her, “Shut up and go to bed. We are leaving the first thing tomorrow morning, to home sweet home.”

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