Pretty little lies

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Where the super natural is natural we find organizations that train these creatures. They spy and hunt others down for money. This story follows an orphan boy who grew up in the organization. He was only meant to watch him for a few weeks where did the time go.

Action / Horror
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Chapter 1

I took a drag off my cigarette. The sound of rain thumping against the overhang is soothing to me. I watch the headlights of passing cars. A heavy sigh escapes my lips. The sound of the corner store bell ringing draws my eyes towards the door. I watch as the man leaves. Is that the man I am after? Who am I looking for anyway? No one ever told me. They said I should just know when I see him. I stare out at the scenery the way the lights reflect off the wet road. It is a truly beautiful sight. The bell rings again, glancing up I see a tall man. I put out my cigarette. My chest feels tight, my throat dry with terror. Who is that? He glances over at me. I feel my feet back into the wall I was leaning against. That has to be him. Something about him makes me feel uneasy. I'm in danger here, aren't I? It feels as though a rock forms in my stomach. He's tall and radiates danger.
"Staring is rude," the stranger growls at me.
"I uh…sorry" I mumble.
"You are a rather pretty boy. What are ya doing out here alone?" The stranger lets out a deep chuckle.
"I'm waiting for someone," I blurt out.
I bite my lip hoping he buys the lie. I shouldn’t have been staring. He’s right, it's creepy, but him stopping to talk to me is just as weird. My body is stiff, and unmoving. I feel sick.
"Oh? Really? " The stranger says. I can hear the smirk on his face.
"Yes really," I whine.
" Don't whine. That makes you sound like a brat,"
"Sorry, sir" I mumble
"Don't call me sir," the stranger chuckles again.
"Well, I don't know your name," I mumble.
"You don't need it. Unless you are going to moan it,"
"I- uh what?" I feel my face get hot.
The man chuckles again, beginning to walk away. I stare after him. That was rather forward of him. Like really. Does he not think before he speaks? I just met him. He's at least 6'3. He also has a nice ass. Damn. Don't get too distracted, Skyler. I follow after him. Why am I following him anyhow? I guess I just felt as though I had to. My pace is a slight jog and yet I can’t seem to catch up to him. He stops, turning to look at me.
"You, need me to walk slower?" The stranger asks.
"Please?" I stare at him, a bit embarrassed.
The stranger shakes his head in disapproval. Why are his words affecting me so much? He holds no power over me. He is a complete stranger to me. Yet something about him makes me want to listen. He stops and turns over his shoulder to look at me. I try to swallow the lump forming in my throat. He smiles at me.
"Why you? You are so young," He chuckles.
"I-what?" My face gets warm with embarrassment.
"Skyler, you are a kid. A pup,"
"No, I am not. I am eighteen,"
" You are immature. That's not what makes me say you aren't qualified for this job. They sent a wolf-blood to watch an incubus. It's not your fault they set you up for failure,"
"No. You know nothing about me. Just shut up and let me do my job," I can feel the tears roll down my cheeks.
I need to calm down. If I get too riled up I'll lose control. His eyes burn holes through me. Breath Skyler. Breath, you got this. My breathing slows but the tears don't fully stop. I whip my face on my arm. I can’t tell why I am crying. Is the frustration of everything? Or something else? I don’t have time to think about it when the stranger says something and puls me from my thoughts.
"See, you just made my point," he sighs.
" I can't do my job if you won't even tell me your name," I growl.
"No need to get angry. My name is Laurence," Laurence states. A smirk forms on his face.
"Finally you give me something," I cross my arms.
Our conversation ends there. Letting my arms fall to my side, he begins walking away and I follow. I finally take the time to take in his features. Laurence smells like burnt caramel, he has dark brown hair, pretty green eyes, and he is pale. Has a muscular yet slender build. He's very pretty though he is kind of a dick. I have decided he makes me frustrated just by opening his mouth. The way he speaks to me is just straight frustrating. I just want to do my jib and get it over with.
Looking around we seem to have entered a part of the city I don't recognize. The buildings are tall. The roads are well kept. It looks weird. Then again I came from a small town. The agency that raised me was very isolated. It was a bit of having to go into the city at all, but now going even further in. It’s just really, I don’t know...different? Uh oh.I feel my body tense up. I'm in danger here aren’t I? I'm too young to die. I just turned 18.
"Laurence, where are we going?" I ask.
"My house," Laurence’s voice is sharp.
We continued walking for a while. My feet ache. We approach a blue truck. Laurence unlocks the driver's side door hopping in. THe truck was tall. No, I don’t know how I’m going to get in there. Well here we go.
"Are you coming?" He asks.
"Yes, yes give me a minute,"
I climb into the car. I buckle up. I relax in my seat. Laurence is definitely frustrating. I just want to get this over with. Maybe I should just play along with what he wants though. I am unsure how this works. This is only my first mission. I got this.
"You need to relax," Laurence chuckles.
"What?" I stare at him confused.
He glances at me. Before looking right back at the road. Wow thanks because being vague is going to work. It’s as though he hears my thoughts when he speaks again.
"You are still hiding your wolf features," he says nonchalantly.
"Oh yeah,"
I shake my head and two wolf ears pop up, my tail pops up too. I take a deep breath. I feel a hand ruffle my hair. I can only assume it's Laurence. I lean into his touch. He removes his hand, placing it back on the wheel. Laurence is a bit off… I don’t know any other way to describe it. He is rude yet plays it off as if he is being playful. It makes me feel a bit weird about him. I don't know. Maybe I am just being paranoid.
Whether I want to admit it or not he's right. I am a puppy. This year was the first year my wolf features appeared. Pluss, I have no experience with this job. The people who raised me had no clue I was a wolf pup. When they found out they were upset. We aren't known for being good at jobs like this. It’s our trusting side I guess. I let out a sigh.
"Something on your mind?" Laurence asks.
"No, not really," I reply.
"If you say so,"
I go to snap back with a quick ‘I do say so’ but instead opt to keep my mouth shut.I stare out the window. The pitter-patter of rain filling the silence. The street lights flash by. A sweet smell fills my nose. That's when I realized my window was rolled down. The sweet smell of rain and wet cement fill my nose. The sound of wind fills my ears. My tale begins wagging. The smell is nice in comparison to laurenc’s truck witch smells like shame, regret and sex. My mind turns back to the window when a droplet of water falls on my face. I simply adore rainy weather

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