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“Okay here’s the plan. You and you stay outside and watch if anyone comes while Ivy and I will look for our phones.” I whispered to the girls, barely seeing their faces. It was freaking dark and the tent was unbelievably small. I’m not sure if it’s normal for people to cramp in the tent or it’s just another way for the facilitators to torture us. I changed my sitting position again since the flat camping bed pad make my butt hurt.

“I don’t like this even a bit.” I could see Anna shaking her head in disapproval. Part of me agreed with her. I know this is completely unnecessary and risky, trying to steal our own phones in the middle of the night with facilitators making rounds, but I knew for a fact Ivy will go on her own to get hers even if neither of us is going with her. Well, friends never let a friend do stupid stuff alone. Not that I’m living by that quote but I too want my phone back. Though I did have fun participating all the activities that was held today, I know I would totally take the first ride home if they offered me one. I do enjoy the greenery and the quietness that can never be felt in the city, but it doesn’t mean I want to put up with the activities Mr. Andrew listed at the briefing for a whole week. At least my phone and the novels I have downloaded would help me survive the week. “You don’t have to join us.” I told Anna.

“I am seriously considering that but…” Anna trailed off uncertainly.

“But you don’t wanna miss the fun?” Naomi guessed.

“I hate you guys.” Anna grunted.

The four of us crept slowly to the hall. The lights were switched off except for one at the front of the hall.

It’s around one in the morning. There were no facilitators that are making the rounds. I guess the facis lied about us being watched 24/7. “Keep an eye at the front. We never know if anyone would come around to check on us.” Anna whispered to us.

“Not even a single ghost around.” I said jokingly, trying to calm my now racing heart. I like the idea of sneaking around doing things we should not. It’s something out of nature to all of us. We never ever done anything that would make us feel guilty. I don’t know what gotten into us this time and I was afraid of getting caught and this camp is strict, the punishment would be far worse than what we got just now. My mind was trying to figure out how they will punish us that I forgotten to keep concentrating in my surrounding. I stepped Ivy’s foot and she yelped out loud. “Sorry, sorry I didn’t know you were in front of me.” I could barely make out her figure in the dark. “That hurt, Jane.” She hissed accusing. Anna shushed us, “Keep it down, if you want to do this, better not get caught.”

“I know sorry again.” I apologized, keeping myself away from walking too close to the others.

“Oh crap, I think someone is coming.” I whispered louder than I intended as I crouched behind the nearest pole. Only then I realized that we are standing in front of the door of the room. What a great timing! I wanted yell at the person, who is now fast approaching towards us. I tried to make out the person’s face but all I could see is a black figure with short hair. “Guys, we gotta move, he’s coming here.” Anna quickly ran to the back of the room. We followed her as she walked along the wall and we got to the other side of the hall. We ran pass the hall and stopped at the side of the canteen where the long wooden house was situated. We stopped there and waited for awhile. Each of us was breathing heavily. “Maybe we should have just stayed in the tent.” Naomi said quietly. “Too late now…” I didn’t get to finish my sentence because we heard sound coming somewhere from the bush behind the hall, more like someone stepped on a twig or dry leaves. “What the hell was that?” I asked, maybe I should have not made fun of ghost.

“Hrmm, let’s keep moving, get away from here.” Naomi moved slowly towards the wooden building. There’s no way we could return to the tent, that someone could easily spot us. “Where are you going? That place looks haunted.” I said, staring at the old long house in the dim light. “There are people in the house. Look at the middle room the light is on.” Ivy pointed at the room, few feet away from us.

“That’s the old man’s room. He’s the head of everything here. No way we are going anywhere near that room.” Anna stated and started walking to the opposite direction, to the canteen. I wanted to call her but we heard a girl’s voice. No doubt it was Miss Gabriella. I could hear her from the hall. Was that her that we saw just now? No time to think, we ran towards the house when the voice got closer. Anna followed us in panic. We ran past the long house until the end and we stopped at the last room. “Thank god, she didn’t come this way.” I breathed. “You think she heard us?” Anna asked. Her voice sounded very small. “I don’t think so.” Ivy said as she gasped for air. “Guys, the door is open.” Naomi opened the wooden door at the last room of the house. “We should get in the tent not some room.” Anna said, obviously didn’t like to sneak in the room.

“I know but how? We can’t stand out here for long. Let’s stay in for a while until they stopped making rounds.” I suggested. Three of them didn’t argue further, I stepped into the room first while praying there’re no spiders or worse rats in there.

It was dusty and full of brooms and mops. It’s a store room. The others got in and we closed the door. The walls were made of wood planks. “Do you think anybody is in the next room?” I asked while peering into the dark room at the next door. I couldn’t see anything. “Damn it, I wish we could have gotten our phone out. Tony will be waiting for my message.” Ivy said regretfully. “Tony? Who’s that?” Anna and I asked. Ivy didn’t reply. It was harder to guess what she’s thinking since we can’t see her face in the dark room.

“Is he the one you have been texting the whole day? Are you dating him now?” I asked her, still whispering. “Yes, no, I don’t know.” Ivy said in rush.

“You don’t know?” Anna asked. Her voice was skeptical.

“Don’t judge, guys. Nothing serious going on, I’m only getting to know him” Ivy said, after awhile.

“That’s what you always say and then you get hurt.” Naomi stated.

It was true, sometime back she was heartbroken because of some dude from her hometown. We barely know her during that time but the first thing we noticed about Ivy was she’s really sensitive. She fall easily and often get hurt, but that’s one of few great things about her. She maybe one of the most passionate girl I have ever met. She sees beauty in everyday living which both amazes and annoys me. However her sincere and honest heart was also her snag. “This is why I kept it to myself, you guys are very judgemental. It’s okay to be friendly with someone new. We don’t know maybe he’s the one.” Ivy countered and Naomi immediately interrupted her. “Ivy, it’s still early to think about ‘the one’.” But Ivy didn’t let her finish. “You started dating Aaron a week after you met him, right?” Naomi was caught off guard by that.

“Yes, I did and now I’m regretting it.” Naomi murmured after a few seconds of silence. “What?” I almost yell that out, hearing those words out of Naomi’s mouth is certainly not normal.

“Are you guys okay?” Anna asked. “What happened?” Ivy questioned. Obviously, Ivy’s boy drama could wait. Naomi have been in relationship with Aaron for a year if I’m not wrong and never once have I heard her grumbling about him or the relationship. Naomi exhaled loudly, “We broke up.” More silence.

I was honestly shocked to hear that.

I am about to be eighteen soon but never have I had a real relationship. Okay, who am I kidding, I have never even been in a scandal. Love life just happened to not exist in my world so far. Naomi is the only one with a stable relationship in our group.

I have secretly shipped Naomi’s perfect love story even though I have never took the effort to even talked to Aaron in person. Their relationship gives hope to me that, I would someday meet my guy too, so to hear them not together anymore not only shocked me but also the news just cracked my almost perfect love story of my own, which I made up in my mind by the way.

I opened my mouth to ask her some explaining but rays of yellow lights suddenly hit our dark room. I had to squint from the sudden rays of lights. I peered into the holes between the wood planks and saw two figures standing at the empty room next door. It was Miss Gabriella and the old man in uniform. None of us made a peep obviously froze to see our facilitator and the head instructor in the next room. We’re so screwed!

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