Korea: The Dark Days

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Chapter Eight

Chapter EIght: An unfortunate Time.

So right after the failed Operation Barbarossa, we seemed to lose all momentum. Army group A lost a battle in the middle of the countryside, losing over 200,000 men in a 5 day battle, and 115,000 returning. The war was turning into a disaster, as we had lost all momentum.

Then, just as the war just seemed it couldn’t get any worse, we lost a huge battle in Daejeon, with the locals rebelling, and holding off a force of 10,000 for 4 days before they were forced the surrender, and the army suffered a loss of funding.

The economy was taking a huge toll, citizens were getting mad, and we were starting to get frustrated. Then, new years happened, and we were starting the planning of Operation Seyong, a siege around the remainders of the South, and then bring our navy with 100,000 soldiers to the ground and squeeze.

Around January 7th, 2027 we got really unfortunate news. As I was being brought from the front lines to Pyongyang, we got news the UN has officially entered the war. The UN would include Australia, the United States, Britain, and Russia. The Southern army was also coming off a hot victory over my failure in Masan and Pusan, and Group A’s defeat in the countryside. But it was gonna get a whole lot worse. January 9th, scouts spotted a whole Navy force coming in towards Busan, and Seoul.

The army scrambled to get defenses set up around Seoul, but Busan since we didn't have control, we would have to contain their army. January 10th, the UN force of 1000 battleships and each containing 10,000 men, they launched a force to Seoul, which I was located at.

They wanted to capture the Capital and possibly cut off our army in two. So Kim scrambled and brought a force of 500,000 to defend the city of Seoul. On the other side, the UN was sending thousands upon thousands to reinforce the forces at Busan. So then I was called back to Pyongyang before the second battle at Seoul.

I was given the honor to fly in one of the Donated Chinese fighter jets as a gunner. This jet was solar powered, so we didn't have to worry about the fuel, and we had a crew of 25. The objective we were given was to attack the US navy and hold off any advances.

In the plane I had a 100 Caliber machine gun I could use, and we were sent to fight the Navy in Busan, which was unloading forces and supplies to the tired Southern army.

So then, my jet and 24 others, we began the attack against their forces at 9:30 pm. So we took 5 hours to fly around, and finally on January 11th, we saw the massive navy in the Korea Strait. So I prepared to attack. Our pilots, we were 3 kilometers in the air, and I was told “Yo, we can launch the attack.” So we started our descent to the attack. Our jet lead a pack of 20 others towards the navy. I then caught aim of an American ship, and I fired off the first shot in what this encounter would be known as bloody Tuesday.

I fired towards the bridge, and I could see the damage I was doing. I than saw one of my men fire a missile at the ship, and I knew this day was gonna go down in history.

I started shooting at the deck, I could see the soldiers scrambling to get to the guns. The missile then hit the bridge, instantly setting the ship ablaze, and the bridge collapsed internally instantly, and we could see blasts coming out of the ship, and it was going to sink within seconds of the Missile hit. Soldiers and personnel were scrambling to get off the ship, but it was too fast.

I then saw a Australian boat, and opened fire.

The bullets hit a few guns in the process, and then I shot at the satellite and that started a fire. I then heard my pilots ordering a turnaround the ship. I then aimed the bullets at doors and shot men coming out. Than Hue-San fired a torpedo from 100 meters away towards the ship as we were doing the turn. I shot at the cannons, and disabled some, which was going to ruin their chances of fighting back.

The torpedo then smashed into the ship's side, and then it started to list. I then looked to my left and saw Jet #2 taking on a super destroyer.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” I yelled over the comms radio, as he was doing a sudden turn.

“Trust me.” The pilot said.

Then I saw a missile drop from the bottom of his jet. I saw it enter the deck and hit probably the ammunition storage. The ship was on fire in under a second, and even though it was managing to float, the ship of 10 stories high was in a blaze. But then that jet was shot by the ship.

“Watch this” He said over the comm.

The jet was falling from 3 kilometers up, and he aimed for the ship.

“Good bye, Jong.” He said in a relaxed tone over the comm.

The jet sped up and smashed through the flight deck, and caused another huge explosion. The super destroyer was a mess, and got even worse and started to sink into the sea. I then saw a torpedo hit a small frigate, and tore through the hull as if it was nothing, and the frigate sank in minutes. I then noticed about 100 Jets coming at us from the far side of the navy.

“Bandits!” I yelled.

I then started shooting at the enemy planes flying at us, and I yelled.“Fly over the navy ships.” I ordered.

Which was possibly the dumbest idea, in my pilot’s book.

“Whatever you say, Jong.” The pilot said, and turned us towards the navy.

We could see hundreds of ships below us. The ships started to shoot at us, and our jets flying over. I then shot at one of the airplanes flying at us, and the hit was just right, and he flew right into a small battleship, tearing up the flight deck and disabling cannons. The jets then launched a lot of missiles at us. My pilots then decided to try to fly as close as we could to the navy ships. I then saw how close we were as I could see the soldiers faces and then the missile exploded right by the ship, and disabled a cannon.

The ship then got hit again and started to catch fire and become a blaze, making it useless.

We were being pursued by 3 UN fighter jets, and I yelled to get on the guns from behind to fight them off. I also did suit, and got on a .50 mm gun.

I unleashed a hail of bullets into the enemy jets’ paths and I hit 2 of them, tearing off a wing from one of them, and forcing another to turn around with a wing fire. The third one was still following, and I ordered a concentration of fire onto them.

The jet could only take so much of our bullets, and exploded into three pieces and fell into the side of a burning ship. We then saw an enemy airplane carrier and I yelled to focus on that.

Due to less defenses on a aircraft carrier, it made our job easier. “Attack the bridge and the the flight decks!” I shouted over my comms with the other 24 men.

The pilot had a few torpedos in possession with us and he launched one at the ship. The torpedo tore into the ship’s hull and began to obviously sink. We didn’t care, and kept hailing onto the ship. The flight deck was on fire, and people were running around to get off.

We then focused our fire power onto a flagship, obviously a much stronger challenge. “I can drop a torpedo and if we can get over them, I can drop a few bombs onto the ship.” Our pilot said over the comms. “Hang on. This will be interesting.” he said as well.

I sat down in my seat, as we knew it would be a tough ride to focus on a much larger ship.

The jet miraculously escaped a missile, and we opened fire onto the destroyer. I focused onto the bridge and unleashed hell onto the bridge. I watched the main operating room burst into flames, and started to expand into the rest of the bridge.

The flagship was unable to post anything against us as our ship dropped a few bombs onto the decks and caused the cannons to be virtually useless against us.

We then launched a final blow with a flyover and we blew up an ammunition crate in the enemy flagship. The ship burst into flames and begun sinking into the sea. I looked around and the place was a firestorm as many ships were on fire or dealing with jets.

The day went back and forth and we only lost 7 jets. When we decided to get away, we had destroyed ten flagships, three Super Destroyers, 22 frigates, 10 aircraft boats, and 6 elite destroyers. When I looked back at the scene as we were getting back, you could see the smoke for kilometers. We were able to fly back to Pyongyang at 3:30 AM, and news of what my brigade had done was spreading fast. When we arrived at Pyongyang airport, hundreds of people were waiting, and I could hear the cheering. Kim Jong-Un waited in triumph at the airport, and saw that we had only lost 7 jets.

“You guys have won us a bunch of time.” He said, as we were getting off the jet. He lead us to a room and said that we had done a huge favor, as reports have concluded over 780,000 had died on the sea attack.

He awarded us for it by giving us a free day of drinking. The next morning, we were welcomed out of the facility with cheers and yelling from the crowds of Pyongyang. We had lost only 175 men versus the United Nations with now a estimated 792-800,000 losses from the attack.

On the television in my apartment we had the same lady as always, hair greying up and all, she started saying how this will definitely boost our offense in the South and possibly win the war, according to several sources within the inner circle of Kim Jong-Un.

So me and my crew as promised we met up in a small district within Pyongyang and we were recognized by several people. They handed out hugs and congratulations to us, and thanked us for our hard work. I thanked them as we were walking to the bar to drink. Several other groups of people were also heading to the bars as we were all given a free day of drinking. Only catch was we had to have our Military ID’s, which I had mine on.

I dont remember anything from the rest of that day, as we drank. I remember waking up the next day and being hung over.

One day later, however, the UN would strike back. I was still in Pyongyang when the news flew in.

“200 fighter jets on their way here!” Someone yelled in the defense room of the city.

Where I was getting ready to prepare for the bombing. I quickly ran to the nearest guard tower, and could see the enemy planes flying.

“Oh shit.” I said.

I knew I couldn't get to the airfield in time, so I decided to go take cover. The enemy planes then split and the ones heading to us fired off missiles simultaneously. The missiles were hella fast, and then they crashed into multiple buildings. A concrete hotel in the core of the city was hit and instantly was on fire, and collapsed in minutes.

I could only watch as they dropped bombs and shot at the squares. Trucks were coming in, and I saw one get hit by a stray missile, and get decimated, throwing the skeleton of the truck 20 meters away. The attack lasted 40 minutes, but it was more catastrophic than the last bombing. When I was able to emerge from the high grass, we saw the city in smoke. The planes were leaving, and you could hear the cries of fire sirens.

The big hotel that was hit was in shambles on the ground, and in ruins. I managed to reach downtown but the area was submerged in smoke. Fire sirens were everywhere, and citizens were running around. But the city itself, would never recover in this. I then got a radio call from KJU. He heard the blasts from 50 kilometers away, and said it was for the attacks on the UN Navy 3 days ago.

He said that Pyongyang is probably not be a great place to govern the country after this, and that he would use his hideout near the Chinese border to command us. So after the bombing, I was helping wounded citizens to a set up zone, and we realized that the hospital in Downtown was completely gone.

There was 45,000 patients there too, and about 300 doctors. We couldn't believe what had happened. The city’s fire department was rushing around trying to get fires under control, when a full scale evacuation was ordered.


The statues of the two late leaders were on the ground, in shambles. It was unbelievable. After a day, we were able to put 40% of fires out, but we knew the city was in ruins. Nobody could inhabit this place. Soldiers who were new to the army looked in honest disbelief and were shocked. I went to where my apartment was, and it was burnt.

The fire had somehow not taken the building, but it was in ruins. The whole downtown was in ruins. Where military parades happened was in bomb craters. I just couldn't believe it. When I found my car given by Kim, It had been crushed by a street pole. The city was just unrecognizable. After four days, we didn't find any survivors in the ruins of the city, and only 35,000 people lived the bombings. I was so stunned.

When we went to the safe zone, people were being taken care of by farmers and everyone who could take care. There was doctors being brought to the safe zone, and soldiers guarding the area. I then informed that Pyongyang is no longer inhabitable, and we would have to move citizens to other towns, or to let them rebuild.

Only 100 people decided to come back to the city, which was still smoldering. It had went from a 2.9 million population to 5,000 stranded people. Just unbelievable. When China heard of the bomb attacks, they were furious. This would lead to the year’s second half of the war where there would be massive losses on all sides of the war zone.

As I left Pyongyang to meet Kim at his hideout, near the Yalu, we got news that the UN was able to win the battle of Nakdong near Masan with 70,000 dead in the fight, and 70k captured. I was furious, but this was the consequence of war. When I arrived, Kim vented to me about how he was infuriated about the loss of the Capital city and we would probably have to relocate the government here too. We saw images of Pyongyang being shown on Chinese news networks.

“This is unacceptable. We will decimate the Japanese who lead this attack.” The reporter stated.

We found out that 370 of the 700 jets were lead by Japanese jets. So Kim Jong-Un ordered the next weapon of Mass destruction.

“Aim for Tokyo, and make sure that we force Japan out of the war.” The Supreme leader ordered. The nuclear missile would have to go 1284 kilometers to Tokyo and hope it hit. We werent sure if the WMD had the power but we were not afraid to worry about it.

On January 30th, we launched the missile, hitting Tokyo in 30 minutes. The Japanese did leave the war right after, but we were not sure if they would rejoin the war or not.

We found out shortly after the attack that the blast had barely reached Tokyo but had done serious damage.

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