Girls can't play video games?!

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Chapter 2

Sato Nicolette (Niko) and Sato Ruiisa are the daughters of Sato Ichiro and Ruby Gallagher. Both born with the looks of the mother and the brain of the father. Both living in Japan. Heirs to the Game Developing Company known as Digital Phoenix, creator of both the GA.IM console and multiple game titles for consoles PS5 and Omni-box. Educated, beautiful, refined, athletic and brilliant. Or so was what most people believed.

Commonly known as Louisa (Lou) and Nico, they are a power couple. Lou, 20 years old, opted to take control of the company in her father’s absence. Leader of the technology division and assuming all responsibilities of the company, she had to mature much faster than others her age. Of course, it was a necessity. She was the new head of the family. Thankfully, Nico didn’t trouble her... too much. Nico was the prettiest out of both of them truthfully, but also the most laid back.

Lou had a strong body as she exercised daily with kick-boxing in their backyard. Long, dark red hair that fell almost to half her back- reason she usually pulled it up into a tail or left it to flow at a side over her suits. Feminine, curvaceous, charming and warm, she was an excellent spokesperson and clients loved her.

At 17, Nico loved video games and had mastered the concepts of Game Design. Despite being the prettiest with big almond eyes, an auburn red wavy hair that was shoulder length, a petite small body, small chested and athletic, she was sloppy in her appearance unless she was to be in public. Games had always been part of her life, usually going for strategy games to nurture her brain. Now-a-days she played anything... her escape from reality.

Games were part of both of the girl’s lives, and not just because of their house nor the company their father ran. They actually enjoyed them. Thus, when Nico was given by her sister the opportunity to support the creative team of the company in making a new game, she jumped at the challenged.

“Realms of Light: Darkness Falls” was the starting expansion of an open world MMO where players sought to uncover the mysteries of the world they were thrown in. Diverging from the linear story driven games of the similar genre, the game gave free reign of travel to players. Enemies scaled as the players did, attacking in same level groups or always placing the player at a disadvantage; as if an open PVP world wasn’t enough.

The story progressed as the players explored more of the world. Users were captivated by the liberty yet clear and concrete objectives from the start. And the second expansion: “Dark Heroes” hit with euphoria as it left the story still untouched, introducing only the possible final bosses- the ultimate Heroes of Darkness- along with a Kingdom System for guilds and players to buy lands, produce, create an economy system and run the world themselves. The third expansion was still off from a reality with only 8 months from the initial launch and 2 months from the 2nd expansion, but the creative leader had already hinted (during an interview) that it promised to expand the PVE environment and story. Truth be told... they had nothing as the project director had become obsessed with her own game and had been absent from all responsabilities (Nico).

Nico was unaware of the repercussion of her actions... or lack of them. She is 17: young, energetic, athletic, beautiful... and a shut-in. “Her” game wasn’t even an obsession for her, she jumped games just as much as before, but at least she didn’t bicker that much. Mostly cause she saw herself as part of the solution; the IMMO (Immersion-MMO) she had created had brought about a new age in gaming.

Lou, more in-tune with the real world, was the one in charge of herding her little sister around. She felt like a mother... like an adult. Her father left the world with the eave of GA.IM upon them. Lou had to swallow hard as she became the one in charge of presenting the product to the world with a smile. It was hard.

GA.IM (Game Immersion) was a console consisting of a lean CPU with a specific set of hardware for all the operations it would run and a VR headgear. With built in headphones and less bulkier visor, it changed the use of screens for a full dark led surface that covered a 210 degree view and projected 3D stereoscopic images by retina tracking technology. It slimmed reality and fantasy to a hair. It was a masterpiece... her father’s memento. She still lacked the creativity of her father, she was still only his daughter, from whom everyone expected to soon run the company. She was learning, but it wasn’t easy.

Thus, the ideal daughters, were simply... an illusion. The perfect lie for both competitors and the media. In reality, they were human: scared, insecure, emotional and sisters. Which, were arguing at the dinner table on when Nico was supposed to begin working on the other projects.

“I am 17, i want to enjoy life and have fun with my friends!”
“Nico, you don’t go out and the most physical activity you do is both Physical Education class at school and your Saturday kick-boxing classes with Sensei.”
“... So?”
Lou sighs heavily as she grab a sushi roll from the center of the table.
“Ok... what is it? Why do you not want to work? You did an amazing...”
“That’s why.”
“It’s amazing.”
“Well, nice way to be modest.”

The girls chuckle.

“No, I mean. What if i ruin it? Patches and updates help keep players and the fanbase motivated and that the game actually has growth. I know, i’m a player... but...”
“What if you do something they don't like?”
“Yeah” Her voice was tender, genuinely worried.

Lou couldn’t argue with her sister, not for a long time. But, she did have a responsibility and the creative team was beginning to slack-off, too much. However...

“What if... you work here at home?”
“You said there would be...”
“I know, i know. Listen. I need you... the team needs you to check their work, their ideas. You pulled and rallied them through an impossible project. You are the final user, you understand what people want more than anyone.”
“Stop sweet talking me.”

They laugh.

“Ok. Your game room will be your office and you choose the means of communication. You can play and work at the same time, Miss ‘Multi-tasker’.”

She’s poke at Nico’s side while emphasizing the last. The other girl would simply protest and squirm as her mouth was full with a sushi piece.

“Good girl, don't talk with your mouth full”

As the other would look at Lou with a “really?” face, she’d giggle. They truly enjoyed the company, especially at night. She was glad she had convinced her “imouto” to pick up the work she had abandoned. The company had been thriving from sales, but nothing gold can stay forever. Lou, pre-emptive and paranoid constantly, thought of where the hit would come. She needed to be prepared.

As dinner came to an end, Lou passed the plates to her short sister who was washing them. She stared at the picture of her parents on the counter that separated the dinning table and the kitchen, it had already been 2 years. Her heart ached at the thought.

Their house was... modest?

Very oriental, it used wooden floors, hallways and rooms divided by sliding doors. Two stories high, the second with each of their respective rooms. The House mostly boasted a large backyard area where their father had made an artificial pond with stone where koi fish lived, living happily and freely as water moved through canals to a water drain that pumped the water back to the lake at an end of the house where it simulated a waterfall for the pool area (purely decorative). A small arched wooden bridge, green grass covered it all with a natural small garden at the back with a Greenhouse too. The pool area was also of wooden floor and it was a simple round pool with smooth polished stones as decor all around. Inside, the first floor simply had a large living room area, a party area, Nico’s game room and an Office. All areas divided by sliding doors that could open up to each other, and the party area was at the same level as the dining table, separated by a sliding door to stairs leading down to the living room. Comfortable to say the least.

As dinner came to and end and her sister placed the clean dishes properly in the dish rack, they talked about what to do next. It was pretty linear... they both liked games.

Nico would side-step as a Minotaur would stampede past her, a close call. Leveling her corsair handgun, she aims it at the opponent, an elegantly looking girl with a purple one piece dress and top hat carrying a bolt action rifle. She fires and the shot lands squarely on the shoulder, making the girl stagger as the red dot spread red cracks of the damage caused.

“Follow up!” yells Nico.
“Roger that.” Responds her sister who was wielding a Valkyrie character, charging up to the rifle girl. The sword goes through the girl and Lou’s character appears behind her, using another ability to imbue her shield with energy, slamming it against the girl, sending her flying forward. The elegant looking character grunts as it slowly gets on its knees, it’s body with many redlined cracks and the place where the sword pierced vivid red. Nico cocks the gun to the characters head.


The shot resounds as the character evaporates into red flakes of data and an announcer blares as it shows her picture and the fallen characters side by side on the cloudy sky, Lou’s character’s picture smaller below Nico’s with “ASSIST” beside it.

“FIRST KILL!” A red X marks the fallen character’s picture as the appropriate taunt and death animations play for each. But Nico has little time to savor the moment as her sister pushes her character aside.

“Think fast!”

A golden shield covers her sister’s body as the Minotaur punches her right on the shield, making her skid a couple of feet backwards. Nico aims both guns, shooting the Minotaur twice. The bullets hit, living diminute cracks on the other’s skin. It’s red eyes glare at her.


The Minotaur charges at her again, she had little time. Using an ability, her guns merge into a single hand cannon which she fires immediately, the Minotaur is stopped in it’s tracks. A second skill animation later, her double hand guns return, with fuse animations at its tips. She fires, this time the bullets pierce through, leaving two bright red marks on the Minotaur skin, but it doesn't stop.


Point blank, the Minotaur raises its fist about to slam her... it was gonna hurt. A white ray, like an arrow, falls on the Minotaur, sending a shock wave that sends her toppling backwards. It was her sister’s special ability. She had no time to waste as the Minotaur rose to its feet once more with a mighty roar, it’s last. As Nico got up and personal, letting out two shots right under the Minotaur's chin, piercing its head. The gargantuan beast falls backwards slowly, like a feather as it became red data flakes.

“ELIMINATED!” rang the announcer as the image as before played on the sky once again, this time with the image and animation of the Minotaur and not the elegantly looking girl.

“Nice job” Nico helped her sister’s character up to her feet.
“Close call” Lou replied back, her character had a few crack marks on her armor.
“Owe you one.”
“Only one?” She retorts as Nico giggles, proceeding to kill a couple of minions that had come back their way. Behind her, her sister consumed a red vial, restoring her character’s health, making the cracks almost disappear completely.

Messages appear before them in red letters and mostly translucent, it was from their opponents.

> [FoxyGirl69] GG
> [Worhl] Nice one

Nico looked back at her sister’s character who was moving towards her, the same message printed (like a mirror and translucent) before her. They were having fun; 2 minutes in game and 2 kills, this game would go by fast.

“Make way!” Nico speaks up as she side steps a laser that burns through the battleground, a bridge joining 2 land masses. Up front her sister was rushing with her character, a golden shield surrounding her, bullets, spells and explosions surrounding her. Nico smiles, she was efficient, she could do no less as her sister.

Lou alternates between a medieval-like character with a great axe and a Cyborg character that cast lasers and electrical surges. Shielding a blow from the warrior, she punches it across the face, bring it down as she uses her sword’s ability once again, going through the cyborg’s chest. Lou’s character speeds off towards the back lines; Nico was behind, escaping from the massive insectoid monster that had the rest of the team busy. An oriental character with a great spear slams down on it, making it dissipate into red data flakes; Nico sprints forward now, a female mage character dowed in a purple robe following close behind. Nico goes for the massive Juggernaut, using her pistol ability, the shot pierces him, hitting the elegantly dressed girl behind- the same she had faced off against so many times now in their lane. The axe swings and Nico slides under and past him, her sister’s character was cracking, she was sustaining too much damage from the elegant girl and the Minotaur again. Nico focuses as the announcer blares.

“ELIMINATED” followed by the purple mage’s icon and the juggernaut's, and their respective animations. Nico smiles as the juggernaut's broken body floated behind her, pierced by 8 swords of purple light.
“ELIMINATED” It was her turn. The cyborg fell backwards, off the bridge as the large red mark on it's forehead let out a lot of red data flakes.

The oriental character caught up with her sis, and both were just managing to pin down and prevent escape of the Minotaur and the girl. Nico smiles as her character glows faintly and she readies her dual pistols- a flurry of bullets burst out in a cone, waves and waves of them. Her character's finisher. The opponents got shredded, her allies protected by friendly fire shields. With a smile, they charge through the bridge and the center lane, leading to a stone courtyard.

3 lanes converged to the courtyard, each one guarded by 3 massive crystals. As they approached, the crystals manifested smaller crystals, sending them in their direction. Lou speeds through as the oriental teammate uses a skill to charge at the crystal, Nico and the mage keep their distance and fire at it- it shatters after her 2nd shot pierces it through. No time to cheer as Nico notices something in the sky.

"WATCH OUT!" Lou yells as she uses her shield ability on the insectoid monster twice her size, with mantis arms and a maw that wished to devour all of them. Too late, the Juggernaut crashes down on the oriental hero, breaking the ground into a crater and cleaving him down.

"ELIMINATED" The announcer blares as the Monstrous creature stands up to face them. It takes a step, Nico charges firing bullets at it, hitting square on. He was slow, too slow... Nico notices the purple glow and understands. 1 sword, 2 swords, 3, 4, 5, 6 goes through the juggernaut's body as the purple area at its feet pulses and a single massive purple blade materializes over him. It crashes down with a heavy explosion.

"ELIMINATED" Nico fires at the Insectoid, burning it down with her bullets and Lou keeping him back. Nico fires her Handcannon skill, throwing it back even more, it needed to die. A shot is heard and Nico feels a hot line of air go by her cheek.

"ELIMINATED" The purple mage falls backwards as Nico notices the red dot on her chest. The elegantly dressed girl's finisher. No time, her teammates would take a while to run back up here, their opponents' base. Nico rushes towards the exposed core and begins to fire, she could feell the burning gaze of the other heroes. 2 shots in, 3, 4, she dodges a laser once again and the electrical ball that pops before her. Close calls, 2 shots later and her ability of throwing 3 grenades later give her another kill on the cyborg.

"ELIMINATED" 3 more shots on the core, she feels the ground shake as the minotaur stampede towards her. She would take a heavy hit now. Another massive explosion covers the area as the bolt of white magic crushed the minotaur and pushed the insectoid creature away by the shockwave. Again, the minotaur's scream is heard, it's special ability- resilience. 2 shots on the core, she needed more time- a loud clang is heard, her sister had used her shield again to push the minotaur back. 2 shots more in, the insectoid was back up. 1 shot, her sister materializes behind the insect and uses her sword to impale it and drag it down. Another shot, she's hit on the shoulder by the elegant girl, but it was too late.

"ELIMINATED" Her sister's char was impaled by one of the mantis claws. Nico smiles as she aims her guns once more. 2 shots, the core collapses as her character is rammed by the minotaur, but it didn't matter.

"VICTORY!" blared the announcer, but that had been intense.

A sigh later, Nico removes the vizor from her eyes, looking over at her sister who was also lying on her own station without her vizor. Heavy breathing, adrenaline pumping, they laughed as they sit up on their special seat made for the GA.IM.

"That was fun"
"Very. But i dont thik i have the energy in me for another."
"Something more relaxed?"
"Sure thing, Grandma"

Lou shoots a pillow at her sister, the pillow fight began. They always got along, regardless how mad they could get with each other. Family.
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