Korea: The Dark Days

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Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Sixteen: The end

So shortly after signing the peace treaty, and finding out Bo-A was alive, we settled and married. When we arrived in our city of Daejeon that we were going to live in, it was still war-torn.

Tons of buildings had been fought in, houses were torn, and it was unrecognizable, and we were allowed to start rebuilding.

After arriving, we chose a small place which was by a set of woods, and we set our house location. After digging around in the buildings which had been destroyed or damaged heavily, I decided to take a break from restarting.

I walked over to the area facing the woods, a little creek and it seemed like a battleground had taken place there. I sat down, and looked over the area. Water was flowing and reflecting the sun into my eyes, and so I just stared into outer space.

Bo-A came up to me, and sat by me.

“Well, the wars over, Jong. We can finally be free of being chased down by the Russians, the Chinese and the Americans.” She said, and rubbed my back. I nodded, and held her hands.

“I know. It’s a great feeling, but it will take time for the effects to leave my head.” I said, and grabbed a rock and threw it to the creek. The rock skipped a few, but fell into the water.

“Its great, you know? To finally sit down, enjoy myself, and the company of you, without the stress in it. I won't ever have to deal with stuff like that anymore. And you won't either.” I said, and so we looked into the water, and it was gorgeous. I then spotted her looking me in the corner of my eye, and so she rested her head on my shoulder.

“I love you, Jong.” she said, and put her hands around me.

“I love you too.” I said, and put my hands around her, and kissed her, and then we stared off into the woods.

So finally, we were at peace, the war was over, I didn't have to deal with a crazy ass leader, I didn't have to deal with injuries, I was however able to lead a army if I chose, but that would be for a few years. We eventually built our own house in the suburbs, and after three years, the United Nations were able to pull the remaining troops from the country, ending the era of war in the Korean peninsula forever.

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