Korea: The Dark Days

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Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen: the invasion

So the Chinese civil war was between three groups, the government, the Nationalists, and the Democracy groups. So we figured we had ten to fifteen days, if we do a swift invasion, we can easily take out the Chinese civil war, and then we take control of an army of 100 million. (10 million active, 90 million reserves) and the 10 million were holding their own.

So we used whatever we could. We wanted this operation done in two weeks max. So we had been given over 10,000 tanks, two hundred planes, and 50,000 artillery.

So we thought that this could work. It was a dire situation, and we needed to start the invasion and fast. So with two weeks max, we had to do this really quickly.

Kim Jong-Un wanted us to go straight for Beijing, and when we got there, to capture or kill all the government officials, and take control of their army. So the first day of the invasion, on February 10th, we aimed over 10,000 artillery across the Yalu, and opened fire.

Since we had limited time, we drove our tanks and trucks across the bridges and through the water and troops followed. We quickly crossed over 30 kilometers in the first day, with no resistance other than police. The next day, we were getting deeper into China, and we were literally receiving no resistance.

I decided to split the army in 2, one to Shenyang to take the city and make a chokepoint, and the other to take Beijing. We thought this was going to be a sweep into China. So within five days, we were demolishing the Chinese’ lines, and rolling deeper into the Chinese territory.

The defenders were local militias and they were crushed one after the next. Our forces proceeded took control of Dalian on the Yellow Sea port. I was behind lines, planning attacks, and ordering ways to do stuff.

On the sixth day, we swiftly captured Shenyang and we seemed like Beijing would fall later on. On the tenth day, Beijing was about 70 kilometers away, not entirely on schedule, but it was going well. Kim Jong-Un was almost ready to send the peace treaty to China, and I was proud of the offense.

But on the eleventh day, the tide suddenly changed. Suddenly, we got reports of an army attacking the army in the North.

“Well, kill them all!” I ordered to the commanders on the Northern Theater, which was trying to surround the Chinese around the path to Beijing.

We found out that this army was a private army. An army that was more effective then we had seen, and they were dangerous, and swift. We then found out even worse news.

“Sir, the city of Shenyang is back in Chinese hands. We can't stop this army!” A soldier exclaimed via the radio and I was stunned, because the Chinese militia did not seem to be powerful from what I had previously heard.

So I had a decision. I had to either pull troops from the Beijing campaign, or to let the army get cut off, and fight the Chinese militia in the North. Suddenly, another army attacked on the thirteenth day. Only 10 kilometers from Beijing, another portion private army attacked our troops near Beijing.

“Sir, we are being heavily attacked. We don't know how long it is until we are forced to retreat.” A commander shouted over the comms, I could hear the gunfire and shelling through the radio.

So I realized this was a legit threat, and these guys were government hired forces but not a part of the Chinese army.

“Guys, we need to get out of here.” I said to my forces up near Beijing, and Shenyang. I did not think that we would be able to recover our progress and we would be forced to either fight or waste time and be forced to retreat anyways.

“Were gonna have to get going….and quickly!” I ordered.

So we quickly pulled troops and quickly ordered a all around retreat.

“Get our forces back from Shenyang and Beijing. We need to get out of here.” I ordered.

So then Kim Jong-Un ordered us to kidnap Chinese men on our way out of the country, and to bring them to the Mountains. So we kidnapped over 1200 men in 12 hours as our forces fell back to our homeland, and finally, the war was turning into a fate that would not be favored on our side.

Finally, we had pulled 99% of the force from China, and I was still in it, trying to get my staff and people out of a small village on the border. We learned a Militia had formed to force us out of the village, and we were hearing that the Chinese forces were getting close.

“Sir, the Militia is ordering us to leave. Or they will kill us.” A soldier said to me, and handed me a gun.

So in a small village about 10 minutes from the border, with a army trying to kill us all, we had not much options left.

“We gotta get our files out!” I yelled, and pointed at my men.

So the order was to stand our ground until we got the documents out, and got the remaining prisoners out. So we had lasted the 30 minutes, and in the small office building, I could see the battle break out. I had my gun with me, and I realized the village was falling to the local Militia.

“The battles beginning.” A soldier said to me, and ran back out to the street where it was unfolding.

“It's too close.” a guard said as he looked at the street, which was beginning to fill with combat.

I was watching it unfolding on the street, I had my gun ready to shoot, and my soldiers knew we had to fight to escape.

“I don't know what will happen, but we will have to fight. No matter what.” I said.

So I loaded my gun, and I had 75 bullets, 5 in the chamber.

“ We gotta get moving!” I ordered, and shooed the other men to go to fight. I would follow up a little later.

So in the streets below, the Militia was slamming our army. I then figured it was time to go, so I then walked down the steps to the second floor when suddenly, a stray Chinese prisoner attacked me.

He wasted no time and started punching me in the face, and tried to take my weapon. I struggled and managed to hold him from shooting my face. He was really strong. I had a knife in my pocket, and so I then decided to pull a gamble. I let go of his arm, and he looked stunned.

“You can't just force me to North Korea!!” The prisoner shouted.

The Prisoner failed to see me reach into my pocket, I grabbed the knife and stabbed him in the chest. He instantly started coughing up blood, and fell over.

“Gah!” He yelled. “You scum!”

He tried to reach for my gun again, but I jumped up and punched him in the mouth, and grabbed my gun. He managed to get up and attacked me. He slammed me into the wall and started punching me, and I started seeing stars. He then pulled the knife out and then I kicked him in the knee. He fell over, and I ran for the gun again. I ran to the wall tall window, and prepared to shoot him.

“You can't just try to kill me!” I said, and pointed the gun at him.

Then suddenly, he charged me. My gun then unfortunately jammed and next thing I knew, I was on the ground after a two story fall. He had fallen under me, and I was still in his grasp.

The back alley wasn't a war zone, so I was lucky, however the fighting was still going on, and I knew I had to get out of there. So I realized my gun was there. But the guy was still alive. As I was walking away, I realized he was alive.

“You thought I was dead?” He said.

I turned around, and he was bloody.

“Just go!” I yelled to him in chinese.

“NO!” He said, and so he rushed me.

This time, however, I was able to pull the trigger, and killed him. He fell about a meter away from me. I then remembered I had to get out of the city.

I walked up to the corner, where I could hear fighting. I saw my men falling back, and I saw the Chinese militia gaining ground.

I had one chance, so I had to either run or die. I saw some men running through the alley and I knew I had to do either. I then pulled my gun up, and yelled. I ran out into the middle of gunfire, and shot a militia soldier in the knee. They saw me, but I was running. I reached my lines, and ran past them.

“Go! Go! Get away!” So my men and I ran fast to the Yalu in a hail of gunfire.

The invasion of had officially failed, everything had failed. We had sealed our fate. I knew this would probably get me into major trouble with supreme leader.

A few days later, we met in the mountains. By now, the battlefront was now reaching the 38th parallel and the Chinese private armies and Russians were bound to surround us.

A few hours later, we were in the same bunker as kim.

“We need time, we need to take control of Seoul. We end the war by taking control of Seoul! We then win it all. That's what we need to do! Nobody wants to fight. So let's take Seoul while we still can!” Kim said In pure fiery anger, due to the result of the end of the invasion of China.

It was now March, and we were on the brink of losing.

“We have resulted in a war that has killed over 95 million. We won't be able to hang on much longer” Said a general.

Kim then looked up at me calmly, then the general who said that.

“You traitor.” He said, he said looking at the general.

“Shoot him” Kim said, seeming really calm.

“Now!” The Supreme Leader ordered.

The general then said ‘The wars over, there's nothing we can do, the enemy is going to be able to sweep us off the map if we continue to fight. Best bet is to surrender before anymore lives get lost.”

“He has a point. We have less than a million soldiers remaining to fight within two war fronts. We know the Americans are the closest to Pyongyang and we cannot hold out that much longer.” I said.

“How are they close? They were south of the 38th parallel I thought?” Kim asked.

“They’re gaining ground. They can strike with Artillery soon, so we need to either surrender or focus on defending Pyongyang.” the general said, “We have to either pull over 500,000 men to Pyongyang or just have the population defend it. Like we’ve said, there is not much more options.”

“We can defend it with the men we have on the front. I believe we have 450,000 men left still fighting the Americans..” Kim said.

“We can possibly pull over 200,000 from the Chinese/Russian front in order to hold off the Americans for as long as possible. You know they’ll want Pyongyang.” the General said.

“Then do that. Do what we can. In the meantime, prepare the city for a war.” Kim said, and he motioned that the meeting was over, and he was done discussing.

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