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The Elements Children Book Two.

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2 months ago, the children of the elements defeated an ancient evil that their parents made Earth in the middle of. Now a new threat arises, something much worse than the darkness.

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Perseus was standing by the lake while his friends were enjoying the lake. The thing is Perseus has felt something has been off since he woke up this morning. He talked to Leo about it but he said it was just his head messing with him. "Come on Perce join us!" Hazel invited Perseus. Perseus likes the nickname Hazel gave him. "Sorry Hazel I feel like if I get too distracted something will attack us in fact we should have been training these past few months in case something else were to happen." Perseus explained. "Ugggghhhhh come on Percy you've been saying that for awhile now." Jason complained. "And you know I'm right." Perseus said. "He's right we've been putting off our training too long it's time we started training again." Leo finally made an appearance. "Really Leo you're agreeing with him you always want to have fun." Hazel said shocked. "I know but who knows what could come next and where not ready for it." Leo explained. "Then let's get going." Jason said. So Jason, Hazel, and Leo got out of the lake dried off and headed back home with Perseus.
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