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We heard a knock on our dorm door. Ivy opened the door and we found Miss Gabriella standing outside our room, looking gorgeous as ever in her plain white shell shirt and a denim pants. Her jet black hair tied up in a bun. Her casual Saturday, whereas we were back to the attire we were in the first week we came in to the Angels, bright tees with worn out jeans and our hair left loose. “Natasha.” Ivy sounded surprise. She’s the only one close enough to call her mentor by her first name. “Can I come in?” Miss Gabriella asked, looking awkward outside our room. “Of course.” Ivy stepped aside to let her in. “You’re here for a reason?” Naomi asked her and we all stopped whatever we been doing and stared at her expectantly. “Can’t I simply come by to say goodbye to the girls I care about?” She replied with a question as her gaze fell on each of us. Naomi blushed, “I’m sorry, I just thought…” She trailed off. “It’s alright, you’re correct. I’m here to pass a message from Mr. Henderson. He wanted to see you guys before you leave. He will be at his office.” She informed us. “Sure, we will see him. Thank you.” I told her. Miss Gabriella walked to the window as her gaze swept through our room. “Done packing?” She asked looking at our bags piled in the middle of the room. “Yeah, we were about to leave.” Ivy answered, not hiding her excitement on her face. “I’m sure the last six months was tough on you guys.” She started. “And now that the Angels and the Agency decided that all four of you are permanent here, the coming semester and the next would be doubled compared to the last six months.” That was news to us. “We are permanent? As in tyros like the others and we would graduate to become a spy?” Jane asked enthusiastically. “Are you guys happy about this?” She questioned us in curiosity. We had mixed reaction. Jane and Ivy were obviously excited but Naomi was not so much. I didn’t exactly feel happy or sad. “No matter how we feel, we won’t be able to get out of here, right Miss Gabriella?” I asked her. “Not for now, not until we catch Drago. After that maybe, you will have your freedom to choose whether to stay or leave.” She told us honestly. She started to the door. Before she opened the door, she asked, “Naomi, by any chance if Hugh contacts you in anyway. You must immediately inform us. He’s no longer one of us. Remember that.” There’s no casual note in her voice, all business. Naomi paled at the mention of her mentor’s name. She’s nodded glumly. “And Jane, are you in touch with your Ghost friend?” She inquired. Jane looked surprised, “Justin? No, we are not that close.” She answered, slight irritation in her tone. “Good, the Angels and the Ghost do not get along that well.” Miss Gabriella stated as a matter of fact and then to all of us, “You must remember the Ghost, the mission and you story must not get out there.” With that final word, she left. “So much for a casual visit.” Jane murmured. We didn’t say much after that.

We went to the office to see Mr. Henderson. We stopped in front of the glassed door, he was on the phone, serious expression on. He noticed us after a while and gestured us in. “Track him twenty four seven, record all the places he stopped by. I will send a team as soon as we have a strong lead.” Mr. Henderson barked his orders with great superiority in his voice. I wondered who they are tracking, Drago or Hugh or someone else. “Right, good.” With that he ended the call. He let out a big sigh as he sank in his chair. “About your mission, well done tyros. I read the report, though there was some errors, nothing big. You were up to the standard I expected, as the others. I know this was forced upon you but each of you took this seriously and did your part well. The Agency is satisfied with you. That’s the good news.” He paused, letting his words sink in. I tried to not smile proudly. To hear, Mr. Henderson complimenting us means so much to me, to us. I felt as though we achieved something great. “The bad news is, Drago is still on the loose which means your lives are still in danger. Letting you go back home is not a wise choice but keeping you here would raise question. My smile dropped at that. “You will have your holidays but I have to warn you to be extra careful. It’s not only Drago but his men can easily recognize you. Just like the girl from the college, there’s high chance for others to have your photographs as well. Do not let your guard down no matter what. A week before your next semester start, the schedule will be sent to you. Your classes would be mixed up as this semester. After discussing thoroughly, it is decided that you will be graduating in the next two years. All your trainings and studies will be confined within the two year time, which means you will have to work harder. Not to forget, as promised you will be taking the other normal courses according to your preference in case if you decided to leave the Angels in the future.” He informed us. “That’s a lot to cover.” I blurt out loud. “Yes it is.” Mr. Henderson agreed. “I guess we must make use this holiday to the max.” Naomi mumbled. “That’s it for now. Have a safe journey back home and stay out of trouble.” He dismissed us. “Thank you, Mr. Henderson.” I told him before we take our leave.

I waited anxiously, afraid he would not show up. The bus is here to drive us to the train station. My friends were already settled in the bus. We are going home after such a hell of a semester. I would be lying if I say I’m not going to miss the Angels. Somehow this place has grown on me, on all of us.

“I thought you’re not coming.” I said out loud when I saw him came running. “What? Why wouldn’t I? You’re leaving and I’m not gonna see you for the next three months.” Ray said while catching his breath. He was wearing jeans and a gray tee, tousled hair just like the day I first met him. “Let me guess, you were so mad that you decided not to say goodbye but then you realized we won’t be seeing each other and not just this three months so you ran here. Remember, you’re graduating which means when I come back, you might most probably saving the world somewhere else.” I told him. “Actually, I might stay. Since Mr. Henderson’s life was threaten once and now we have Hugh Henry’s situation going on. The Agency decided to provide more protection to the Angels, especially Mr. Henderson. So, there’s a position offered to me as Mr. Henderson’s personal agent, more like his bodyground.” He explained with obvious excitement on his face. “You mean like Miss Gabriella?” I asked. “Yeah, I guess.” He answered. “This is huge, Ray. Your first assignment is really big and risky too.” I was very happy for him but the thought of him guarding Mr. Henderson from Drago and his men is scary. “Risky? I doubt that. I’m going to be everywhere he goes which means mostly here. It’s going to be boring, I think.” Ray leaned against the bus. “I hope so.” I mumbled. “What?” he regarded me curiously. “Well, boring means safe from Drago and his men. That’s good for you and Mr. Henderson.” I stated. Ray stood up straight. “You know about Drago?” He questioned me. I bit my tongue for mentioning his name. “I just overheard at the office the other day. Not the specific though.” I said casually. “Anyway, Ray, are you still mad at me?” I asked him, feeling a little worried. Ray and I haven’t actually talked that much other that about Hugh Henry’s situation since that day. He cleared his throat, “Anna, about that. I’m really sorry for yelling at you like that. I had no idea why I got mad at you. I had no right.” Ray looked at me with his cute pleading eyes. “No, you have the right. You helped me a lot. You guided me through all the trainings so of course you would get mad if I messed up the mission.” I told him. “But you didn’t mess up. I heard you did your part well.” He smiled at me, making all the anxious worried feeling within me to go away. “Sorry, for interrupting but we gotta go.” Naomi’s head poked out of the bus window. “Oh, hey Naomi, I mean bye. Enjoy your holiday ladies.” Ray waved at my friends. “Thank god, you’re not mad anymore. I thought I have disappointed you.” I told him when my friends were back in the bus. “What? No, you will never disappoint me.” Ray stated with a serious expression. I was relief to hear that. We stood there for awhile, awkwardly. The bus engine started. “Okay then I should get in.” I gave him a quick hug before boarding the bus. I went into the bus and then to the window seat to wave at him. I slide the window open and before the bus drive drove away, Ray yelled out, “I’m going to miss you.” And I shouted, “Me too. I will call you.” I watched him as the bus drove away.

“Finally home!!!” My friends shouted in joy and I couldn’t stop smiling.

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