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My Life as Hunter

By Two Twin Films All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Other


A boy who's life is set with my forest fears and experiences. Trying to find a guide when a lose of a value happens and come to terms of what is reality full of.

Chapter 1

My head glances up from my twin bed at the noise tearing through the house as tension hangs in the air.

Hunter! Hunter McCarthy!
I jump, as my mothers voice is ubiquitous. Moving all of the papers and books I had set on my bed. I jump off the bed and run down the stairs to greet my irate mother-walking throw the front wooden door.

“I’ve done this before” I though,” just go over there and explain.” I sigh and continue down the stairs till I’ve reached the last step.
” Why didn’t you answer the phone?” Mother said closing the door furiously, Candace and Aaron at her side.

A smirking Aaron lens onto the brown wooden table by the kitchen door. It has an antic lamp and with the town’s newspaper that we keep for decoration. I glare at him, finding it unsurprising that once we’re alone the teasing will start. He is seventeen and a high school senior. Very well known for his out standing performance and getting passed his teachers. He believes his looks are what get him through, full of silky brown hair and hazel eyes. He got dads square jaw that is framed well on the top by his hair. I turn to mother; adjust my wrinkled clothes from my deep sleep.

I stand there trying to lighten the mood
“You interrupted my slumber”
Mom sets her glare fiercely on me,
” Are you restful!” mom starts to raise her voice,
I sigh, “No, Yes I’m sorry I didn’t respond and yes I’m so sorry I was irresponsible, but I just caught up in my work.” I say all at once because I couldn’t stand there to go through the same again. All in one big mouth full it comes out of me.

I use my hands and turning my head to the side in frustration. I’ve had to deal with this shit before and I don’t want to be the victim, even if it means getting Aaron off my back.
Mother’s dark brown eyes look through my own brown eyes with a quaking stare, again that evanescent look coming back.

" Then why in the world didn’t you at least, write one syllable? God nobody, at any age, is that focus in their work. Don’t know what your talking about”, mother says while bringing her right hand up to her forehead. Annoyed and restless for my actions, that of course a mother can not contain when it comes to leaving one of her ducklings at the pond. “Sorry, mom” I can’t come to say anything else because I don’t want to fire her up again.

I hesitate to say more, but my mouth turns dry. Mother goes to the kitchen followed by Candace to help put away the products. I braze up to my room

with Aaron at my feet. I feel wobbly as I take one foot up and press it contacting with the staircase. Like fire being set on my calf’s after a workout,
” You know if you would just pick up the phone then mom wouldn’t have gotten made. We had to listen to her yell on the way home”.

Aaron decides to speak as I open the door to my room. I try to push the door close, but Aaron thinks head. His is stronger then me. I sit down on my window seat instead and look out the city of Davenport, Iowa.
” Oh Aaron,” I turn to look at him with a sugary look,

" Like you would have done better. Last week, when you went out with Linda. You didn’t answer even one text from mom
Firing back at him with that same mouth he uses to make himself look bigger compare to others who are compact.

" Yeah, but I don’t do it all the time,”
Again that mouth comes back, but his sassiness begins to unwind,
” No, but really you know mom doesn’t like that kind of crap, she cars. So next pick up”
And with that he walks out my room closing the door. I listen to his footsteps turning to the right towards his bedroom. I listen to the heavy sound until it vanishes.
Was it really my fault, I mea...Just-
Ah! Fuck!

I stand hovering over the window seat with my notebook paper and book on my lap. I continue where I stop before I dozed off. I was in my last few months of 8th grade and I was writing about a reflection in sciences. I look up, peering out the window to find Peter Clancy walking up the sidewalk from the right.

I notice him holding a bowl with aluminum coving it all the way, Food? I though. Ummm his mom makes the best cuisine in all of Davenport. I, wonder who is it for? Before I let Peter get out of my sight I jump down the stairs past Candace who was walking out of the kitchen and out the front door. Wait, don’t want to be too overusing, so I jog over the open garage and walk inside. Using the corner of my eye to make sure he notices me. ” Hey, Hunter. Whatca doing?” He says walking into the garage, and holding the aluminum bowl.

" Listening to my mom yell at me,” I say while trying to get out my bike of the shed and while eyeing the bowl using the side of my eye.
” What did you do?” Peter asks, not really needing to anyways.
I shake my head at him.

" Forget it”. I turn to Peter after a minute of pretending to fix the sit of my bike. I mischievously turn to the bowl.
” Hey, What do you have there?” Pointing to the bowl and dropping my bike at my feet.

" Oh, it’s a cheese quiche, mom made it for Mrs. Foster.

" Well it’s hot out isn’t it?” I add to slip my way through and have that mouth watering cheesy bowel in my streaming liquidly hands.
“No really its only 70 Degrees” Peter responds.
“Well it’s as hot as with get” I say trying again.

" Oh not it’s been worse” uh! This kid doesn’t get a hint!
“Well if it were to get worse would you want to be carrying something and make you’re palms wet?” turning away from Peter’s glance.
” I know what you’re doing” his voice sounding protectively holding the bowel closer.
“Hey I’m just giving advice. I have 20 dollars; doesn’t Mrs. Foster like the cups from that small corner bakery downtown?
“Yeah-” his voice now sounds like an unknown puppy. Not wanting to believe what I have next to say.
” And I think she’s got a lot of supplements to work with. Maybe you should help with desert?”
” You have a point. Here take this, I’ll go and buy the cupcakes.” In a rush he gives the bowel.
” Well, I don’t even believe what I just did. “
Peter hands Hunter the bowl and turns to run down the street into town.
I walk eating the cheese quiche. As I walk Adam Walker’s house, who is my best friend since second grade. We are round the same height expecting for the light hair that moves around a lot when he runs. In school

his known as, Speed Walker, he likes it, though I think it’s quite funny. “Hey Hunter” waves as he makes his way out of his yard. Pushing the white fence to the side.
” What are you eating? Folding his arms. To say at first I thought he was an asshole, but his background causes him to have such a tough attitude. ” Cheese quiche, want some? Holding it out in his face, pretty sure some of it is stuck in my teeth.

" No thanks I just ate. Moms back from work again” nodding his head to the black car that is rarely home.
” Oh” continuing to dig my hands into the bowel.

We walk until we get to a yellow house with a floral door in the backyard. From far away I see a girl around my age playing with a small dog. Adam notices that I was staring at her and plasters small grin,
” That’s Penelope Reyes, ” says Adam. I turn to Him

" Penny Reyes?” Repeating her name.
“Yeah, her mom helps out in school with the special kids.
” Oh” I turn back towards Penny. She’s, she has raven hair that frames her face that curves around her neck in a teasing way. Her emerald eyes contract against the sun that makes them appear gold.
The boys walk down the street and Hunter throws the bowel away in some houses trashcan.
Hunter and Peter talk about Hunters issue this afternoon. He was so

caught in the conversation that he started to fumble with his shirt forgetting that he pulled his boxers up to his belly button because they are too big for his small waist. Him and Peter walk on by down the walkway, while Penny turns toward them and narrows her eyes at the plaid red, white and black fabric.

We walk in front of a house with old dried paint and trees over growing by its side. The metal door is open.
” Hey why don’t we check it out? “Asks Adam
I look at it with wide eyes,

“N-no I don want to. Let’s go”
“No hold on, I wanna see what that old man has. Hey probably find a dead body or something” Adam walks off towards the gate. Hunter stays there unsure.
After a minute alone on the sidewalk Hunter finally decides,
” Hey wait” and scurries off in the same direction as Adam.
Adam and I stand in the old mans garden. Full of dried plants and on every part of the garden there was covered with plants. We walk into the garage were Adam looks through a box of old records,
” Adam, I think we shouldn’t be here” standing outside of the garage and looking around for anything that can pop out.
“Come on shank” Adam chuckles moving around from box to box.

" Yes, you shouldn’t be here”, a growl and heavy voice appears from behind.
We turn slowly to face an old man with white whiskers and wrinkles around his tan face. White hair grows from his head and chin.
“A-a sorry sir, my friend just wanted to see your, collections”, I say looking around.
The man looks at me,” What’s your name son?”
“Hunter, McCarthy” he turns to Adam,” Adam Walker”
” Your the one who’s outside of your house while there’s yelling coming from your house at 3:32 in the morning,

“His voice heavily, but cracking into a cough again. Adams face softens and shapes in concern.
” How do you know that?”
“I like to walk around town at night. Makes it more pleasant when there’s no one coming up to you”.

The boys stay there uncomfortable. Looking around the old man keeps his stare on them. Hunter gives as smile to the man, but then fades when he turns a firm look to him.
” Well sir it was great getting to know you and to see your garage sale, but we have to be heading home”

" Yeah you better” the old man moves aside as we departed from the garage.

When I get home I go up to my room and hear an alert from my phone. I find a picture of snoopy fighting with Woodstock.
‘Can I try talking to you?’
What? Who is this? I go into my BookPic and see who it is, Penny Reyes. I smile to my self and respond


Yeah I know it’s not spelled that way, but hey it’s not school. Hunter!
My mother screams. I sigh and get up from my bed and walk out.

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