Korea: The Dark Days

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Chapter Three

Chapter Three: The Bombing.

Following the loss in Camp Choi, our regiment was pulled from the border, and brought to Pyongyang, for questioning. This was one of the largest losses in the war so far. Kim Jong-Un was furious, but it was better than I thought. We had lost 940 men to death or capture by the south, so only 60 of us were able to be interviewed.

“We were ordered by Captain Hong-Chuck to go and take the camp. The enemy had the advantage, as they had battle tested men who would fight hard. We thought we would win the battle, but they were able to destroy the confidence that many men had. We had been shelled and picked off by sharpshooters. I also got hit by a mortar shell as we were marching towards the camp. I then got up after being fazed by the explosion, and continued the march.” I said to a high ranking official, in a interview.

Kim Jong-Un was also in the room.

“Jong, Come here” He said. He was in his usual tense state, graying hair, all that.

“Mr. Jong-Un, I didn't mean for being alive. I wanted to die for this battle, but I just didn't die.”

Kim Jong Un then sat down, His posture like a stiff board.

“You are 20, correct?” He asked cocking an eyebrow .

“Actually 19, but 20 in December.” I said respectfully.

He then nodded, and grabbed a pen.

“You think you can rally men to fight harder to battle. Seoul for example, you also fought in the battle right outside there?” He asked as he eyed me closer.

I nodded, and smiled.

“You think you can lead up a army?” He asked .

“I’m not sure.” I said.

“Well, you wouldn't be just a general. You would lead, but you would follow what the planners say. You would be a secondary leader. Just follow the directions. What say you?” He said.

I stood, nervous. He could tell I was nervous as well.

“It's okay to be nervous. If you really do this, I promise you a home where you will be safe from the Imperialism, where we will not be afraid. You will also get the best of the best in Pyongyang. Your family lives in poverty, we would bring them to Pyongyang, and you can marry who you want. You will receive anything you want, as long as it good, but you will receive anything you request. Your family will be safe.” He said as looked at me, his face unshifting.

I was then shaking. I wasn't sure. I suddenly passed out. I woke up a few hours later, him by my bedside, in a small hospital room in Pyongyang.

“I’m sorry to put you on the spot, Mr. Hu-Ku.” He said, showing some worry.

I laughed. “I’ll do it. I’m only 19 though. You know what is gonna happen if I don't win the battles? I will be looked upon by the public as an outcast and I will shame your name, Supreme leader.” I said, as I felt an uneasy feeling wash over me.

“Do your best, Hu-Ku. You win those battles, and you win us the war. Nothing bad happens if you lose one, it’s just another setback. But you do what you can, Hu-Ku, And soon we’ll dine in Pyongyang when this war is won.” He said proudly and confidently.

I nodded and gave a salute.

“You go get them, kid.”

So the tables had taken a new turn in the war. This war would be a turn of momentum, or so I thought. As I left Pyongyang the next day, I discovered I had been operated on as well. I was told I had suffered from shock and something else. But on the way back to the lines, We saw planes flying over.

“Those are not North Korean planes!” Someone Shouted in shock.

“Oh shit!” Another shouted.

We realized they were bombers.

“Turn around!” I yelled at the driver.

I buckled up, and we drove for Pyongyang. Then we saw the act. The planes unleashed bombs, and missiles.

“OH NO!” I shouted in utter disbelief.

We stopped, all 16 trucks and buses and men started to gather on the streets. There was 20 planes. They were dropping bombs everywhere.

“No!!” Several men cried in shock.

I teared up. After 10 minutes, we watched the planes leave and the thick black smoke was rising, buildings were swallowed in smoke and fire, and one collapsed in the process.

“We need to get to them!” I ordered.

So we drove 15 minutes back and we expected the worst. I ordered my driver to get to the place where I was at where the Supreme Leader was. He was actually on the sidewalk, watching a fire in a small apartment. I ran to him, in a panic.

“You need to get to cover, you don't know if there’s gonna be more.” I said, trying to stay calm, but it was obvious I was visibly shaken.

He nodded.

“Go to the front, I will be fine. I got my hiding spots.” He said, oddly calm.

So he nodded and shook my hand. The city was in chaos. People were running around, and fire trucks were driving around, trying to extinguish fires. We drove away, knowing the worst has happened. The capital was bombed in 10 minutes, and there was gonna be a helluva rally in North Korea. I was sort of excited, this meant I could prove myself. I smiled, but knew this was gonna bring higher expectations on me. I had to drive 2 hours to meet the lines, as the armies were at a stalemate. But when they heard the news, everyone in the area took a moment of silence. We knew this would be a catastrophic event in the war.

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