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I dont know it's about a kid. or kids just read the first chapter and yeah.

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Chapter 1 new inviroment

Hi Im Finley and well Im kinda in a rush right know so um just read the story and I will get right back to you


So, I was born in a white room... with white sheets, a white bed, and white blankets. No color. The people that were in the room were.. you guessed it wearing full white clothes.. head to toe. The only color that was in the room was the bracelet on my mom’s arm, it was a red bracelet... The only color in the whole room. It declared what test she was going to be put throw... After I was born they took me away from my mother and put me in another room... Another full white room and put the same color bracelet on me like the one on my mother... They took me away because we aren’t allowed with our mothers very often, it was mostly for testing purposes. When I was younger, I got to see my mother once a day for about an hour. As I got older that slimed down. When I was five I only got to see my mother for about two to five hours a week, it depends on how good I was that week. Each birthday the color on my wrist would get changed I would get to choose between two colors. I don’t think my birthday is my real birthday because all of the kids in here get their color changed that day too. I barely get to see other kids it’s only once a week or so and when we go get our food but it’s only a five-minute thing we go get our food and then go back into our rooms. We get tested based on what color bracelet we have on, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and then sometimes it’s kinda in the middle where you don’t want to do it but it’s not bad. So right about now it’s my 10th birthday and it’s time for me to choose a new color. The bracelet I have on right now is a bright blue one, I get taken out of my room down a hall and to another room. They sit me down and push a rolling table to me with green and red bracelets on it. They gave me about 15 seconds to choose then they told me to hold out my hand. I knew the drill I hold out my hand over the color I want and they put it on me. They then walk me back to my room and told me to get my stuff, and put it in the box that was in the middle of the room. Then they left me. I went to the small desk in my room and put the notebook and pencils in the box then went to the box under my bed and put the cloths toothbrush and toothpaste in the box I then went to my bed and got the only stuffed animal I had and put it in the box, it was a white rabbit my mother made me my last birthday, I then sat on my bed and just looked around the room. Why would they make me pack my stuff? I shrugged it off and looked back at the box. As I was looking at the box I remembered my special thing I turned over to my pillow and took a Rainbow button out of it and put it into my white pants pocket. I jumped a little when I heard my door open. I knew it was time to see my mother because it was the lady that always took me to my mother’s area. Adults and kids were all separated but there was a hall for when the kids would see the adults. she took me to my mother and then left. My mother came and hugged me and said she had a surprise for me. I closed my eyes and when she told me to open it she was holding another Rainbow button like the one I have in my pocket. I smiled at her and tool it. I then hugged and thanked her. I told her she did not have to get me anything but she still gets me one every year and I don’t know how she gets rainbow stuff because we barely ever get to see colors other than on our bracelets and if we do it’s only ever one soled color never more than one. We talked for about an hour and then they came into the room so I knew that meant it was time for me to go I said goodbye to my mother and hugged her then followed the person in the white outfit but I did not go to my normal room I went to a different room it looked almost like my other room but it had three holes in the wall with metal bars in the hole. It also had a desk but it was a little bigger than the one I had and there was a marker on the desk it was the same color as the bracelet I had on my arm but wait we never get colored things to keep. The box that was in my other room was now in this one I had a bed and it had a piece of candy on it. yum. They then turned and told me that food will be in an hour and then left. I went to my box and got startled by a voice it can from the hole in the wall. “Hey! We got a new person.” I looked at the hole and there was a girl. “could you be quiet they probably don’t want to hear your mouth” I looked across the room straight from the other hole and saw a boy. “Hi” and in the wall in between, I saw another kid. I just looked at each hole. I don’t understand what do I do we need to get other kids in our rooms. so there was a hole across from the door and on both walls beside them. “So what color did you get” I looked at the girl and hold up my arm “Oh, Green! Well, I got red. So did Ashy over there” I looked across from the girl to the boy he was holding up his arm with the bracelet on it ” “Ivy how many times do I have to tell you it’s not Ashy its just Ash.” As said that as he rolled his eyes. “HIIIII” in between the two to the middle hole and there was a kid with a big smile on their face. “Hello, I’m Rain. What’s your name?” I look away from him “Finley” I don’t like talking to other people other than my mom but I try. “Oo! I like the name it’s cuteeeeeeee. Finleyyyyy~” I looked up to the girl and looked back down blushing. “leave them alone Ivy”. Ash said from the other side of the room I’m just now seeing that Ash has to be the tallest he stands at the top of the hole and Ivy stands at the middle and Rain stands towards the bottom. I Stood up and went to Rain’s hole and stood straight “oh. hi” they smile at me “I’m the shortest” “Oh. I guess you are” I leave Rains hole and go to my box. I pull out my notebook and marker.. hm. I look around and found my desk. I went and opened the only draw that was right under where the flat part was, where you can set your paper to draw, and put my notebook and pencil in it then went back to the box and pulled out my stuffed rabbit and put it on my bed. I looked around to make sure none of the other kids were looking and pulled out the two rainbow buttons and hid them under my pillow. I sat on my bed and just sat there for a second. For the past 10 years, I have been in the same room and have not really left it to go to other rooms other than to see my mother and I was not even in that room for long periods. I flopped down on my bed. I don’t like this why am I with other kids was it the bracelet I picked. No, it can’t be that they had other colored bracelets on than I so is it my age. maybe but Ash looks older than me and Ivy looks younger than me and Rain they look about my age.” So how old are you I got pulled out of my thoughts by Ivy. I just stayed quiet.” ima guess is that ok” I just look at her. “are you 11?” I shake my head no. “dang are you 9?” I shake my head no again. “Ummm 10?” I shake my head yes this time and she got excited “YESS! I got it. You are the same age as Rain. Me and Ash are 11" I don’t really like talking to people other than my mom and vary rarely the... I don’t know what to call them. guards? I turned my back to everyone, my bed was on the wall with the door, and went to sleep... well I tried. I guess since it’s a new room my body is not used to this. With the holes in the wall, I felt like I’m being watched and I kinda am. I don’t like this other people type of thing iv only ever said just about a sentence to another kid so... How do I act? What do I say? This is all so complicated. “Hey, new kid... um... Finley did you know they are actually thinking about giving us a clock so we know when lights out is?” Are they that would be so much better than just lying here waiting. “and I think that they are going to put a paper with the schedule we follow by the door” That would make everything so much easier. “hey, Rain” I call out to the kid that was talking to me “Do you think lights out is soon I’m tired.” “I think it soon around here they tell you 5 minutes before when it’s going to happen so it’s kinda nice you know” Just as he said that a speaker turned on and, a robot girl voice says “5 Minutes” “And there it is here go get in your night clothes about this time or just get ready for bed” He leaves his hole and, I look around and the other two have to so I go over to my clothes, that was in the box, and put on my comfiest outfit and lay down. About a minute later, the lights turn off and I hear Ivy shout “good night everyone” then Rain “Night” and last but not least, Ash “yeah” I close my eyes, and finally, after this day I had, got to drift off to sleep

I hope you liked it so far if you see anything that is a mistake or just any opinons please tell me <3 ^^ thank you y

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