can never hide

By Annie Gilchrist All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Romance

chapter 2

jules is standing around waiting on rocco doing the toliet!, she takes a deep breath and say to herself that she needs to be patient with jay it will get better with time,her mind flashes back to a night the other week when she asked too many questions regarding his tattoos that are all covered on his body as they are all in black and white diffrent pictures and writtings/quotes. as she was really intriged with the really cool wolf tattoo on his chest, as he snapped when i went to touch them and kept asking questions like when he got them,why the one he got,where they sore? she shrugged it of as she upset his somehow anyway he appoligied by getting me roses witch was beutiful.

Jay walks up the stairs to his apartment he pauses half way up the stairs to make sure he is prepared to face the guys and greet them with a big genuine smile, like nothing is wrong he likes the guys to think everything is fine cause they are his family.

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