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It's Just a Color

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Every child under the age of sixteen lives in the City of White, on their sixteenth birthday, they are sorted into another city based off of their worth in the city of white.

Action / Drama
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When a sixteen year old is sorted into one of the eight cities, they must only wear that color, and they must follow the rules of that city. Until they are sixteen they live in the city of white, where everyone is supposed to be equal.

Sonia had always been well known and important in the city of white, so it was no surprise when she was sorted into the highest city. She would live like a god for the rest of her days. People would worship her, and she would crush those who didn't.

Olivander was well known in the city of white for bringing it to life with his colorful art. He was sorted into the second highest city, the one of arts, where he could make money for his paintings and become powerful as time went on. He'd be famous in no time, people would flock to see him in action.

Maxine was the toughest girl in the city of white. She was sorted into the third highest city, where she could work on her strength and skills and put them to use. She'd be a head guard in the city of yellow before she was 30.

Axel was always looking for ways to improve the environment. He had been sorted into the upper-middle class where he could keep pollution from spreading and killing the world. He would keep the planet alive.

Jasper was the best gardener the city of white had ever seen, but he had little recognition for it. He was sorted into the lower-middle class so he could import food to all of the other cities. He would help those in starvation gladly.

Alison was a tech whiz. She was sorted into the third lowest city so she could work with technology all of the time. She would program the trucks for delivering the food across cities.

Drey had done nothing but be kind to those in the white city. He had been sorted into the second lowest city as a result. Although he did not envy those who were sorted into black.

Lydia had done nothing in the city of white. She avoided people and was thrown into anarchy because of it. She was the lowest class out there, and was forced to live in fear of being mugged or killed.

This is what would have happened, if it weren't for Lydia and her ideas. She would start her own form of government and start a revolution against the others if it was the last thing she did. And it almost was.
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