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Next in Line (Monarch of the Kohler Mafia)

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The children are older much older. Luca and Adele are teaching Xerxes how to take over after them. Instead of him becoming the Don first he will become Co-Don. How will he handle it? Or will Luca and Adele be to hard on him? Cover by @theurbanroyalty

Action / Thriller
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Xerxes sat on the bed hundreds of miles away from home, wondering why in the hell was his father and mother had him in D.C.

It was always shit with them. Shit that they wanted him to take care of like they weren’t still the Don and Donna of the mafia.

His father made it clear that he wasn’t giving over his title, which Xerxes was good with for now. Fuck he was only eighteen, about to be nineteen, and had a full life ahead of him.

“X, what you’re doing?” Heaven asked, walking in his room, sitting down on his bed with a big smile that read trouble. He liked it.

“Nothing big, sis. What you have in mind?”

About this time, Neveah and Lucas walked into the room, taking a seat as Lucas threw him his jacket.

“Mom and Pops are out, and they expect for us to stay in the fucking house with the brats like they need sitters. Shit, the maid and nannies are here,” Lucas said again, his door opening revealing the second set of twins Elijah and Melody.

“Where we going?”

“Out. Fuck we’re in D.C. there no one that can call our parents telling them we are at the club like we are children.”

Xerxes laughed, looking over to the twins who were still technically children because they were under eighteen.

Still, their parent treated Nevaeh, Heaven, and Lucas as they were to. They were twenty-one, and Lucas had just turned twenty, and to them, they were still babies.

“Fuck let’s go. I don’t want to be in this fuck country anyhow. Like we couldn’t stay at home with Oma or Grandma Barb.”

“No, we couldn’t because Mama knows they let us go and come as we please,” Veah said, laughing, walking to the door.

That he couldn’t argue about their grandparents caring less about what they did, not to mention their aunts and uncles who weren’t too much older than they were.

“X, call Riley. Fuck I forgot we are on her stomping grounds. I bet she knows somewhere to go,” Lucas said, smirking, winking his fucking eye like he knew something when he knew shit but the fact they had Riley’s number.

“Why don’t you go suck a fucking dick?”

“Can’t I like pussy. Sorry, but I tell you this if I find a sexy curvy woman tonight, I will fuck the shit out of her ass.”

“Is that all you, X, and Eli think about is fucking? I swear your asses is going to catch something or get one of these bitches pregnant,” Melody said as Xerxes caught a glimpse of her dressmaking him frown.

“Mel, where the fuck you think you’re going with that on? Fuck I’m not trying to kill a motherfucker tonight. You know these niggas--”

“Aye, you can’t be throwing about the N-word like that white boy. The last time you did that shit, we had to kill some bitches then got our asses beat by Dad for leaving the house.”

Xerxes spun around, looking at Eli as he smirked with his brow raised taunting him like he wouldn’t beat his ass.

“Motherfucker, in case your ass forgot, I’m half black too. Don’t let the color of my skin fool you like it fools all the rest... and Mel goes fucking change.”

“Why you gotta act like Dad and shit. Fuck, it’s my fucking body. I should be able to tatted and show it as I please.”

Xerxes didn’t give two fucks about her rants. The other three old ones may have allowed it, but he for sure wasn’t.

Melody stormed out the room as Kamaria and Axel walked in, looking at the five of them smiling, knowing what they were up to.

“Ooooh, you sneaking out. Let me guess, all you want us to stay quiet? Tell me what in for us?” Kamaria said, smirking, holding her hand, elbowing Axel to do the same.

“For an eight- and six-year-old both, you are some scamming ass kids like you don’t have money yourselves,” Heaven said, pulling out money handing it over to their little sister and brother.

Finally, Melody came back in a different entire, still revealing be better than before. Xerxes hated the fact his little she had tattoos, but his father and mother allowed it.

All left the house in three care load mainly because Xerxes hated ride with his siblings. Arriving at the club, all got out walking in.

Xerxes arrived early, so he waited with his sisters and annoying ass brothers until the girl he was waiting for arrive.

As he scanned the club, it was no mistaking her curvy figure as she walked up to him, looking hella sexy as usual as she walked up to him, pulling him into a hug.

“Wassup, Babygirl? What you been up to? You look really good tonight,” Xerxes said, looking at her attire, making Melody gag, and Neveah and Heaven elbowed her in the side.

“Thank you,” She blushed. “OH MY GOD! DO I HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS!?” Melody yelled, walking away.

“But Nothing forreal. Working on my modeling and chilling.” She responded, making Xerxes chuckle spinning her around

“You have any of those pictures for me?”

Riley shook her head, chuckling, but he wasn’t playing. Xerxes wanted pictures. He loves when she sends them to him.

“No, I don’t, but if you want them so bad, I’ll send them.”

“I know you will,” He said, licking his lip before speaking again. “Come on with me.”

“Hold up X, where the fuck is y’all going?” Veah said, stopping them in which he pulled out a hotel key showing it to her, making her sigh, waving him off.

“Don’t fucking get her pregnant.”

“You know me better than that. I always use a rubber,” He said, kissing his sister’s cheek walking away.

About twenty minutes later, he was ripping away at Riley’s clothing, kissing down her body until he reached his destination.

“X, you don’t have to do that... OOOOH, SHIT!” Riley screamed, gripping his hair as he sucked on her clit and fingered her pussy.

She needed to know how it belongs to. As Xerxes was eating her pussy, his phone buzzed nothing that he wasn’t thinking about it at the moment, but he felt her mood change a little.

Anyhow, Xerxes nicely pulling away, slipping on a condom, thrusting inside of her hard, making her scream loudly.

“Shit!” Xerxes said as he pounded in and out of Riley. She was scratching up his back as he kissed down her neck to her breast, which he loved.

“Fuck X,” Riley moaned as she began to bite his neck. Xerxes hissed, thrusting in her faster bring her face to his for a heated kiss until she pulled away.

Quickly Xerxes flipped her over, pounded into her from the back, gripping her breast as he kissed up her back, listening to her moans.

Something he never got tired of and hate when they were apart, but in times like this, he loved and had it the to end.

“Oh, my fu-shiiiiit,” Riley said as she came. He didn’t let her stop her there as he laid on the bed, pulling her down for a kiss.

“Ride me.”

Riley smirked, climbing over on his dick as she started to bounce up and down while he played and sucked her titties until he started to feel himself come.

“Damn, Babygirl.” He said, smacking her ass before flipping them again to where she was underneath him again pounding in her until he came in the condom.

Xerxes fell over on the bed as Riley laid in his arms for a moment to get their breathing under control before talking.

“What time is it?” Xerxes asked Riley as she reached for her phone, looking at the time before placing it back.

“It’s a little after three. Shit. I have an hour left.” Riley said. Xerxes’s eyes widen as he grabbed his phone, looking at miss calls from his parents. He immediately sat up, putting on his clothes.

“Leaving already?” Riley asked, a bit disappointed. It was like he wanted to leave but need to before his father tracked him down.

“Yeah, gotta get back to the house. I was supposed to be there by now, but obviously, I saw you.” He told her as she came up behind him, kissing his neck, trying to pull him back to the bed.

“Awwww, papa risking big things for me, huh?” She said, kissing his neck again with a lick then a nip.

“Riley, stop. This isn’t the time. My parents are blowing up my phone, and you are not helping.” Xerxes said as he checked his phone. Riley rolled her eyes as she scoffed.

“We’ll fuck you too then.” She said, getting up putting on her shorts. Xerxes sighed, chuckling looking down at her.

“You need to correct yourself. You know you are a crazy girl talking to me like that,” He said, shaking his head.

“Your crazy girl, but you ain’t ready for that conversation. Are you?” She said. Xerxes sighed because he didn’t have the time for this right now, but he still replied.

“I know the fuck you just didn’t say that shit. I’m here with you, now, aren’t I?”

“I did, and what the fuck about it. Don’t act like I didn’t see that text pop up on your phone when I was kissing your neck, and the bitch texted you when you were eating my fucking pussy too. I hope Taylor enjoyed the fucking view. Fuck you nigga.”

“Fuck you too. You’re always messing up a good moment. Am I with Taylor right now tho? No, I’m with you. Be fucking grateful.”

“GRATEFUL?! I know the fuck you just ain’t say grateful, mufucka. You know what, I see what the fuck you on. When I pop out with somebody, don’t be calling my fucking phone screaming and shit.”

Xerxes chuckled, wickedly turning back to her pushing her back on the bed, climbing over Riley until their noses were touching, wrapping his hand around her throat.

“I wish the fuck you would. You love your life too much, and I would kill that motherfucker you fucking and you. Don’t damn play Riley,” He said dangerously low before kissing her, making her push him back, rolling her eyes.

"Get. The. Fuck. Off. Me.” Riley growled, pushing Xerxes back.

“Whatever. Don’t call or text my fucking phone. I don’t wanna speak to you ever again.” Riley said, leaving out the door, slamming it.

“Yeah, fucking right. I heard that one before,” Xerxes chuckled, leaving the room himself checking out before going home.

Back home, Xerxes and his sibling sat in the game room. It was late, but their parent was still out doing who knows what.

His phone rang, making Xerxes Looking down, seeing it was Riley making him smile to himself as he got up to answer.

“What up, Ri.”

"I know I say I would never talk to you again, but I need help.”

Xerxes smirked to himself, walking off from his siblings. Riley really thought that their argument affected him.

“Babygirl, that’s in the past. This is the present. What’s up?”

"I hate when you talk to me like that... We got a flat and kindly of all left our money at home.”

“Riley, why in the fuck would you do that? Nevermind, just tell me where you are at. We will come to get you.”

"We? As in your sisters and brothers? X, Lucas is going to talking shit the entire time, and I’m pretty sure Mel hates me."

“Ri, Mel hates everyone, and I can make Lucas shut the fuck up.”

"K, I’m sending my location now."

About twenty minutes later, they pulled up behind Riley’s car as they all stepped out, looking lost.

“Shit, X, why you didn’t tell me we were going to pick up your main piece?”

“Got damnit, Lucas shut the fuck up and quit calling her that,” Xerxes said as he and Elijah got out of the car.

First thing Xerxes noticed she was going to need a tow, and it was going to fuck them all up because their parent would know all of them were out of the house.

“Ri we going to need a tow,”

“Shit, “Ok. Ok. Which parent really doesn’t give a fuck about what we do?” Riley asked

“Mine.” Her cousin Ariana said, pulling out her phone. “Right, Uncle Darius. Call him.” Riley said, and Arianna nodded say on it now.

“Put it on speaker once he answers,” Caleb said.

"Yo, why you calling me when you are like two rooms down from me?" He answered, and Riley sighed.

“Cause we aren’t. Most of us snuck out, and now the tire is flat.” Arianna said, then made the yikes face.

“What are you kidding me? Why didn’t you tell me I could’ve been on the lookout. But are you guys straight?”

“Uncle Darius, we good I called Xerxes. He and his sibling are here with us-- but we need a tow.”

"Say no more. Xerxes?"


"Keep your damn hands to yourself.”

“Yes, sir,” Xerxes said, looking over to Riley, smirking, shaking her head. If the man only fucking knew.

Asshole,′ Xerxes thought as Ariana hung up the phone holding out his hand for Riley to take with a smile.

“Guys, I’m hungry,” Junior said, making the twins sighed looking up at him then back at their car, pulling Lucas with them.

“Me too,” Keandre said. “We got three cars is big enough for us to leave them to themselves get in.




Later on, that night, Xerxes and his sibling called themselves sneaking back into the house. Their parents had other plans waiting for them in the dark.

“Mind telling me where the fuck you been?” Luca asked, turning on the light, making them all sigh, seeing Kamaria and Axel standing there with them.

The little fucking brats told on them to save their own asses. Their father probably threatened to whoop their asses.

“Dad, it was this party--”

“X, we are fucking thousandths miles away from home. How the fuck did you know about a party... wait, is that a fucking hickey on your neck? TAKE YOU ASS TO YOUR ROOM! I SHOULD BEAT THE LIVING PISS OUT OF YOU! KEEP UP WITH THIS BULLSHIT YOU GOING TO BE A DAD BEFORE NINETEEN!” Adele yelled, beating him with a shoe. Fucking Riley, he told her not to be sucking on his neck and shit.

The next morning wasn’t better from the time they woke up. Their parents were yelling fucking orders.

“I thought we had a deal, Maria. What happened?”

“Dad came into my room screaming, where’s X, Eli, and Mel? He wasn’t to worry about Veah, Heav, and Lucas.”

Xerxes nodded, eating his breakfast as their dad walked in, kissing Kamaria on the forehead and glaring at him.

“I need you to leave, sweet pea.”

“Yes, sir,” Kamaria said, jumping off the stool running to the door as Xerxes waited for his dad to start yelling.

“X, you are my Co-Don you can be running around fucking every bitch that opens her legs for you-- Don’t think I don’t know about you and Riley. You can’t be leading her on when you are here than going back home fucking who you please. Either you what to be with her or you don’t. Keep on, and the two of you will be sitting somewhere rocking a fucking baby. Get your shit together.”

“Yes, sir,” Xerxes said, sighing think about what happened between Riley and his last night, among other things.

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