Aqua Adventures Santa’s Visit

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Limited edition copy of Aqua Adventures. Limited Edition. Santa gives the villains presents, so they kidnap him so he can make presents for them forever. Can his elves stop them, or is it the end of Christmas…

Action / Fantasy
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Mystery of the Hat

Last week was the day before Christmas Eve and me and Noah (my best friend and identical twin) were preparing for Christmas Day. Suddenly, a loud shout came from dead in the middle of the Cave of Clamamus and the Mariana Trench. “What was that!” I cried. We rush outside and look both ways. Out of the corner of our eyes, we spy a red hat with a white bobble on top. “It’s probably just Darkwing celebrating Christmas,” mutters Noah. “I don’t think Darkwing is the cheerful kind of Griffin,” I said with a scared voice. “I haven’t ever (and probably never will) seen a grin on his face!”
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