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The Sting of Death

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Najeer Rankins, better known as Ghost, is a visionary who sees a world of peace, brought by him and his childhood friend Crane. Crane is the brains, a genius and an engineer, while Ghost is the brawn, a well-trained swordsman with extraordinary speed. Together, they form the KBG, the Killer Bee Gang, and gather like minds as they work to realize Ghost's dream as they "stop the violence with better violence". The KBG must battle other gangs as well as Law Enforcement, as they slowly take over more and more territory. The situation becomes hectic however, when a rival gang with similar goals and far greater power, a Gang Called Death, rises to oppose them.

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

In a hive of darkness and villainy, a masked man with no true name or form sits, thinking, contemplating, on the next move, the correct move needed to achieve his grandiose goals. Villain is what they call him, and the GCD is what he leads, the entity that he controls, and he will need their help to quell this rebellion. There is opposition…prey that needs to be handled , another gang that needs to be eradicated, in order to bring forth his vision, in order to realize his dream of bringing peace to all. If lady luck chooses to bless him on this morn, then this gang will the final piece, the final test, and once they are gone…there will be nirvana, and nothing else.

“Nuke, the bombardier, come over here.” He calls out behind his mask, in a serious and commanding tone. At his request, a young man with a high top fade, dark brown skin, wearing a black puffy jacket, black jeans, and black sneakers, makes his way to the masked man known only as Villain. The young man is around five feet, ten inches in height, skinny, and only has sideburns for facial hair, with a wide chin, a wide mouth, and big ears. This young man is one of his generals, one of the pillars of his vision, a crucial part of his well laid plans; this young man is the GCD member known as Nuke. Nuke stands before his masked leader, curious as to why he’s been called over. Villain is smart, genius even, but he is and always has been…unpredictable. For all Nuke knows, this could be unsolicited advice, life lessons, training, or an actual mission.

“Yo. You called?”

“Indeed, I have something I need. A new gang needs defeating, a beating. The last obstacle left, bomb them to death.” Relays Villain in his eccentric way of speaking. Nuke nods in understanding. So a mission then. And it’s simply eliminating another gang. Seems easy enough.

“Got it. Who are they? And how do I find them?” Nuke inquires.

“The Killer Bee Gang, KBG. Be wary as they control the whole East. Value is fleeting, but I’d hate to lose you, now let me point you to their HQ.” Nuke raises an eyebrow at the name, as it seems…familiar.

“KBG? Like the Russians?”

“No you see, that’s KGB. It’s a slight change for the name of this gang.” Villain responds offhandedly, correcting Nuke as he brings out a map with a big X marked on it. The X appears to indicate the general area of the KBG headquarters and territory.

“X marks the spot that needs to be hot.”

“Alright, and how soon do they need to die?”

The KBG territory is bombarded later that night, rocked with sounds of explosions and the accompanying shock waves. It’s pandemonium as people scream in terror, trying to escape a fiery death that the bombardier has brought to their doorstep. Various swordsmen charge the area and they too are engulfed by the flames. Archers and crossbowmen search for the explosive enemy, but don’t get much time before they too are slain by the assault. It only takes a second for it all to go down, but luckily one of the fallen seem to send out a distress signal in their desperation, to call for the main six of the KBG.

The six members hurry out into the streets to stop the mad bomber’s assault. Explosion after explosion rains down, as the KBG come to the rescue. Immediately, Priest and Bloody Mary shoot down various bombs and grenades, using arrows, knives, shuriken, and crossbow bolts to explode them in mid-air. Mary’s volley of arrows, shuriken, and throwing knives also catch several land mines (that she somehow spots with her sniper vision), and some even make their way to the mad bomber, Nuke himself. Priest uses his cross-shaped crossbow to aid in the effort, while Thriller uses his wires to collect his Dead Man Army, and use them to trigger any bombs and mines prematurely. Nuke manages to dodge the projectiles from Mary and Priest as he runs across the building rooftop, throwing more and more explosives to the street below, all with a smile on his face.

The explosions transition from random to targeted, and begin making beelines for the KBG members, forcing them to constantly dodge lest they die a fiery and gruesome death. The bombs continue to rain with Mary and Priest shooting down as many of them as they can, Thriller redirecting them with his wires, Khan doing the best he can to dodge, Crane dodging as well, and Ghost using his immense speed to dance through the explosions, getting all the closer to Nuke as he does.

“The hell? Does this guy have infinite bombs or something?” Thriller asks, annoyed as he blocks yet another bomb with one of his Dead Man Army. Mary gives Thriller an annoyed look as she keeps knocking some bombs out of the air, while dodging others.

“Does it really matter?” She then spins around and throws several knives into some raining bombs, pre-exploding them before they reach anyone in the crew. “It’s simple, you see a bomb, you avoid a bomb. See a person, save a person.” Thriller rolls his eyes at her chastising. At that moment, Ghost moves in a blur of speed and announces his frustration.

“Enough of this!” He says as he cuts through a horde of homemade explosives, seemingly all of them within a twenty yard radius. Mary closes her eyes in disbelief and exhales for a moment.

“Or...do that I guess.” Thriller has a huge smile on his face, as Priest bows his head, Crane stares a hole in Nuke, and even Khan’s mouth threatens to turn upwards.

“Hell yeah!” Cheers on Thriller. Just then, time seems to slow down as the bombs all around Ghost, start to go off and explode. Ghost’s eyes widen as he’s taken by surprise and the rest of the KBG look on in horror. Suddenly the bombs are yanked away and into the air, moved by Thriller’s wires.

“Don’t worry Ghost, I got you!” Yells Thriller with a grin. “But damn that was a close one.” He says more quietly to himself. Mary seemingly hears it as she gives him a knowing look that says ‘I told you so.’

More explosives come, but Thriller ends up redirecting those as well, saving the rest of the group any effort. By now it seems that most of the people who are going to escape, have escaped, opening up even more options for the Killer Bees. Nuke sees the situation from his position and sneers at the turn of events, before he presses a small trigger in his hand.

Instantly large explosions ring out in the street, reaching up to half the height of the tallest building. Hundreds of people turned to ash in an instant. As hellfire erupts beneath their feet, all members of the KBG leap high into the air and over the titanic explosions. To their dismay, Nuke merely smiles at the maneuver as he activates his trap beneath them. Eyes widen in realization as countless mines and grenades appear under the KBG members as they descend to the Earth, caught in the bombardier’s master plan.

Nuke’s joyful and triumphant expression flips to one of confusion as he watches the KBG members seemingly walk on air as they run to safety, completely avoiding his well-laid trap. Using his trained eye, Nuke notices a small glint of something reflecting in the light, and sees that his nemeses aren’t flying, as they appear to be doing, but running on a single wire provided by Thriller.

“I told you, I got you.” Says Thriller with a maniacal grin and a dangerous glint in his eye, as he controls the wire that the KBG runs on. Nuke also notices the direction in which his enemies are running: straight towards him in a beeline motion, with bloodlust in their eyes.

He thinks quickly and unloads a cluster of bombs their way, all fragmentation and pipe bombs, trying to slow them down so he can escape; knowing he can’t take all of them at once, especially in close range. The KBG members are slowed down by the barrage, each of them dodging as Ghost sits there and deflects the debris using both of his swords, and by the time they can look up, Nuke is gone and has left a present behind: A pound of C4 where he just was. At the speed of thought, they all scatter, jumping in different directions to evade certain death.

“Well...that happened.” Says Mary, glaring at where Nuke used to be. Ghost stares at the same spot, clearly angry at his failure to take the mad bomber down.

“He got away.” Glowers Ghost in a dark tone. Crane steps forward and puts a hand on Ghost’s shoulder, causing Ghost to look his way.

“Perhaps, but we did get good information on him; at least on how he fights and how to counter his style. Thriller’s wires seem to be the most effective.” Crane states with a thoughtful expression. Thriller’s face widens into a nearly maniacal grin at said statement.

“Well of course, my wires are ALWAYS the most effective.” Boasts Thriller. “That and the fear.” He adds on with a darkened, bloodlusted expression. Each of his gang members stop for a moment to give him a look of exasperation (a blank look in Khan’s case), no doubt directed towards his previous boast about his wires, before continuing their conversation.

“The mind of the prudent acquires knowledge, And the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” Priest replies in usual form.

“Crane is right.” Speaks Khan, a man of few words.

“I try.” Crane replies dryly, knowing that his words are generally trusted as he’s known as the genius of the group: the thinker; if anyone almost has to be right, it’s him. Crane then raises his voice to address the entire group, for the appearance of a new foe is troubling, and it means they have a full plate once again. “Now back to base.” He pauses for a moment. “We have some research to do.”

The KBG regroups at one of their warehouses as each member gets comfortable in their usual spot. Crane sits cross-legged on top of a stack of crates, looking down on the rest of the members as they all sit on lower level crates of varying heights. Ghost has an expression of seriousness as he stares into a dark corner, Thriller lays back with his hands on his head, a small grin adorning his face, Mary’s expression is unreadable due to the mask she wears, Priest kneels on a crate as if he’s praying to some deity, and Khan is blank faced and the only member standing on the floor.

“I’ve done some research on the guy that attacked us earlier and what I found is...well I’ll let you hear it for yourself. The guy’s known as Nuke, the Mad Bomber, and he’s a member of a rival gang, known as GCD a Gang Called Death and they—”

Ghost interrupts him with a whistle, clearly impressed.

“A gang called Death, that’s a damn good name.”

“—took over much like we did, but on the other coast.” Crane finishes before contemplating Ghost’s words and nodding along. “It is, and it’s telling too. They’re strong, very strong, many of them monsters. The one we faced today? Nuke, he’s easily one of the most dangerous if not THE most dangerous.” He explains. Mary nods in understanding.

“Strong men are one thing but bombs...they take down cars, houses, buildings, and there’s no real warning. Plus they move fast.” She sagely advises. Crane nods once more, as she basically has the gist of it.

“And if he lives up to his namesake he may even be able to take out towns and cities. Thriller.” He speaks, snapping his attention to the wire-wielding member.

“Yeah?” Thriller responds nonchalantly.

“Your abilities counter his well. Continue working on them and tailor them specifically for him in case we fight him again. Anyone else—” He stops to look at the rest of the group, his eyes scanning their very person and abilities. “If you can, have Thriller aid you should you fight him. In the meantime, I’ll come up with some countermeasures to those bombs, a new KBG maybe. Most importantly, be on the lookout, not just for Nuke, but other members of the GCD. They’re a dangerous bunch and they’ve now targeted us.”

Mary nods in confirmation as Ghost merely looks back to his corner. Khan also nods, and Thriller lies back down, while Priest gets up from his kneeling position.

“I will scatter them also among the heathen, whom neither they nor their fathers have known: and I will send a sword after them, till I have consumed them.” He says with conviction as he holds his cross-shaped weapon close to his heart. Crane gives him a small smile.

A week passes as each member works on their craft, occasionally patrolling their territory as they’re left to their own devices for once, as Crane works hard on his counter to Nuke’s bombs. At the end of the seventh day, each of them gets a text on their phones. It reads:

“Gang, I got an alert that there’s a GCD member on our territory. Ghost and Thriller, you two are closest. Go handle him.”

Ghost responds immediately, excited but a bit confused.

“Both of us?”

“Yeah. I’ve read up on him. His file is extensive and the one conclusive thing is that he’s an absolute beast physically. Good luck.”

And with that, Ghost takes off at extreme speeds to the area that Crane texted him, as Thriller does the same, both eager to see the threat that would take both of them to defeat.

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