Korea: The Dark Days

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Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven: Abandonment

After the battle of Reason, the war started to turn to the darkest time of the North, the UN and the Russians were able to launch a invasion around the Chinese and start cutting our forces in two. The Chinese couldn't counter fast enough, and so the Russians literally took 15 kilometers in the first day, after landing.

So in the mountains by the Sea of Japan, we were defending and then I got shot in the chest.

So that automatically knocked me out, and I woke up in the mountains where the impromptu government capital was. We had several soldiers in beds being worked on.

“You survived the battle. It was lost 15 days ago. You will heal.” Said the doctor, I caught a glimpse of Kim in the corner of my eye.

I then realized, that the war and fighting was near, because we could hear gunfire and artillery in the distance.

“We may have to take you guys to China. The battling is too close.” Said Kim, with several bodyguards.

We could feel the explosions and hear that the gunfire was really pounding the mountain, as our room was shaking and stuff was unstable.

“We have 10 helicopters on their way to evacuate you all. I will be on my way to the border via car.” Kim said, and he left promptly.

Other guards ordered us to get ready to go, and I was helped from my hospital bed by two nurses and given my gun. I was able to walk on my own, and I rushed myself to the door.

We then started to get ready, and I was given my pistol as well as two grenades in case of a confrontation. We were obviously being attacked from the east. A launch pad was on another mountain directly west from us and the wounded would have to go first.

The reports were, we could be within range of Russian artillery, and we needed to get the hell out. Another report was that the Russian Military was there to capture me, as word had spread they wanted to capture me in particular.

The Russians were assigned to attempt to capture me as the previous attempt was butchered while I was in the 15 day coma, by some UN Unit. The unit had managed to escape our defensive forces and escape, but had failed to capture me, so Kim wanted me to be on the helicopter to Beijing with the wounded.

The all of us that Kim was evacuating, we had to get to the buses to the other mountain that we were heading out to for evac. The group waited on the mountain as planes flew overhead and we started to get nervous. The enemy was getting closer, as defensive men were scrambling to the defensive fronts.

Finally our bus showed up, with the fighting getting close. We proceeded to get on the bus by the entrance. Soldiers were still scrambling to get ready to defend the mountain.

So we were getting in the bus when an explosion reached the ground 10 meters from the door that lead to the secret shelter and hospital. Some people were killed by the blast, about five or six people lay dead on the ground.

“Let's go!” People yelled.

I got in, still hurting from my wound in the abdomen.

“Let's go!” The captain said, trying to get the soldiers into the car.

The battle was now close to us, as the upper part of the mountain was becoming a battleground, and men were taking their positions outside. We then started to move towards the next mountain, and after a 10 minute drive, we got up the next one. There was helicopters that were Chinese-Made.

“Quick, let's go!” I yelled, to get men into the helicopters.

I hated the pain but I had more worry about my soldiers then myself. So we filled that helicopter with 30 men, and 1 nurse and one doctor. Suddenly, a bullet hit the next helicopter, and killed the pilot 25 meters in the air. The helicopter fell off the side of the mountain towards the Russians.

I stood there, nervous. “YOU! Get these people to the road. We got to get the next helicopter ready to go!”

I could see the fighting lower on the mountain, tanks and all pushing through and we were getting way too close to the battle. Finally, a helicopter was able to lift off, and I was planning on getting onto the next one.

Out of nowhere, we heard the loud screech of a shell, and then large blast happened by us. I flew over the side of the mountain which was away from the fighting and helicopters. I then landed on the side of the mountain, and slid down.

It wasn't a sharp drop, but it was a like, rough terrain. There was rocks, high grass, and everything. I was sliding down and finally, when I came to, I realized that it was night. I looked around and saw nothing but rocks and grass. My whole body was in pain.

I then noticed that my weapon was still with me, and the gauze from the wound was gone.

I realized there was dried blood on my face, and that there was the smell of smoke. I was hidden in the brush of the mountainside, and so I decided to just keep hidden until dawn. I fell asleep and woke up the upcoming morning. My body was still in pain, and since I could see myself, I looked at myself more. My clothes were torn apart and I had dried blood all over.

I estimated that I had fallen 100 meters, and I could see the Russian and UN flag around where the former capital was located in the mountain. I wondered if all my colleagues had managed to escape or not, and I was probably being looked for.

I grabbed my weapon, and stood up. I realized my pants were torn, and I had many cuts. I then heard groaning and crying. I looked to my left, and saw a woman soldier.

It pained me to walk, but I walked over to her and could see her in a miserable state.

“Pstt.. Are you a North Korean?” I said, and had my knife ready incase she wasn't.

“I was a Southern prisoner, turned North Korean soldier. Please don't kill me!” I understood, and put my knife away. She was in pain, and I gave her a sip of the water I had.

She was able to lean forward and sip some of my water.

“We have to get out of here. The lines are probably South now. I said

“But I can't walk, I think my legs broken.” She said, wincing as she tried to stand up.

So I pulled her up, and saw her leg. It was as red as the the color. It was june now, and I was getting nervous. China wasn't holding up to expectations, and we were unsure. The lines were far away it seemed, and I knew this would be hard to get a woman that's hurt all the way there on foot. So I put her on my back.

“Listen to me. We are gonna get out of here. Do not mess around and do not say anything unless I say it is okay.” I said. She nodded, and I handed her my pistol.

So I started carrying her up, my intention to get a vehicle or something.

“Why are we going back up?” She asked, surprised almost.

“Cause, there's a few cars still up there. I think we can steal one.” So she had a pistol and I had my Ariska.

“Okay, we’re gonna wait until nobody is in sight, and then attempt to hijack the truck. You use this to keep the Russians at bay, if they even are in sight.” I said.

So we got up to the railing of what was a newly built road, where the Cellar like door was located. There was blood, and it was obvious there had been fighting. So we saw nobody in the area, and I saw a truck.

“Okay, we take this one. I’ll get you in, and we can take off.” I said softly.

So I sprinted across the road, and nobody was near. I could hear talking in the cellar, so I knew this was risky. So the windows were open too, so I quickly unlocked the door, and got Bo-A inside the car. I attempted to hotwire the truck, and then the horn went off.

“SON OF A BITCH” I yelled, and attempted to get the horn to stop.

I then managed to get it to stop, but it was obvious this wouldnt be reversed. I then started the truck somehow, but then the door opened. The Russian men yelled at us, and then I heard them yell in Russian.

“GET OUT OF THE TRUCK, Hu-Ku!” they shouted, as they had recognized me. One man was falling back to inform his uppers that they could capture me at that moment.

“Open fire.” I ordered, and she shot with her pistol.

The shots killed one soldier, and the other five started shooting. I managed to get us into gear and get out, in a hail of bullets. Suddenly, the gas tank was ruptured, and I realized we didn't have much time.

I could see a turn that lead to the side of the mountain towards a pond with some great surroundings. I looked again, and saw machine gunners in the back. The gas tank was losing gas faster than we were going, and I made a decision.

“Okay, we’re gonna take a riskier route!” I yelled, and then turned right, off to the side of the mountain.

We were going down basically the same way. By now, we could see soldiers running and shooting at us. I then aimed for a sudden drop.

“Hang on!” I shouted, slamming the pedal to the metal. I than saw open mountain, and saw water below.

“HANG ON!” I yelled.

We took 15 seconds to fall into the water. The body of water was a small pond that was really deep. I unbuckled my seatbelt, and unbuckled her. I signaled to her to swim up and I would help her. I got her to the surface, and we quickly swam to the small shore. It was a former hiding spot where soldiers hid in the mountains to get away. I pulled her to the shore, and apologized.

“Were still alive, thanks to you.” She said, smiling. She then said “So, how are we gonna get out of here?” I was then struck that the russians could be looking for us. “Well shit.” I said. “We need to keep hidden. The Russians will be looking. Once they are gone, let's go that way.” I said, pointing towards the end of the mountains, about 4 kilometers away, a flat field.

So the Russians, we could hear the rumbling of tanks, and speakers saying “You two need to show yourselves!” And this continued to 21:30. Finally, we decided to make a break for it. I had to carry her on my back, and she didn't mind. So we walked well into the night, and to the next day. We were starving, but around 22:30 the next day, we arrived in the town that was there. It was unscathed, but we knew the Russians probably were there. “Get rid of your uniform.” I said quietly.

“Why? Do you want to see under that?” She asked, giving me a scorn look.

“Just do it. Keep your tank top and shorts on. I’ll say we need help.” I hissed.

So we walked into the small town, population of 421 people. There was a Russian tank there, that was guarding.

“Follow my lead.” I said.

So we went up to the Russian Defenses.

“We need help. We got wounded from a battle in the mountains, were South Koreans!” We pleaded.

So we had physical evidence we were hurt. I was limping, she seemed to have a broken leg. So they took us, and got us to the army medic. They patched us up.

“You need to get back away from the area” The Medic said in his native tongue.

So we were given food, and water.

“If they catch you Southerners, they will force you into the army, and you could get killed by North Koreans.” The medic said.

So they gave us ten days worth of food, and she got crutches. So our goal was to go South, and hopefully find a town to explain what was going on. However, we would eventually get lost in the terrain for thirty days, and we were struggling to find a town. By August, the war seemed to have been over, as trucks and tanks were driving around, with troops in them.

Eventually, we reached a small village, and it had no troops.

“We are in the army, we got seperated from everyone else 32 days ago, and we just got here. We been traveling all this time.”

So we were welcomed into the local hospital, and fed. So the rumor was, the North actually has won a battle around Yalu, and the Chinese are dropping air raids on Russian troops trying to enter from Rason. We had no idea what was going on. But i knew one thing, we were gonna have to hide here until the wars over, or until troops reach here. The troops would come though.

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