Korea: The Dark Days

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Chapter Four

Chapter Four: The battle of Seoul.

The generals that were in Charge of the advancement were ordered by Kim Jong-Un to take the Han River, take Seoul, and then we would go from there. So Kim Jong Un had ordered a buildup of maybe 170,000 men to take the Han river and take Seoul.

Besides troop maneuvers, I was in complete charge. So we had the objective to take Seoul, with the men and to cut the Han river in half. If we do that, it cuts the main defenses in half, and forces the South towards Busan. So the army built consisted of 400 tanks, 2000 artillery, and 1000 heavy artillery, which is stationed 40 minutes behind each force, but can fire a shot that can hit up to 40 kilometers away from it. So the main offensive was to take Seoul, or what remained of it. So we had to take Mt. Bukhansan, and then I decided we would split the offensive in two, and the two branches would also then split in two and then take Seoul that way.

We knew that Seoul had been bombed, but bombs can’t completely destroy everything. So I radioed in to Pyongyang, and Kim Jong-Un was okay with this. Since we had 170,000 men, we had to spread them out accordingly. 42,500 a group.

So the thousand far range artillery was our secret weapon. But first, we had to take Mt. Bukhansan. The offensive was set to start November 3rd, 2025. So the day came, and we had to take 56 Kilometers. So Army group A would be lead by me, group B would be administered by Captain Jung-Choin. Group C would be lead by General Mae-Toso. Group D would be lead by Sergeant Mosh-Tuv.

We had to take the Mountain range, in order to prevent any enemy to take control of the mountain, and possibly hold us from the taking of Seoul. So we started the march 56 kilometers out. It took us a couple days to reach the mountain. We didn't really have resistance, but we knew they would figure we would try to take the mountain. So we reached the National Park, and we aimed our heavy artillery from 40 minutes away.

That group would be protected by 100 men, and those were highly trained men. So we then launched a long range artillery strike from 1 kilometer from the Mountain. We also then launched a barrage from our position too. I was in the back of our position, well hidden from sight with my generals/advisors that were given. The 853 meter high mountain range wouldn't be too tough on my men, i thought. “So we have to have our tanks spread out, 150 men for every tank. We have the tanks and the men following it, in every direction” I thought it was a good method. So in my binoculars, despite the shelling, we could see the enemy positions and outposts that were recently dug in.

“They have outposts spread out.” I said.

So we waited about an hour after the barrage, and we then started our march. The mountains were smoking, after previously taking on the shelling. I was with my generals in the back of the mountain advance. We spotted our first enemy command post about 20 meters above.

“They have 3 machine gunners and some defenders.” I said. So the men knew that there will be casualties, and I knew there would be.

So I said, “Just remember that your deaths will be avenged when we take control of the whole peninsula.”

So my group of men, we took on that outpost in the mountain. We knew it was dug in, and we knew that it would be a challenge. So we had little to no cover from the 3 machine gunners, so we had a column formation where 20 men would volunteer to take the heat of the Machine gunners, than forty men would return fire. We would use the formation to take the outpost. I mean, obviously there was more than 60 men but we had to take these outposts. I lead my group to the outpost, and we managed to take out the 3 MG gunners.

“We got to eliminate the soldiers in here.” I said.

So we threw a grenade into the room, and then waited at the door. The grenade went off and we opened the door.

There was no one in the MG place, but then we opened a room and then we were met with gunfire. I threw another grenade in and killed the guy. There was only 7 men defending the outpost, but we knew this was just one outpost. Gunfire was erupting from other sides of the mountain as well.

After scavenging the supplies left in the bunker, we continued the advance. I looked up from our position, and there was fighting on the mountain. I then noticed some men charging from probably 15 meters away at my group. I pulled my gun up and started shooting. My men joined in the gunfight. I then put my sights on a Southerner and shot at him.

Despite him being away, I could see him away from me. He took the bullet to the chest and fell down. I then shot another guy in the head, the bullet had curved to his head and killed him. But the fact was, I was actually killing people, and it made me realize, I was taking the life. I lowered my weapon and stopped.

Others began saying “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” and suddenly, a bullet grazed my chest.

It managed to not go through but it knocked me off my feet and back to reality.

“KILL THEM!” I shouted in rage as I got up and started shooting towards the men that were shooting at me.

So after that altercation, we discovered my chest had no holes, and the bleeding would stop. So we decided to take another way up the mountain, where there was no trails and we couldn't take cover. The sides of the mountain were harder to go up, but we managed. About noon, 2 hours after the assault, we had gotten 25 meters up. I was leading my men through a rough high grass, and then we noticed men with Machine guns over the edge, hiding in the brush but we could see them.

We weren't noticeable either so we quickly assaulted their position and killed all 12 in under 20 seconds. and noticed that they were able to see the North East advance up the mountain.

Their guns were really advanced too, as we looked and could see thermals and everything. The enemy was hiding well in the mountainous brush too, as we were struggling with their hiding. I could see smoke rising from the North east advancement, and realized they were in a tank battle over there, and the infantry was also fighting there too.

It was a former tour site there that was in the battle zone. I picked up one of the rifles and aimed in on the enemy and saw how beautiful the sights were. I picked an enemy and fired from probably 100 meters on the other side of the mountain. I saw the thermal disappear and realized my bullet hit him from that far out.

Then I heard one of my men saying, “There's some men that look like they’re the replacement for that group.” We quickly got away as they were coming down a hillside we could hide in.

We set our guns, ready to kill them, as they were walking with guards. They saw the dead bodies and yelled. I couldn't quite hear but they ran to them. I told my men to eliminate the threat, so all of us aimed in. I aimed at one of the guards and opened fire. the 10 men turned around and tried to retaliate. but it was too late, they were dead.

We killed all 10 in a span of 15 seconds. My group was one hundred men strong, so it was hard for them to do this. So we could see fighting was spread out among the mountain, and I knew that the position I was in, we were gonna take the mountain within the week. So through the day, we managed to get over forty meters in. About 5:30 pm, dark was starting to fall on us, and the fighting subsided. I radioed in to my soldiers in the mountain.

“We are hiding about a hundred and fifty meters from the big line that we want.” I thought to myself. We counted we had lost forty-five hundred men through the offensive that day. The fight for the mountain however would cost the lives of fifteen thousand men and wound probably ten thousand more.

Around the last day, we reached the third mountain, and we realized the Southerners were moving their defenders from the mountain range, and we could see the ruins of Seoul.

“The city was a beautiful city, but however we need to control it. I’m surprised it still has many buildings left from the blast.” I looked on from my binoculars I had scavenged from the soldiers we had killed.

We counted about fourteen thousand prisoners we also took from the battlefield.

“Send them to Pyongyang for questioning.” I ordered to the truck drivers.

It was November 15th when we launched our new offensive; Operation Spearhead. We set up a thousand artillery pieces from the Mountain and its surroundings, and then we launched a day bombardment from the area onto Seoul. I was watching the city six miles away being shelled and hitting buildings. The nuclear blast wasn't as strong as we thought, but we heard the results of the blast have killed ninety eight percent of the population living there.

“Okay battalion , we will split the armies in four as we plan to take Seoul from four ways. The main objective is to Surround the city, and the fighters there. Hopefully we don't have to kill anymore of our southern brethren and maybe they will surrender the country to us. But don't be afraid to kill. Once we surround the city, we squeeze and then we meet each other in the core of the city, Downtown. This all depends on if they surrender now or never.” I said over the comms channel.

So we were ready for the offensive. November 16th we launched the attack. We marched ten.six meters to the outskirts. We quickly overwhelmed the small pockets of resistance outside of the city, and by the next day, we had Seoul surrounded. The river however was a problem, so we had to guard the river with heavy artillery and guns.

So we attacked from this district called Yangwon. The place had been hit hard from shelling, and it was pretty much ruins at this point. But they still had men guarding the city with as much as they could.

As we got deeper into the district, my group of fighters I commanded, we split off into three groups. My group I was leading, we were following the highway. The second group would break off and go down to the Yongma Water Park, and the third group would head to Guangmao, My group would push right into the downtown of the city.

Me and thirty thousand men would drive in from the Northeast. So we reached Mangi-U district, and this was honestly the most fierce defensive position we reached. So we reached the district, and it sort of has a main area, and then it splits off to three groups, the business, the housing, and then an miscellaneous area.

So we reached the business area, and the defensive positions were brutal. The men had dug into this place called McDonald's and it had a play place area, and they assigned twenty men to defend this building.

The moment we opened the door, they had a machine gunner set up right there at the front. The guy who opened the front door, he immediately was shot and a spray of bullets hit him. He fell to the ground in a pool of blood, and he had twenty bullets in him, and he somehow survived for about two minutes.

I quickly grabbed him, and pulled him from the doorway. He was in obvious pain and he was yelling

“I can see Mr. Il! He’s telling me to come to him.” And he passed out.

But I had to continue following orders. I threw a flash grenade and then opened fire. One of my men then managed to get in through an opening in what they called a drive through. The man that approached the drive through, was shot immediately.

“Come on!” I heard a voice echo from the window.

“You guys realize you should just surrender. there is literally no point for you anymore!” I shouted.

They then tossed a grenade. I never ran like that before, and the grenade exploded by the drink dispenser. They were guarding the bathroom area, and they were not giving up.

“You guys know I can easily just set this place on fire!” I said, and then I heard them drop their guns against the tile floor.

The four men began to walk towards me.

“We refuse to surrender!” One of them shouted as he drew his pistol.

He quickly shot at me, and I was grazed again. a few of my men quickly reacted and shot the four men dead. I was on my back, and opened my eyes.

“Mr Hu-Ku, are you wounded?!” A young private said.

I managed to sit up, and figured out I was not wounded, but grazed.

“Yeah, the son of a bitch thought he had me.” I said, wincing at the pain.

I was helped to my feet.

“We got a battle to win, so let's keep moving.” I said; getting over the pain, slowly.

I made sure I wasn't bleeding, and we started our next advance to the next building. It looked like a grocery store, and I said

“There’s two entrances, we can easily take them out from two ways.” I said in a low tone.

So we did what I planned. The enemy however anticipated my move, and had 6 men guarding the back alleyway. The back alleyway had a dumpster which covered two men, and they had one behind steps that lead to another area and one defending the door, with two others to intercept us and start shooting at us.

My group of fifteen men managed to overwhelm the six men, and I killed one. I had counted up to thirty-two killed by me. So we quickly took the back room with force. The store was spread out, and we had decided to attack both ways. So they really couldn't defend from two ways.

So fifteen men were killed to defend this. Unfortunately, I was ordered to not take any prisoners as the prison buses were not available, and I had to shoot anyone who surrendered.

“I’m sadly regretting to inform you, my southern brothers, but whoever is still alive must be shot on sight . You guys were offered a chance to surrender.” I said sadly as I un-holstered my pistol

So three men had survived the initial firefight were wounded when we took control of the store, and two surrendered, but we had orders. I went around the area, and kneeled by the wounded.

“I’m sorry.” I said, as I pulled my trigger.

So the two who surrendered, I gave them two options.

“You can be killed, or we can pretend we never fought, and you can go run to your lines and don’t make me think twice.” I said as I looked at the two men, and they ran off.

So throughout the day, Seoul fell piece by piece to our army. On the last day, we had downtown Seoul surrounded. The downtown however, had taken the nuclear missile to it, and was decimated. So the downtown consisted of skeletons of buildings, and we had no choice but to keep fighting, as they chose to defend that still. The Southerners had been determined to fight to the last man. By November 28th, Seoul was under North Korean hands.

When I radioed Pyongyang, the dear leader was pleased. We counted over fifty six thousand four hundred twenty two men dead from both sides.

Obviously the war was not enough for the South, or so we thought. So after the decisive win in Seoul, the remaining 130,000 men of the army group, we withdrew the ones who had battled hard, and exchanged them for fresh soldiers.

I was allowed to go back to Pyongyang. The city was rebuilding from the bombing runs. The Victory parade was scheduled for December 2nd, a few days after our decisive victory. Kim Jong-Un welcomed back the soldiers we had brought back on November 29th. I went to my apartment, and laid down, and took a long rest , over thirty hours of resting.

Then around 4:30 in the morning on November 31st, Kim Jong-Un and his high ranked army officials arrived at my apartment.

“Congratulations on the victory, I am very pleased with how you handled that many men, and winning. The city of Pyongyang, you will be given a car on behalf of us, and you will receive a free citizens travel car, with some zones off limits up north, but you will be given more gifts after the South falls. You will be in our Military Parade December 2nd. Congratulations.” Kim said as he patted my left shoulder.

I couldn’t sleep after that, and decided to go outside. I then saw my car, with a bow on it. It was a 1989 Mercedes-Benz, S-Class.

“Dear Jong, you have been a fantastic leader and soldier, Your forty-three confirmed kills is making you a target for the South, which is very pleasing to me. You will continue to lead the advancement to the South’s demise. Thank you. Enjoy this used Mercedes-Benz, with 150,000 kilometers on it. Gas card is free as well. Congratulations.” The note read.

I smiled. I had previously learned how to drive since I was enlisted in the army. And so I decided to go out on a early morning drive, which was amazing. It wasn't dawn, but I didn't care. I drove to Kim Jong-Il square, and set up a flower bed. I then thought about my position I was in. I was only 19, not 20 yet, and I had recently won and hadnt cost anymore than forty thousand deaths from our side. I had conquered sixty kilometers of land in three weeks. I was poised for a legendary career. Or so I thought.

The Military parade came fast though. Many of the wounded from the battle of Seoul were in the parade. I was in the same car as our Supreme leader, and I was in the presence of two million people. The place was loud too. When we reached the end of the parade route, Kim himself escorted me to the stage.

“People of Pyongyang, the gorgeous capital of Korea, we will rise and win this war. Your new general, Jong Hu-Ku, will also lead the army to victory. Show him some love!!” Kim said, with a smile on his face.

I looked, people were cheering and chanting my name. I raised my arms and smiled, acknowledging the praise of Millions of people. Kim also cheered. After the parade, he took me to a bar and bought for me a few drinks.

“You truly will be a legend, especially after the South is done. Congratulations.” He said as we toasted, and so we began to drink the night away.

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