Korea: The Dark Days

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Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen: Return of the Communists.

After a 17 week battle around the northern Yalu, and the war turning to November, the war had reached its peak, almost 70 million were dead, and the war wasn't ending yet. After the Chinese lead Northern army reached our village, me and Bo-A had fallen in love.

We tried to not be noticed, but that didn't work.

As they were passing through the small village, a general recognized me as they entered the town, and I was outside with Bo-A. I then knew I would be back in the army.

“Hu-Ku!” Someone yelled, and three generals came into the area. “HU-KU!!” And they came and inspected me.

“You look like you went through hell and back!” One of them said.

I chuckled. We told the men about our escape from the Russians, and how we walked 20 kilometers in the month and ended up there. They were stunned, but at the same time, they were amazed.

“We however, have to bring both of you back to the supreme leader. He did not think that we would find you again.” The general said.

So we had to say goodbye to the folks at the village, and pack up. We then proceeded to get in the truck, and we drove 5 hours to the hideout in the mountains. Soldiers who were chinese, less commonly Northern men, realized that I was still alive as we drove to the mountains. Kim Jong-Un got the news within minutes, and met us as we arrived in the mountains where I was lost at about two months earlier.

“Oh my god!” He said, and ran over to my truck and I got out with Bo-A.

He then realized I was with the female soldier.

“Oh Hu-Ku!. Explain the lady!” He said, and winked at me.

“This is my girlfriend, eventually to be my wife, we plan to get married after war.” I said with a smile on my face.

So then Kim, me, and her went to his lounge within the mountain, and we talked for hours on how we survived.

So after being re-established into the Army, the army was about 90% Chinese now. There had been so many North Korean deaths that our country relies on China now, or we would be forced to use reserves.

So by December, the Peninsula was in 80% of the North’s control. The South/UN was falling into our control again.

As January came around, we started realizing that Chinese forces were being pulled slowly. We were literally where the Busan area was, when on January 20th, 2028 the Chinese declared they would withdraw from the war, and formally pulled out all 17 million men.

News was that the Chinese had a civil war that had broken out, and there was 3 groups fighting.

They withdrew quickly, leaving us with only 500,000 soldiers defending the front line in the North and South. We had lost over 8 million in the war, and we were not gonna be able to use much troops from the Reserve, as there was 15 million citizens still alive, and 3 million able to fight.

We wouldn't be able to hold back the UN and Russia, as the effect was tremendous. Within a day, lines started to crumble, and the previous held points were falling apart. Kim Jong-Un issued a full order requiring anyone between 15-40 years old to fight, and if you were able to fight, you had to go to the local army center for evaluation.

The war quickly begun to fall apart on us, and the UN was just destroying our lines, with the Russians dealing in the North. We lost 20 kilometers in 2 days on February 2nd to the 4th, and we were unable to stably hold on.

“We need a new plan.” Kim Ordered, as we met in the mountains near China. “The Chinese left us and now we’re falling apart fast. I don't know any other options we have.” He said, pointing at his map.

“We could invade China.” I said, quietly.

Everyone looked at me, including Kim himself.

“Are you nuts?! How do you think that would work?” a lower general yelled. He was in charge of the front down in the South.

“No, Gyeon. He has a brilliant idea!” Kim said.

“I can see where he is going with that, but isn't that quite risky?” Another general said.

“No. I think if we use a reserve of 1 million plus, we have a chance to get into Beijing. They are in a civil war, as well. The forces of China are currently in the North west and South trying to stop the Nationalists and Democratic forces. So if we strike, we can take over and force them to bring their armies back. Its brilliant.” Kim said, as he highlighted a route.

“808 Kilometers from the nearest point to Beijing. That can be done if we focus a huge amount of force and power. So I need all the power we can get without devastating our lines, and focus them on the path to China.”

After the two day meeting,, Kim Jong-Un ordered a force of 1.5 million to be gathered to do a quick invasion of China. The force had to be fast and brief as we were desperate for power. We would take Beijing and take control of the Chinese army. All of this would be lead by me!

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