Girls can't play video games?!

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Chapter 9

As Nico’s body materialized, her hair springing into reality along with her attire and... rather small physique (fan service physics), she noticed how most of the other members of C7 and her friends were dematerializing. Their characters were already dissipating into rays of white data, eyes closed. The design team had done a beautiful job with that recall animation, it made her proud.

“Ok... what do you want?”

Her voice was stern and firm, but her heart sped with anxiousness. Im.Purity’s body rose from its sorry state as golden and white magical wisps and streams enveloped him, rezzing him. It was actually a pretty animation and Nico couldn’t help but smile in self praise.

“I always liked that smile.”
“It’s not for you. I really like the animations.”

He chuckles as he sits in one of the grand hall’s tables. He seemed nervous, trying to play it cool and charming. She could read him, they had played and talked far too long for her to not notice. She knew him so well, yet she knew nothing about him. Despite being “play mates” for 2 years, she had never asked for his name, a picture, not even where he lived. She just liked talking with him, knowing he was there... even if it was in a virtual world. She felt foolish.

“Hey, Nico.”
“Huh? Sorry, afk.”

Im.Purity sighs and chuckles.

“Please read.”

Nico scrolls on the chat bar, the chat bar transparent and visible for him, though he couldn’t read anything. The delicate and small details of the game where what made it truly beautiful and enjoyable. It made everything seem real and immersive... and fantastical.

The message was extensive, but the idea was simple. An honest and remorseful sorry. Begging, pained and honest. Nico couldn’t help but sigh and clench her heart at his words. He was her friend, her dear friend. She couldn’t stay upset with him, not because she couldn’t... but because she didn’t want to. She smiles at him.

“Well... what’s your plan now?”
“Yes, Im.Purity, i forgive you.”
“Go die!”

Nico kicks at him (causing no damage as the PVP setting where off) as they both laugh.

“Well, my plan was... actually, asking to join your ranks.”

Nico looked at him surprised.

“Why not? I’ve seen you guys fighting without a healer a couple of matches now.”

Nico’s gaze drops. Im.Purity smiles kindly and continues, after clearing his throat, in an upbeat tone.

“I must say i am very impressed by how you’ve coordinated and directed your team comps and strategies to simply wipe opposing teams. Efficient and quick, keeping losses at a minimum and using all your skills to the fullest to keep up damage and stop the enemy. Truly a strategic genius you are.”

Nico smiles, shyly. Thankfully such reactions couldn’t be seen in-game.

“Ok, ok mister charming. Why join?”
“Well... i can be selfish right?”
“Yeah, wanna get into that topic again?”

She was annoyed as she remembered his joining of Au-CH.

“Easy there. I’m just saying. I just... want to be with you guys.”
“You do know we aren’t an MLG team right? Or do you think you can carry us to be one?”

They both chuckled, but Im.Purity’s words carried weight and honesty.

“I just... want to be with you.”

Nico stutters in her answer.

“I can’t offer you anything. Your dream wont come true with us.”
“I dont mind. I’d hate losing you. I prefer being by your side... and laugh and bicker over MLG players or mistakes they do in matches.”

They both chuckle and snicker. They both shared such a habit and hobby of getting together online to watch matches and just commentate. They enjoyed such silly small stuff.

“You’re an idiot.”
“Your idiot”
“Who’ll be a dead idiot if you keep trying to pull a move.”
“What?! i’m not!”
“Yeah, right.”

After some teasing and laughs the duo sit once again in silence. It was nice. Nico felt warm, even if he wasn’t there.

<<I love you>>

No... she couldn’t say such a thing. She wouldn’t she didn’t even know him. Who was Im.Purity?

“What’s your name?”

Her sleepy mind slipped.

“Breaking your own rules huh?”
“I’m just curious. It’s been two years.”
“Aww, you sound so cute saying that.”
“I’ll fucking murder you.”

He laughs.

“Well... my name is Jace.”
“I know that... but... your last name?”
“Why so curious?”

He chuckles.

“Wierd name.”
“Gee thanks.”

She giggles.

“What’s yours then?”
“Come on, be honest.”
“Seriously, Nico.Ni > Niko”
“It’s always been a good idea!”

He sighs heavily as the girl evaded giving him an answer. She winks and they both laugh.

“Ok, miss incognito. What’s your last name?”
“It’s... Sato.”
“Huh, i knew it was japanese!”

Silence settles in. Niko knew what she had just done. She would have to trust him... once again. She was trusting him with a lot. Her big secret... out. She was nervous.

“Hey... think you could keep it a secret?”
“Yeah... i understand. You never said anything.”
“I... i just want to be another gamer. Not be pesquered, not be stalked nor followed... not be given favoritism... nor...”
“Think you are giving yourself an op char? A GM character with superior skills, hence your skills are questioned?”
“Eventually they’ll find out.”
“I know...but”

The silence remains as Niko fails to explain her thought process.

“It’s ok. I’ll help.”
“By helping you reach higher places. May it be PVE, PVP or... some other game.”
“You still play other games?”
“We should catch up then.”
“Bring it.”

They laugh, but Niko’s drearyness soon begins to take over her.

“Hey... it’s late, i gotta go.”
“Same here, i got a lot of work tomorrow.”
“You work?!”
“Yeah... i’m not old though.”
“Oh really now?”
“Shush, go to sleep. I’ll tell you more tomorrow through messages. I’ll see you soon.”

As they each begin to log-off, their characters dissipating, Niko decides to share one last piece of info.

“My real name is Nicolette”

His messages manages to come through before he disappears.

“Cute name, i like it.”

Nico feels her cheeks blushing. She felt so silly.

“I love you”
<ERROR: Player Im.Purity is Offline.>

Maybe one day she’d be able to say those words. Maybe one day she’d be able to meet this guy she shared so much time with. Maybe... just maybe. Would her sister accept him? Her mind could just conjure up the silliest questions while half-asleep.

She slowly made her way up the stairs and into her room. She was tired. She even stumbled on Sakura’s body, causing both girls to shriek and crash one over the other. Sakura’s chest softened the blow, she had grown quite a bit. Nico felt jealous, but such sleep deprived minds could only go so far.


A soft voice yelps beneath her and Nico kneels up, helping her friend too as she bows in embarrassment and apologizing. Sakura eases her nerves and helps her on to her bed. Nico rambles about what happened, slightly gossiping with her friend. A girl’s habit, but also, Nico trusted Sakura that much. Their half asleep talks go on and on until the girls go silent in their sleep. They shared Nico’s bed. How much each heard of the other, who knows... but they were truly best friends.

In the city, in an apartment- a small loft for a single person, arranged and furnished simple and minimalistic- was a
20 yr old male restless in his bed, looking at the bright screen of his cellphone.

>[To: NikoS.] See you tomorrow. Btw, you may call me Fitz. Your sis calls me Fitz...


>[To: NikoS.] Hey Nico. See you tomorrow at work? Maybe we could grab lunch or something. I dont think Lou would mind.


>[To: NikoS.] Hey, you can call me Fitz too, as i told you the other day i visited your home. I was surprised and... a bit relieved to know it was you. Small world huh?

Jace sighs as he places his phone on his nightstand. It was late, he needed to sleep, but his mind couldn't stop thinking about her... about them. Both sisters, his worst fear... and greatest blessing. They were both beautiful, smart... he was dead. He had a crush on 2 sisters... of different age. His mind could conjure the future events of how they'd kill him. Lou seemed to be the one inclined towards painful torture, but keep him alive for her eternal spite. Nico would just take his life with some gore plot. He was doomed.

Jace had a tough time finding his sleep as he cracked his head against the wall of his room. He hated life, he hated his life. Life was so unfair. It frustrated him to be caught in such a situation. He was most definetly, completely, absolubtly dead.

"You look horrible darling."
"Darling? Your Uncle would kill us... or me"
"I'm just being nice, Fitz, don't worry about it. Besides, i don't think he'd mind. We make a great team."

Fitz sighs as he rubs his head, it hurt badly. The black circles under his eyes gave away he had stayed up late last night. Being honest, he felt tired- physically and mentally. His head thumped loudly with his heart beat.

"Fitz, are you ok?"

Lou cupped his cheek, looking at him with caring and worried eyes. Such eyes, such a gaze, so feminine and cute... it simply gave him energy. He grabbed her hand gently and moved it away with a smile.

"Don't worry, I'm fine, I'm fine. Nothing some coffee can't solve."

Lou smiles, a nice grin as they stared into each other's eyes.

"Ok, bring me one too."
"Yes, Miss Sato."
"I'm punishing you!"
"Even with how badly i look?"
"When you get better."

They chuckle as they each part ways for the moment. Lou had a couple of meetings in the morning, thus he'd have to take control of her other duties meanwhile. However, he desperately needed coffee.

As he prepared his cup (black with a little bit of sugar) and hers (a latte with light milk and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar) he tried to clear his mind and settle his thoughts so he could be... a functional member of the company. His heavy sigh was loud and audible.

"Queen is abusing you again?"
"Hello Nina."

From the corner of his eyes he could see the smiling face of Nina Carlyle. A girl one year younger than him who's part of the administration team. She had made herself known in the office for having a sharp eye for business, commenting many times on areas where funds could go or could be taken according to current projects and schedules. Her superiros and colleagues were rather cold with her, but she moved and managed herself with poise and a strong character. Though her personality wasn't the easiest she was actually a nice girl whom he had spent many coffee breaks like this one. She was smart, well endowed, slim and with long blonde hair. Though... if he had something to complain...

"Hmm, you've been so busy lately."

As she grabbed his arm, tugging and hugging it, pressing her voluptuous breasts against it, Fitz could only feel his headache get worse.

"Nina, i didn't sleep well. Please, not..."
"Oh, you poor thing."

Nina cut him off as she rubbed his head and placed a hand on his chest. She was always dangerous and aggressive.

"I could make you feel better."
"I have to get back."
"Do you? Your boss lady will be in meeting 'til noon. You could just... relax."

As she tugged at his tie, Fitz picked his tray and eased his way out of the break room.

"Well, i have far too many responsibilities. Queeny is trusting i take care of them. Besides, i think your bosses will notice if you're gone for too long."
"You worry about her too much."

She pouts and Fitz smiles nervously.

"Yeah, well... she has a lot on her plate."
"And you are just such a gentleman."

She sighs as she walks out the door, giving him a sly farewell smile.

"Give Queeny my best. And I hope you make it up to me."
"If my schedule gets cleared up."

He laughs nervously as he walks the opposite direction back to his desk and Lou's office. Nina was a real hand-full. A nice and alluring handful.

"Oh... so NINA is it?"
"Lou... drink your coffee, you have another meeting in 15min."
"More than enough time for me to give NINA a visit"
"Lou... don't... please?"
"Why not? She thinks she can just waltz by everybody in this office."

Lou stops in her tracks as she takes a deep breath and takes a long chug from her mug. There was something about when somebody called her real name that simply made her feel like a scolded child. She was still steaming over the fact that Nina was flirting constantly with Fitz... but she couldn't really do anything. Not unless she exposed her feelings.

"Good girl."

Fitz lifts her cup slightly, helping her hold it. Fitz hands make Lou smile as her fingers slightly touch his. She felt hot, but her anger with simmering down.

"You really are a handful... Queeny."
"You know i hate that nickname!"

He chuckles as Lou pouts angrily. Fitz places his mug on the coaster and slowly moves over to her, handing the paperwork for the next meeting.

"Hold still."

As Lou holds still she read the papers. It was a simple contract with some new stipulations for the selling of their products. Nothing out of the ordinary, except the sensation of Fitz's hands on her shoulders. With wide eyes she looks at him and how he carefully dusts her attire, straightens it and helps her look more professional.


Blushing, Lou drops her gaze.

"Thank you."
"It's my job."

The last comment made Lou's heart yearn for more. She looks up at the splendid man who's her assistant. He looked shabby, his hair a mess and his tie loose. She couldn't help but giggle and place her own mug on a glass table nearby.

"Come here."

She moves closer to him and quickly moves her hands to his tie, straightening it and tightening it so he'd look his best.

"Ow, hey, not so tight."
"Sorry, never done this before."

Fitz blushes profusely as Lou finishes and begins to comb his hair.

"Shush, my assistant cannot look shabby at any time."

As she finishes she pants his chest.

"We are a team, always."
"The best team."
"Shut up."

They both giggle as they steal glances of each other while they sip their drink.

"It's time"
"I know... wish me luck."
"You don't need it."
"It's still nice to hear it."

As Fitz opened the door out of her office he whispers.

"Go get 'em"

Lou smiles a wide and warm smile as she steal a long glance at him and moves back down the hall to the meeting room. Fitz stays behind, watching her go. However, as he checks his watch his heart skips a beat. It was almost time to visit his "senpai". A little genius whom he had sworn to help and support... and... was now also his job.

"Really, Really?!"
"Really Really Rea..."

Sakura giggles and laughs shyly as they enter the company's building. In their walk, Chiyo had peskered Nico into telling her what happened last night. Nico was forced to not cut out details as she narrated what happened as best as she could. Chiyo, on the other hand, reveled both in the gossip and on the fact that her friend had a hard crush on this guy.

"What would you do if you meet him?"
"Meet him?!"
"Yeah! Wouldn't it be romantic? He comes here to visit you and present himself to your sister as the man whole loves you."
"I think you're going way ahead on this."
"But it's so perfect and so manga."
"Hence why it won't happen."
"Oh, come on... have some hope"

They grow silent as they enter the busy elevator. However, Chiyo couldn't hold it in and whispers.

"You like him"
"That's not the point!"

Nico smiles at the business men and other workers as she apologizes.

"Come on! He's why you've rejected every guy in school."
"I haven't rejected every guy!"
"You know what i mean!"

Nico sighs. Chiyo was her best friend, she knew everything. The elevator's dings and less and less people stay inside.

"Fine. I don't know."
"I don't know my sister would approve."

Chiyo's eyes glisten as she grabs her friend's hands.

"You'd run away with him?"
"You really need to stop reading so many mangas"

The girls giggle and laugh, with much more comfort as they were nearly alone in the elevator. The final ding opens and they are both received by the tall and rather handsome looking assistant.

"Good afternoon Nico-cha..."

Nico grabs his face, squishing his cheeks together. A rather brutal display considering the difference in height and age. Fitz did his best to endure, clenching his teeth as the girl's grip held him.

"What do you want?"
"I mush aid you in yor duties miss."

Sakura's cry makes Nico's menacing eyes soften as she lets out a sigh. Sakura buys apologizing as Fitz eases the bashful shy girl, and looks with surprise at his... the short girl before him. She was menacing, violent and cold.

"I guess my sis put you up to this."
"Y-yes, she'll be busy for the most part of the day. I will aid you in her..."

Nico begins to strut into the offices, heading straight to her section.

"Miss... "

He sighs, his head hurt once again.

"Umm, s-sir. You should come wit'us."

Sakura's shy self replies in a low voice so Fitz would follow. She was cute, unlike her friend. Fitz could not understand such duality in personality. Nico wasn't like this. Then again, there was no mistaken this was Nico.Ni. A bit disappointing.

"Fitz, hurry up!"
He sighs and smiles at the shy girl as he straightens his attire.

"Lets go."

As they walk together down the hall, Fitz could only wonder what they would be doing. He was going to experience the work of the genius who made RoL first hand. The excitement in him was barely in check... if it weren't for...


Nico shoves into the man's chest a pile of paper as she stares up at him with cold eyes.

"Do you know about games?"
"Yeah, quite a..."
"Good. These are the character outlines and mission outlines for the new expansion, along with the rules and guidelines to be employed into the new Tournament and (hence) new PVP team Battlegrounds or Arena for the game RoL."
"I know the game."
"You should, you work here."

So cold.

"Anyway, read it all and give me your insight and proofreading marks."


"Umm, I'll help him."
"Chiyo, we need to check characters and story."
"Oh... right."
"I heard they made the new villain models with your instructions."

Came the excited cry of both Sakura and Fitz; Nico smiles and thumbs up Sakura as she glares coldly at Fitz and points at a chair behind a rather impressive setup of CPU.

"We need to get that done."

Demon. Was this demon the person he admired and loved so much? Seriously?

Fitz sighed as he moved to sit behind the desk, organizing the papers first with an alert eyes. His eye-hand coordination was sharp as a knife, allowing him to finish the task with speed. This was not the work he expected... nor signed up for. He had expected... something... someone... more like...

"So... just as you envisioned?"
"Great job guys!"

Fitz felt how the room, still silent was filled with a new and overjoyed atmosphere. Behind every screen there was an individual working diligently on something. Now that he was able to notice everything clearer, in this somewhat dark division, there were many teams silently working. The impressive part was that everyone was focused and immersed completely, the sound of mice and keyboards resonating. This was the center of it all, this was where the game he loved came from... and kept growing. As he heard the girl's laughters and excitement he couldn't help but smile. This was why the game was so wonderful. Everyone loved what they were doing. This was Niko's leadership.

"Maybe this isn't too bad." Fitz mumbled to himself.
"What did you say?" Nico's voice startled him slightly. He answered with a smile.

"I'll have you this in an hour. Miss Sato"
"All of that?"
"Yes. I am your sister's assistant for a reason. You can rely on me for this."

Nico blushed slightly as his words, and looked at the intriguing young man as he resumed his activities with even greater speed and with renewed interest and motivation. Chiyo nudged and giggled, causing both girls to share the emotion as they renewed their work of tying everything together, creating this world and tournament. Breathing life into the game. However, as they did, Niko couldn't help but wonder who he was, what her sister saw in him, why he was so happy doing such a menial job and... why she wanted to know more about him.

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