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Shadow Vile Figure

By Createology All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Horror


After dying in a fatal car accident, Johnny Seth ends up in Hell, where Satan turns Johnny into a destructive demon named Shadow Vile Figure. After being sent to Earth, SVF confronts a young sophomore named Veronica Deville who tries to connect with SVF to bring him closer to God and heal him.


All he could feel was the excruciating pain pass through his spine. At one moment he was driving with his friends to a high school party, the next he's in a place with blood red walls with cracks thick enough for a mouse to run through. Chains were lying around every spot he laid his dark brown eyes on. He has never felt such terror in his dead soul in his life. Well, when he was alive. There were some dead bodies lying around Johnny Seth, some decaying, some still making ever so slight movements seeming to reach for the walls. Johnny slowly made his way around the dead bodies and rusted chains to what appeared to be a citadel, of sorts. The room was mostly empty, but far from silent. All Johnny could hear were the rattling of chains scraping along the solid ground and the cries of the souls lurking in whatever this place was.

There was a golden throne sitting a distance from where Johnny stood. Sitting in the throne was a dark red creature with horns and a tail, staring Johnny down. "I've been expecting you, Johnny." The creature said.

But how exactly did Johnny end up here? The events leading to Johnny's current situation occurred approximately 3 days ago, just 2 days before the South Canyon High School Dance.
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