Korea: The Dark Days

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Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen: Hu-Ku’s epilogue.

After three years in war, and being wounded several times, Hu-Ku lived in Daejeon, and started a restaurant which he called “War’s End.”

He was 22 when the war ended, possibly the youngest general in Korean history. Seoul would eventually be rebuilt, and so would Pyongyang, and the two cities would have the ‘freedom line’ highway and railway. Hu-Ku would later be promoted as admiral general for the Korean Federation, and he would happily return to the battlefields he once fought on 10 years later. China and Russia agreed to allow him into the countries and visit the short lived battlefields.

Over 100 million died in the war, and he had killed over 4200 people in 3 years. After being educated after being brainwashed for 22 years, he learned of what his country was. He then requested permission to see the camps. So he saw Hoeryong camp, or known as camp 22. The prison had been liberated at the end of the war, where almost 142,500 were imprisoned for the war and were unable to return to their families. So he learned what his country did, and what they had done to innocent people. So after the war, he was in the North Korean trial, which lasted a week. He was later proved to be innocent, as he was just doing what he was told. Eventually, Hu-Ku would die in 2099 at the age of 93, and would eventually be recognized as a war hero of the Korean federation, not because of being a deadly man, but for the fact he ended the North Korean regime.

In his lifetime, he would speak about the North and why the country would not be safe to go back to the way it was, and he made sure that anything that was Pro-North would be shut down.

He would step down in 2052 at the age of 46 from the admiral-general as he was dealing with PTSD, but he would recover, and live the rest of his life in Seoul, married to Bo-A Ryeong.

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