Girls can't play video games?!

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Chapter 8

It was unfair... almost unfair. The relation was basically 5:1, if they considered their guild mates. But, being honest, the others didn’t do much, making it seem more 10:1. Au-CH was being very selective with their allies, seeking mostly high tier guilds and players to be among their ranks. Still, if they weren’t top percentile, Guild RDM’s leaders: xXBlaze420Xx,, HeXXXtia, Eldreon.Mazrik, Nico.Ni and Currsed would have little problem dealing with them in combat. However, such out numbered situation made it close.

HeXXXtia, Blaze and Fluffy sighed as they examined their small wounds. The field before their Castle was a gore vision of... tens of bodies scattered, dissipating slowly into red data flakes. Inside their castle... explosions and crumbling towers and walls made them all groan.

“Can’t we make them pay for damages?”
“This isn’t real warfare fluffy.”
“Well... guess i’ll have to spend my stream money in this game.”
“Wow, so you actually are good?”
“THE GAME ISN’T PAY TO WIN DIPSHIT!” The trio laughed as they did not dare enter their... “Home” for now.
“20 bucks says they lose.”
“Fluffy, do you have 20 bucks?”
“Then shut up” the unison scold of the other two came as Fluffy spammed sad faces in chat.

As the seconds felt hours, Nico had made a decision... a decision she would not be able to voice, a decision which would mean everything. Their training would be tested.

“I trust you.” voiced Nico, making Lou startled. Even more when the other quite girl smiled widely and responded with a simple:

Nico took a long deep breath, and they began. A split second, Nico was a split second faster as the Dragoon and her had charged at each other simultaneously. However, her aim wasn’t him. His charge was confused as he watched the blink of the reaper go over his shoulder. The sound of a blunt hit made him connect the dots quickly, but it was too late... another figure was at his back and had pushed him forward, his wings torn off. He scowled as the warrior stood before him with dead cold eyes and only one sword, the other was on his back. A stance change? The sound of his spear meeting the sword was the only validation he got as he was punched across the face. His rage building as he swung his spear in a long arc, missing... the warrior was gone. A piercing kick followed by another attack sending him rocketing backwards only meant one thing. As he crashed through two solid stone walls into a tower. Nico.Ni exhaled, and inhaled once again.

“Not bad!”
The two girls exhale in surprise at the words and how a now tattered Mirror walked from the rubble. Reflection was catching her breathe, her body covered in slash marks. Yet, they didn’t seem desperate... there was calm and amusement in his voice that unnerved them. Back to back they stared at their opponents.

“Well... i guess it’s about fair we got serious too.”
“You did, quite the number on us.”
“And we can’t allow our reputation to be tarnished”
“So... we demand some...”

“PAYBACK!” The unison cry comes as the two characters speed at them. It made no sense... but it did. Nico dodged the spear of the dragoon only to see it cleave on her partner’s back... then... her eyesight went black. The next hit only allowed her to sense as her body was perhaps flying and crashing against some wall. It was only 1 second, but the blind had made her useless. She watched as Currsed fell limply from the sky and the winged dragoon stood over her. They were good even as individual fighters.

But... they were better.

Nico sighed as she got up and turned her scythes in hand.

“I’m sorry Nico...”
“Looks like...”
Reflection's eyes showed true horror as her words were cut when Mirror disappeared from her hands. How? How was she now face to face with a reaper filled with murderous intent?

Down below, looking up as the scythes shut forward and slammed Reflection against a tower wall, Mirror figured it out. She had timed it. The second attack after the kick with a marking spell reapers had... it allowed them to swap places with an opponent. He had completely overlooked it. Just as, the ability Warriors have when they reach low health. The energy cut went through his left shoulder. If the game were gory or realistic... he would have lost it completely.

“Nice split reaction.”
“Instinct, noob”

They grin at each other as warrior and dragoon begin an onslaught of blows. A battle of attrition. It was a battle of objectives. As they moved and traded attacks, the walls of the castle and its towers crumbled, broke and collapsed. They weren’t holding back and terrain would not be an excuse. Dragoons were among the fastest classes in the game (also one of the newest), Currsed was having a hard time simply trading blows. However, she was managing to stay on par thanks to her control skills. Warriors, after all, excelled in diverse combat- a non specialized well rounded class.

Cross their battle, Nico and Reflection had a Cat and Mouse competition. Devouts were agile and fast, they had no attacks skills except control and debuff. However, Reflection was good. Nico was barely able to get attacks on her. As the tower crumbled to the floor from Nico’s constantly missing hits, Reflection jet out with a grin, quickly aiming towards Mirror. They were always in sync... the link had to be severed. Mirror groaned and was met with two impaling blades in his chest as Reflection watched in fear as the crumbling tower fell on her. Nico, panting, had cleaved the dragoon’s shoulders with her scythes. They had managed to deal a deadly strike. Her accuracy had saved her, she had marked the devout just as she jet towards her partner, making them trade places. However.

A white figure lifted them up in the air as a tattered and bruised Reflection spread her wings majestically, like a true angel. The special skill unique to the devout class: Heavenly blood- much similar to another special skill.

It granted a 2nd life to the user. For devouts, it gave them increased agility and health regen... and... being linked to her companion, he was being healed too. Nico could only exhale and inhale... barely inhale as the now glowing duo impaled her in the dragoon’s signature move and special skill: Jump. A skill which caused instant death by the massive damage it inflicted. It was among the highest ranked damage output abilities (since in PVE it was tempered as not to one-shot bosses). The crash was like a meteor, Nico was out, her body dissipating into red flakes. However, Mirror and Reflection looked far from pleased, especially when they were all pulling their trump cards.

Out of the corner of his eyes came 2 surging energy crescents. The dodge was easy, but the follow up caught him on bad footing. Mirror took head on the 2 energy slices as he turned to counter the warrior, such a trick wouldn’t work always against them... or would it? Currsed had been read, and she knew it. She smiled as she managed to divert the spear (barely), making it hit the ground behind her. She had changed tactic.

Currsed sank her blades on the ground, clamping the spear down and preventing the dragoon from pulling it back. Adaptive combat, the warrior’s passive skill... the ability to change fighting stances from unarmed, to single handed, to dual handed, to dual wield. Warriors were among the most difficult classes to use since their role was as diverse as the users. Their passive skill showcased that as it allowed the warrior to rotate stances with liberty. However, few had managed to master such a feat.

As the sword burned hot pink (her customization choice) the dragoon bit his lip as he watched the glow and sword disappear. Two glowing pink fists aimed straight to his face. Mirror blocked both jabs, however, the cleave from the great sword was something harder to block. A sword similar to her own dual swords, only bigger, heavier and causing stagger. The slice goes through both players. The second hit actually made him topple forward. Mirror jabs his spear once more trying to catch his breathe and keep his offense going. It was easily read, Currsed deflected the spear with a single sword- a long sword also similar to the others- a stance change again. The more nimble yet heavy sword cuts him a couple of times as he dodges and the warrior blocked his attacks. The swift cuts go through him as he feels his body... heavier. His wings were clipped again.

Over his shoulder he had not watched Reflection pulled away by the hands of death itself. The reaper’s special skill, much similar to the devouts. However, if the devout’s skill was focused to keep it alive and aiding its allies, the reaper’s skill was made to bring its opponents down with it. Imbued with dark energy, Nico now uses all of her abilities to crush the winged beauty.

The bonus to damage and speed came perfect as the devout tried to neutralize her movements. She cleaved her, slammed her against the walls, sliced her through with a barrage of scythe cuts. The body of the devout was made into red flakes in short time. As Reflection ran out of places to move, Nico used her deadliest blow- one ranked among the highest damage dealing skills in the game. The scythes are swung with enormous magical energy, seeming as if the conjoined scythes carried a dense energy ball. The hit not only crushed the devout, but the whole tower with it.

On Currsed’s side, the dragoon was out of trump cards as he had wasted his own special skill on taking out the reaper. It had been a foolish tactical mistake, one he was now paying for heavily. Skill pool wise, the warrior was more agile and had more control. Staggered or dazed constantly, Mirror could only watch and try to keep up to cover some damage as Currsed changed stances erratically and perfectly chained with skills. She hacked at him, cleaved him, pierced him, punched him into subconsciousness, and mutilated his body. Both bodies were burning by the end, Mirror standing, but his body dissipating into red flakes. Currsed panted as he used the sword with which she had impaled him for the final blow as support. He collapsed in exhaustion as his weapons lost their glow. They had won.

“We won!”

A surprised Currsed was tacked by a small girl reaper who’s body was slightly dissipating into red flakes.

“Yeah.. we won.”
“It was close.”
“Too close...i ran out of mana and my health is abysmal.”
“I got 1 HP.”
“Maybe... too close.”
“You know... i’ll give him style points for that death. Might be a bug but kinda cool he’s out while standing.”
“Hey girls. You really fucked up the place.”

The rest of the group had just walked in and they seemed... more worried of the wrecked castle than them. Well... it was a monetary expense all of them would have to pitch in on... and probably didn’t have the money for. Still... a victory was a victory. They were happy to just keep their castle one more week.

The group simply sat together as Fluffy cried over not being used as a comfort pillow by the girls. He would probably never change, but none of them wanted him too either. He was their friend, they were all friends. More than just in game, they had truly connected. The peace and laughs meant everything to the damaged girls. It was a good respite, a comical relief...even if it was short.

“Well... my respects. Looks like your guild is the real deal after all.”
“But our orders were clear.”
“No girl will be a threat to us.” This last was said in unison as the powerhouse duo kept dissipating into red flakes.

Nico and Currsed groaned and frowned in annoyance. The castle doors exploded once more.

“You are holding us back...”

The twins say apologetically towards the figure crossing the door. Daemon. Nico could feel her skin bubbling with rage.

“So... you couldn’t deal with a simple girl and her guild?”

The silence was heavy, both from the shame of the twins and the anger from her and her guild mates. Daemon’s toxic attitude and superiority complex were sickening and annoying. But... with the couple of soldiers that stood with him and the duo being reinvigorated by other priests... her guild was in deep trouble.

“Very well. Will you guys surrender? Or watch us take your castle by siege?”
“You may ********* try” Blaze’s response made a sinister smile curl around Daemon’s lips. They were against the wall: the twins behind them and a small army of elite players before them. Nico could deduce that much. If Daemon wasn’t an issue already, the nearly 20 players behind him were surely top percentile high rank players from guilds they conquered or allied.

“Amusing... Mirror, Reflection.” Daemon simply muttered as they heard the crackling sound of the burst of speed the duo mustered to begin their onslaught against them. They all braced themselves as Daemon himself opened up a pentagram of magic. They were getting crushed. However... impact never came.

With the smoke dissipating, her guild was still standing... she even felt reinvigorated. How? There was no way magic could miss. The twins however stood glaring elsewhere... someone.

“Interesting tactics... if i may call them that, Daemon.”
“Ah... hello traitor...i hope you don't mind me take back what you had so diligently helped us get.”
“You used me.”
“I gave you the chance for greatness. To be the best, there can be no mercy.”
“I differ”
“Prove me wrong, Im.Purity”

There he was, inside the castle donned in white and black (his usual attire), Im.Purity. Nico couldn’t decide whether to thank him or murder him herself. But... the situation pinned her priorities. As Daemon began charging a spell and the twins charged at him... she watched as Im.Purity focused. She couldn’t help it.

Reflection slid a couple of meters as her companion Mirror was crushed to the ground, scythes firmly piercing his abdomen. She couldn’t help it, she had reacted instinctively. Nico had cleaved the angel, using her to close the gap and placing a nasty screw kick across her face. Mirror was next, as he was simply cleaved and flung with full momentum of her speed and twists to slam him with ground breaking strength. She was even surprised to not feel a retaliation.

As she turned, she noticed Daemon struggling with the spell in hand. Priests had interrupt spells and silences, a class oriented towards healing and buffing, but they did have more offensive skills to defend themselves. She couldn’t help but smile as he had her back. She had no time to think, unfortunately. Mirror and Reflection stood, glaring at her.

Mirror was quickly distracted by a figure charging up into him and Nico took it as a queu to cleave the angel and pin her in place. Behind her, she heard as her companions fared against the other players accompanying Daemon. However, the tide was different this time, the invigorating healing spells gave them an edge.

The fight was tough and short as new figures charged into the brawl and Nico was distracted by in-game notifications. Someone wanted an Alliance.

Daemon hissed as he watched the other soldiers outside the castle walls and the few who had charged into the fray were mostly dead, but so were his. The fight had gone terribly wrong and his own notifications talked about other fronts being lost and others simply not being overcome. Even worse...

“Heyo Daemon, i see you’re just as ambitious as always.”
“Hey... Pharao. I hate seeing you again.”
“What? Still bitter over your loss last year in the Realm of Fighters Tournament?”

Daemon’s face contorted in anger. It was a memory he hated and many in the industry knew about. He was a favorite to win the tournament last year... only to be crushed by the Underdog, Pharao, team Cloud 7. He found it annoying to meet him now in this game...even worse... that such a guild and team would side with her- Nico.Ni, a wanna be girl MLG.

[Brawler: lvl 20 |PVP RANK: -| Gear Score: 220 (MAX)]
[Gender: Male |Race: Orc|Guild: Cloud7]

“What do you want?”
"Nothing, i'm just enjoying the game and helping out the company in making a team. The game is recent to us you know, we didn't prepare a full team."

Daemon cries in frustration as he begins to conjure a teleportation spell for him and the ashamed and beaten up twins.

"We'll meet again."
"Obviously. Have fun."
"Screw you."

And with that, the guild Golden Chimera left. Nico could only now breath calmly as her friends cheered in glee.

"Oi, hey pal. So, you got under his skin too?"
"More like... he got under mine."
"Ah yeah, he does that... he's very intense and passionate about games."
"And about girls not being good in them."

A few moments passed as everyone swerved to watch the response Pharao would give. The subject had been placed on him like a bomb he had to defuse. He swallowed hard.

"Strong subject. Girls are scarce in the industry. But, i think it's because of guys like him... not cause girls are bad."

Everyone exhaled heavily in relief. He dodged a cannon shot.

"You a..."

Everyone held their breath once again. Couldn't the subject not become this one?


Her guild mates felt cold sweat run down their spine as the members of the other guilds glared at them. The envy was real.


Awkward. Still, the tension was relieved.

"Hey, Pharao. Thanks a lot, man, for the help."

Im.Purity had placed a hand and patted the orc's back. Soon, they held a friendly conversation like old friends. Nico knew he had always been very involved in the competitive aspect of games. Perhaps these were friends he had made during his time in Golden. Maybe... Maybe he had asked them for help... to help her.

"Hey, Nico... I..."
The sharp savate kick to his head left everyone shocked. Especially as she continued to cleave, cut and kick his body on the ground while screaming "IDIOT" at the top of her lungs. It was a gruesome and savage scene no one dared to stop... no one even dared to move. The chime of the end of the Guild wars resonated throughout the game.

" long do you know each other?"
"Year or two?"
"They used to be inseparable."
"I'm so jealous."
"Shut up you two!"

Nico hits Fluffy and HeXXXtia on the head for their teasing, while Blaze was pestered by other C7 and guild members do to him being a streamer and youtuber. It was refreshing to see so many people together... despite it being in the debris of their once beautiful castle. Still... they enjoyed the company.

"How do you know that piece of shit?"
"Do they always..."
"No, he broke her heart"

The smack on Currsed's head as he was whispering Pharao was vicious and made everyone laugh.

"What did the man do?"
"He betrayed me."
"Im.Purity? Nah, cant believe that. He's too nice."
"Actually, he did sell out our base and tactics to Golden."
"Oi! Im.Purity! When you rez i'm beating you back to a pulp!"

A few feet away lay the destroyed corpse of Im.Purity dissipating into red data flakes. Nico had done quite the number on him. She was as ruthless as she was beautiful, or so was the saying being passed around.

"Anyway. I'm sure he's sorry."
"I cant trust him."
"Even knowing he asked us to come help you?"
"Yeah right, he just wanted to look cool and asked you guys for help."
"That is where you're wrong."

Pharao would stand and move around a bit.

"We actually had no intent on helping. We were busy defending our own lands as the other guilds wanted to challenge us."
"Then... why come?"
"Well... it was because of you."
"He, begged us to help him. To help him get his friends back, so you'd forgive him."
"He told us of Golden's plans, of what they had been doing these past weeks. Honestly, he pretty much blurted out every secret of them...just so we could help you."
"He's really stupid."
"Yeah...he kinda is. With a tournament coming up, the info he gave us is worth a lot. He could've asked us to let him join. But... he instead only wanted your forgiveness."
"Sounds like him alright."

They laugh.

"Think you'll forgive him?"
"I'll think about it."
Nico stole a disdainful glance at the beaten corpse... then smiled, ever softly. He was an idiot... but always her idiot. She sighed.

"Anyway. How are you guys faring for the tournament?"

The topic change was quick and long lasting, and both girls had gotten tired by now. Lou even shook them to wake up, asking both to log out soon and praising them for the battle. Since their visions were being projected on the wall, she was able to appreciate everything that happened, and it had been awesome to say the least. But, it was late.

The girls bid themselves goodbye, and so did everyone else. First, however, they did make official the alliance of RNG and C7. As they removed their GA.IM Sakura pointed out on the proyector image that Nico had a message.

"Can we talk?"

It was Im.Purity. Sakura smiled and nudges Nico onto the chair, leaving with a wink. Nico smiled as she placed the GA.IM once again.
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