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Loving through the worst

By Natty123xx-Natalia_Szczepan All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Romance


You feel like there's nothing else you can do in this situation. Is running away the only option? What if your past will find you and you'll fell for it again? What if it's your dream lover that got you in this... Will you come back to him, or will you find your hero before it will be too late? What if you'll lose both, dream lover and your hero? Don't lose yourself in this crazy decisions.


I can't stay here no longer. I need to finally think about myself. How can I be with someone so cruel? If I'll pack my bags now, maybe no one will realise. I can get out of here and disappear...

Everywhere I look, I see those damn posters. 'WANTED ELLIE JOHANSON' and my picture. I can't escape reality, but I can make myself invisible. People don't have to know, that I'm still alive. One wish, and I'll be free.

I jumped out of the window and ran as fast as I could to the nearest train station. They already know that I disappeared, as my phone started going off. Funny, they think that I'm stupid to pick it up. I threw the phone into one of the trains. As I watched the train disappear, I thought to myself. Even if I would pick it up, what would I say? 'I don't want to be near you, because you're a bad person?' I'm not stupid, he'll know that I fear him. He's in charge of me and it's all cause of one wrong turn that I took, when I was young.

People say that we learn from our mistakes, that we try to fix it after one, but what if you can't?

It was middle of the night, but the train station was crowded. Better for me, no one will recognize me.

I brought the earliest ticket to different city at the other side of the country. I'll start a new life after I'll leave this land.
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