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A spinoff of the Trojan war

Action / Romance
Cassandra Carboni
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reader Note, Disclaimers

|The story is a work in progress so for now I've decided to write the script of what is going to happen in the story. This is based on mythology, and my knowledge of it, however, not everything will be accurate, some things may be inaccurate to adapt to modern society. Thank you for deciding to read this.
What made me want to write this was seeing how inaccurate or left out greek myths (and movies) were. There's been many about the Norse gods and Egyptians but none that were accurate about the Greeks nor Romans. I thought it would be good to as well. This is based on multiple things and what encouraged me was Troy - Fall Of A City. The inaccuracy of it pushed a couple of buttons for me. This is set in modern times where you might get a bit confused. Hope you enjoy the story!|
-Many thanks,
-Cassandra Francesca Carboni.

Here are some things that may be sensitive to some readers that may occur in the book/script/series:
-Child/general abuse
-Sharp Points/objects

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