A caged heart

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A 25 year old sweet outgoing independent woman named Avalon Ferguson. She finds love but she's finding it hard to accept that she can be loved. Broken once it makes her very insecure about herself and it also makes question everyone's every move A 27 year old sexy and arrogant rich man named Fernando Osorio in a Mafia world. He also found love but he doesn't know how to live with or without it. With a very dangerous life it's hard for him to fall in love. He himself does not believe in love until Avalon. They embark on a new journey that consists of real obstacles and they dont know if they can do it without each other. They try by all means to help each other even though they are toxic. Their journey is filled with lust, love, hate, trust, betrayal,heartbreak and it becomes very much toxic. will they last? or will they f*ck up like everyone else.

Action / Romance
Daphney Makgakga
Age Rating:

I'm so lonely

Avalon's POV

As I toss and turn I hear my alarm go off. I groan and reach to switch it off but it falls off my bed rug. As I reach to pick it up, my face decides that the floor needs a kiss. I stand up and curse underneath my breath.

" Stupid alarm. Who said I want to go to work? I'm the boss for crying out loud. Ugh but who cares? Oh look surprisingly me."

Oh fuck I'm so lonely. I need a life. As I was bathing I could feel the loneliness drawing in. It poured on me like heavy rain pouring on the ground. I could feel the warmth of my tears running down my cheeks. I promised myself that I would not cry about that night. Its over. It's all over.

I get ready by putting on a red dress with a slit on the side and a v that ends just above my butt. I make sure I look as professional as possible.

I walk in at HQ of Butterfly Effect Clothing. Yes I own a fashion business. I make beautiful gowns. As I walk in I dont greet anyone as always. Kaylee walks upto me to give me my schedule for the day. I thank her shut my door in her face.

I need a break from everything.

For what feels like a lifetime I hear a knock on the door. I groan and tell Kaylee to walk in.

" Uhm Ms. Ferguson, uh Mr. Michaels is on the line. What should I say to him?" Kaylee asks.

" Ok. I'll talk to him just now." I say shooing her away.

I finish up my paper work and take the phone in my hand as I walk to the window to look at the beautiful view of the city.

" Mr. Michaels to what do I owe the pleasure?" I ask sarcastically.

" Uh Ms. Ferguson I'm so sorry. I had some errands I had to attend to. I didn't..." he tries to explain but I cut him off.

" Look here, I don't need your whole life story. As long as you work for me you need to be on time. Do you understand?" I ask.

" I'm so sorry ma'am. I..." he tries to apologize.

" Shut up. Imma let it slide this once. Just make sure you won't do it again." I command.

" Yes thank you. Thank you so much." He said sounding so ecstatic about it.

" Don't get overly excited this wasn't for you. It's all because of your daughter. Go thank her." I replied.

" What? My daughter? What did..." he questions.

I end the call in between he's questioning. I sigh and lean against the wall and think of how I really got here. Thinking really deep. I zone out thinking of how my life used to be.


" Ava! Ava! Ava! Ava!" The crowd shouted my name.
I didn't care if I was already drunk. All I wanted was to take more shots. My life was perfect.

I stood up to go to the bathroom. But first I needed to kiss the living shit out of Frencesco. I looked around everywhere. Where could he be?

I gave up eventually and headed towards the bathroom. I hear moaning as I'm approaching. I giggle to myself and think that this couple is most definitely enjoying themselves. It could've been me and Francesco but he's nowhere to be found.

I take a turn around the corner and my heart drops to my stomach. Francesco was fucking... why her? How could he? He knew. He knew. He fuckin knew!

I bang my hand on my table. And tiny glasses of my water glass cut me. There was blood all over the table. And I didn't even care.

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