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Girls can't play video games?!

By Alt. All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy

Chapter 1


The 10yr old voice that blared into her ears as the digital body of a colossal Berserker vanished into bits and bytes was simply motivation for her. The body had red lines where she had hacked and slashed it to its demise. And it was easy.

She enjoyed this scene and the sensation of adrenaline. A wide battlefield swept before her now that her vision was not obstructed by the others massive body, 3 forts stood ahead and groups of people were hoarding them. Health bars blinked everywhere, cries of victory and rage were carried by the digital wind and the ecstasy of intense battles brought by the latest and most popular IMMO- which was her life right now. Or so she wished.

The “zerk” she had just destroyed into oblivion was a gargatuan character made by some prepubescent kid; her character, the culmination of 6 hours of dedicated character detailing, was a 5′2" Female, Feline Kemonomimi Reaper. Small chest, short dark hair, dark eyes... the character was what she wished to be... which was ironic. She, in real life, was a beautiful 5′1" red head with honey eyes and perky, full breasts of 17 years old. Heir and even co-developer of the game she was currently playing and... wrecking everyone’s face in. Then again... she loved video games... and was actually ranked as a top tier competitive player across various games. However, things aren't perfect.

A new group, a guild of 20 players walked up the hill to the castle that stood behind her. The flag at the top of the Castle was the Guild Flag of “Random House Gaming” or RDM as they were commonly known in the server. A guild of few players, but recognized for its competitiveness across the boards. Its members had among the highest PVP ranks, PVP 5-man team rank, clearance times of the hardest dungeons and Battlegrounds ranking. Not the best of the best, but up there among the greatest... and one of these guilds had apparently gotten bored of dealing with “small fry”.

“Well well, if it isn’t the feared ‘Lady Red’. Say Nico, why not surrender your castle? I’d hate to see your gear go to waste, i remember when i helped you get that gear specifically”

“Good, you should know what it can do”

“And what it can’t”

“You sure about that? I am a hacker”

The guild members of both sides chuckle, that “insult” was the highest praise for a competitive player. Skill beyond belief, an understanding of the game beyond normal comprehension... and exploiting everything to one’s strengths and to cover one’s weaknesses. It was what the kid of the Zerk before had called her.

“Ok... so... Wanna duel? Or have a Full battle between my forces and yours? I don't see many.”

He was right on that, behind the short girl stood only 5 other individuals. Yet... that was also where he was wrong.

“Fight us, if you dare.”

The other, a male, handsome character of 1.80m, golden haired and very intricate in design grinned, motioning with his hand for his platoon of 20 players to attack.

The arrows came quickly and then stopped, mid air. The grin of the opposing player disappeared.


Came a grave voice from inside the castle. A hooded figure came out, followed by 4 other figure. The 5 other members that had been considered “irrelevant” by the attacking party smiled as their trump cards had logged in at the "perfect" time.

“So... still want to fight?” Replied Nico with her own grin.

The figures behind her now revealed themselves, gearing up properly for the upcoming combat. The attackers wavered, taking a couple steps back.

[Warlock: lvl 20 |PVP RANK: Master | Gear Score: 215]
[Gender: Male |Race: Human|Guild: RDM ]

[Warrior: lvl 20 |PVP RANK: Master| Gear Score: 218]
[Gender: Male |Race: Human|Guild: RDM ]

[Archer: lvl 20 |PVP RANK: Diamond| Gear Score: 212]
[Gender: Female| Race: Kemonomimi |Guild: RDM ]

[Paladin: lvl 20 |PVP RANK: Master | Gear Score: 220 (MAX)]
[Gender: Male |Race: Kemonomimi |Guild: RDM ]

[Priest: lvl 20 |PVP RANK: Challenger| Gear Score: 220 (MAX)]
[Gender: Male |Race: Elf |Guild: RDM ]

And, of course:

[Reaper: lvl 20 |PVP RANK: Challenger| Gear Score: 214 ]
[Gender: Female |Race: Kemonomimi |Guild: RDM ]

The 6 highest ranked players of the Guild, and leaders of it. They were figures in the ranking boards, discussion boards and the community. It had been a while since they were challenged during a Battlegrounds- the weekly event where guilds had their territory disputed by other guilds. Conquest of a Guild's home territory meant that the conquering guild could tax the other guild, and impose its own rules on their lands. This mechanic had made Guilds into serious "institutions" inside the game, making their leaders prominent figures. Thus, most players joined some of the already existing guilds, and others stayed "solo"- a very rare case.

However, for the Guild that had decided to challenge RDM, their minds were simply focused in... surviving.

"UGH!" cried the once grinning soldier as Nico kicked his chest, using it to do a fancy somersault.

"Style points!" cheered the girly voice of her teammate HeXXXtia behind. The scene had become gruesome in... seconds. Slaughtered bodies covered the ground, slowly dissipating into data. Thank god for censorship as blood wasn't visible nor a thing in the game, but the red cuts, hacks and piercing marks on the bodies told the story of how they died.

"Ok Darklord.Bob, surrender" Nico suggested quite carefree and laid back. Her twin scythes, one at hand and one strapped to her back, glowed blood red with smoke effects- purely estetique.

"Heh, come on, go serious on me!" He charged once more.

"There's no point." She parries his overhead slash with her single scythe, shifting her position to slash his side, leading to her swinging the scythe over her head with the chain system at her back and cleaving his shoulder. Pulling him back, she hammer kicks him down. The character showed blank eyes and slowly began to dissipate.

"You play too much with your food." came the grave voice from xXBlaze420Xx, followed by the lighter one from Eldreon.

"Let her have fun, we are rarely challenged in these events."

"Maybe we should knock our rating down so we can be challenged again?" said Currsed, followed by the ":D" emoticon. The group ignored him, making him begin spamming "T^T" in the guild chat.

This was the regular friday for all of them. A day where they spend chatting for the most part as they held post at the main castle of their territory. As long as it stood untouched, they couldn't be conquered, they couldn't lose territory, and they didn't really wish to go out conquering more. Thus, they idly chatted away for the 2 hours the event lasted. They were the most active members of the guild, and new members were just given free reign most of the time. And, just like any other Battlegrounds, the guild chat was filled with chatter of their more novice players scouting and participating in fights, sometimes even asking help to one of them... but they ignored their pleas. No one had the patience nor passion to take over the administration of a conquered guild.

"So Nico, what will you do tonight?" inquired the voice of HeXXXtia.

"Our Lady here probs will just watch movies or animes until she falls asleep." answered the buffoon of The group does laugh as they did know that was a very probable reality. They were all in a voice chat, a 3rd party program called TeamComms, where they could hear each other in real life. It made things... easier (communication wise) and creepier.

The program, though used by all, had (usually) only the voices of Nico, Eldreon, fluffy and Blaze ringing across it. HeXXXtia and Currsed were online but both rarely ever talked if not to make pin-point comments about a task at hand. Or when an interesting topic popped up.

"Yeah, yeah, well... there isn't much to do. Not many good games these days." rung Nico's youthful and tired voice.

"Aww" was the reply of the other 4 male voices who proceeded to tease her for her delicate and possibly fragile complexion. If only they knew. However, and thankfully, the show was stolen quickly by the soft and sutile, very japanese accent, female voice that tried to come across unnoticed- Currsed.


Euphoria stirred the group as the boy's hormones raged in glee of having 2 pro gamer girls among their ranks and that had befriended them. As Currsed only squeaked (probably embarrassed), Nico laughed openly and loudly as she enjoyed the time she could spend with online friends. Her glee ended abruptly as her screen froze, the laughter and voices silenced completely and... suddenly, her world went black.

Nico fidgetted in fear, now aware of her REAL surrounding. She tapped the keyboard keys, clicked the buttons of her game console while breathing rapidly. No response. She stands up with a grunt, taking the GAIM visor off, squinting and protesting as the light blinded her. Why was the light on?!

"I said, dinner is ready." rang a rather mature and very stern voice behind her.

"Da FUCK Lou!" Nico blares as she swerved to somewhat look at her older sister through squinted eyes. Lou stood at the doorway, casually twirling an ethernet cable between her fingers. It was a stare down.

"Niko, be a good little sister and come to eat."
"I was in the middle of something!"
"It can wait. You don't like eating alone and me neither. Now come."

Niko bit her lip and let out a heavy sigh in exasperation as she got off her station, grabbing her shirt and putting it on angrily. As she stomps up to her sister, she takes the cable from her hands and reconnects it to the black modem on the wall.

Her anger would pass, Lou knew this, they were close. Despite the bickering, the fighting and everything... they were best friend. They had learned how to. They only had each other

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