The Dark Moonlight

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Amber has lost everything. Her family, her friends, and her sanity is starting to slip too. Echo has enough emotional baggage to warrant a forklift. But while she hides it behind a smile her twin brother hides it behind his fists. Bronco wants nothing more than to protect. His sister, the people that saved him. So he is forced to obey, while trying to keep his sister in line. Kyson just wants peace. Violet just wants revenge, or acceptance. Either will do. Unfortunately the one thing that ties them all together? Their blood and a prophecy. A prophecy that will help them win or lose a war. And blood that helps them shift into beasts. There is no winning. No happy endings. Or maybe...

Action / Fantasy
Dawn Lewis
Age Rating:

~Echo Bonus Chapter: Bye bye mommy

~Echo Chapter: Bye bye mommy

I am five years old, and I’m hiding from my father in the closet. I can feel the stained carpet rubbing against my feet, and it makes my panic worse.

I remember I just wanted something soft to cuddle up against. But of course my mother never bought me stuffed animals or toys. We barely had clothes.

I can’t breathe. The force of holding my sobs back is taking my breath.

The banging is loud, so loud.

My father is cursing, my mother is crying.

She’s begging.

“I’ll do anything! Please!”

I want to say, “Mommy, it’s no use. He’s not going to stop. Please mommy just stop screaming.

But I can’t. Because then he will know that I’m here. And then I get hurt too.

I can hear him calling her names, and it makes me cry harder.

Slowly, the closet door opens, showing Bronco, my brother.

I shake my head. “He’s going to hear you!” I whisper shout at him, but he just puts a finger to his lips.

He wraps his small arms around my small body. He smells like cotton and love and everything good in the world. My brother. My protector.

I melt into his warmth as he covers my ears. He hums our lullaby and my eyes droop.

And I fall asleep to the sound of my mothers murder.

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