IPad Forgetfulness

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When I forget my IPad in school , I run to get it back. I know it might be too late to get it on time , but I didn’t have an option. So I ran and on the way got a lot of thrilling experiences that made my mind blow! Will I get my iPad on Time? Or will I lose my bus?.

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So I was in my bus , enjoying. Looking were to sit when I suddenly remembered β€œDo I have my iPad with me? I looking everyone in my bag. Then I couldn’t find it! So I asked uncle if I could run to the class and get it back. Uncle said to be quick as there was like 2 minutes left for the buses to leave. On the way , I met Preetam sir ( A sir ) , he said to run quick as well. So I ran like crazy and got to our classroom. I checked my cubby. No iPad. I asked everyone if they had seen my iPad. Then Akil shouted β€œI think it’s in the library. A million thoughts raised to my head , β€œWill I make it on time?” , β€œWill I slip while running there?” , β€œWill I have to attend my guitar class?”. Finally in a second I came to my senses and ran like crazy. I ran and ran so quick cause the library was at the other side of the corridor I was in, I don’t think I ran that fast in the corridor, especially as a house captain. But it was for a good cause of course. So I reached the library within seconds. I saw my iPad in the same place I kept it. I took it and ran so quick. I had to take staircase 4 which again is in the other side of the corridor. So I started sprinting as quick as I can. I got to staircase 4 quick. Then the security guard said to calm down cause I was running so quick. I was to quick actually. I’m still breathing like crazy now after that run. I got to my bus and then went to drink water. Bad luck , my bottle was empty...

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