Lucky 13

By Jacqueline Frid All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Scifi


“Dark Defense” a secret organization created by the United Nations as humanity’s strongest defense against the threats of the Netherworld, a dimension that even Hell fears. The Netherworld has infiltrated the human dimension through possession and practicing cross species genetics, mixing human and demon DNA. Their ultimate goal is the end of all mankind. Dark Defense enlists and utilizes humans born with incredible abilities and spiritual gifts. There are many squads within the organization, but the one that stands out the most is the squad known as the Lucky 13.

Chapter 1

Mission: Track down & isolate/exorcise Zalambur, demon of dirty deals and fraud, causing strife.

Mission Executors: Ruki Ali (field) and Kohime Kishimoto (radio support)

The night air held a slight, early autumn chill in the city of Mississauga, Ontario. A petite figure was perched atop a small shop. The full moon's light revealed the figure to be a young woman in a hijab, her eyes focused on the building across from her. A soft, male voice crackled through the radio in her ear piece.

"Has the target come into view?"

"Negative," came her reply, "The target is still in the Erin Mills Town Center. It seems that he is making more faulty deals to rob more people of their future."

"Alert me when he's on the move."

"Will do." Ruki Ali shifted slightly as she watched the mall. It hadn't been a long time since the 18 year old had been recruited by the UN's "Ministry of Dark Defense" to fight the onslaught of entities streaming into the world from the Netherworld, a place which even Hell was afraid to go. The young woman now had twenty four missions under her belt, and had impressed the higher-ups with her skills. This was her first solo mission.

She inhaled, then exhaled slowly. She would be lying to say she wasn't nervous. This was her first time facing a threat on her own, and it wasn't just some minor imp, or Shadowman. This was a corrupter. Zalambur would corrupt hearts, turning the honest into the dishonest, and through dirty deals, he would destroy what people had worked for, increasing wrath and despair. At this very moment, the demon had taken possession of a once kind and honest middle aged man named Samuel Schmaal. He had already destroyed Samuel's family, and now was using him to cause chaos through the local businesses, moving on to more national ones.

The lesser denizens of the Netherworld, and lesser demons from Hell were now moving in to the city to feed off the rage and despair that was spreading.

So much was riding on her shoulders in this mission. She took another deep breath, then spotted movement. The target was now leaving the mall and climbing into a garishly gold colored 2017 Lexus NX. "Alright, he's about to go on the move."

"Just track him for now, do not engage until he's in a less populated area. We don't want another mishap."

"That wasn't me," she muttered as she formed a slide of ice from the rooftop to her motorcycle, "That was all Sachi."

"You were there too."

Ruki huffed in annoyance as a reply as she slid down and climbed on her Kawasaki Ninja, her eyes still on the gold SUV. She started it up, revving the engine, as she waited for the target to leave the parking lot.

The SUV pulled out onto the road, heading southeast on Glenn Erin Dr. After a few cars passed by her, Ruki pulled out and began tailing the SUV from a distance in order not to attract their attention.

"Status report?" her radio contact, Kohime crackled.

"Following the target on Glenn Erin Drive."

"Be safe." Kohime's voice was full of concern. He and Ruki had become close friends since her joining, and she was now on her first solo mission.

It hadn't been long into her tailing, when Ruki noticed that the driver of the SUV seemed to be taking pains to not lose her as they went through the traffic, even signalling well before any turns. A sinking feeling was in the pit of her stomach. "Not good," she mumbled, as she noticed that there were now three black Ford Tauruses following her now, "Not good at all."

"What is it, Ruki?"

"Mission is compromised, I'm being followed."

"Fall back!"

"I think it's too late." She was now on 403, and the three cars had taken up the lanes behind her, making sure she knew they were there.

"Return, Ruki, that's an order!"

"I don't think that's a good idea, I don't want them following."

"I can send Sachi-"

"NO. I got this!" Ruki's voice was strong and determined. This was her mission, and she was not about to drop the ball. Her violet eyes began to turn into a cooler, lighter lavender as she focused on the locations of the following cars. "From vapor in the air to ice frozen formed," frost began forming on the targeted cars, the temperatures rapidly dropping in each, "Under my control, overtake my enemies, three coffins of ice!"

As soon as her incantation was complete, ice formed over every exterior and interior surface of the cars. The now iced engines died, and the wheels became locked by ice. Those who were in the cars were also becoming frozen as well. The cars slid out of control, spinning and sliding through the traffic, off in different directions, causing havoc across the three lanes of traffic. One smashed into the concrete divider, shattering, another slid off the road, crashing into the embankment on the right. The last one ended up crashing into a truck, a series of accidents resulting from it.


"Ruki, what did you do?" Kohime did not sound amused.

"Well, the three that were tailing me are taken care of?"

"What. Did. You. Do."

"I used ice."

Kohime took a deep breath. "How much damage?"

"Well, a semi, and a few cars?"

She could hear him groan. There would have to be papers, and work to make the accidents seem less "supernaturally" caused. This would be her first time having to fill out such paperwork. She continued following the SUV, not even bothering to hide the fact that she was on their tail.

"I've turned on your tracker, should you need support, we can send-"

"I told you, I've got this." She was determined to finish this mission on her own.

She followed as the SUV pulled up to the abandoned Lakeside Water Treatment facility. The gate was already opened, as someone had already cut the chains which had held it closed. The SUV drove around to an area behind one of the two buildings located there. She stopped a few feet from the vehicle and watched as the driver got out. He was a rather tall, bulky looking man. He was wearing sunglasses, though it was already dark. Cheesy, she thought, as he opened the rear passenger door.

Out stepped Zalambur, inside the body of Samuel Schmaal. She prayed silently that the soul of Samuel was still in there, somewhere, and able to be reached.

"Well now," her target spoke, "To think they'd send such a small one for me." A dark smile spread across his face. "Are you meant to be a sacrifice for me? I'll gladly accept."

Ruki glared. Arrogance. She hated arrogance. She also hated being judged by her height. "I'm here because your time is up. I'm all that is needed to take you down."

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