War of the Galaxy The Beginning

By JamesYoung All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Scifi


A story in which the struggle of the fate of the universe is brought to life, with various characters and strong violence, language, and leading into a brand new world.

Chapter 1: The Meeting

Sometime in the 1990’s...

On the planet simply called Utopia, in the middle of a large open field stood a grand castle surrounded by tall walls supporting several guard towers.
The interior of the castle was dotted with small houses, where the people of this planet lived. They were staying indoors scared for their lives, unsure what was coming. The streets were recently repaired, and made of fresh white stone, but were quickly being stomped on by the soldiers rushing about. There were several fountains in the middle of certain areas, with murky water dripping out of it. Sabotaged by the approaching threat...

Soldiers in silvery bulky armour while wearing t-visor like helmets walked around the castle, carrying swords and bows, they were ready for any threat, ready for any foe. The armour had large shoulder pads, which looked impossible for anyone to support. They were the Elder of History’s Knights, a band of men and woman who had proven themselves worthy enough to protect the Elder and Utopia. They swore their allegiance to The Elders, and had left their former lives behind to protect and serve them.

The Landscape around them was once rich land, with flowing yellow grass and rushing rivers. The land was so rich, the poorest farmer could grow any fruit or vegetables they desired... it was a dream. It was Utopia. But that land was now gone, and filled with dried up land, and empty canals. Bones of animals were scattered around the landscape, either they died of starvation, or lack of water, which would come from their flowing rivers. The Knights would use the skeletons as target practice, but most of the time, they left the bones alone.

Three Knights were at the gate, looking worried, while one had his arms crossed, “Shit where’s King with the barricade?!”

“I don’t know... He’ll be along soon.” One of the other Knights said. The Knight’s voice carrying a female tone to it.

“Well he better hurry up... Stefan don’t like to be kept waiting!” the other Knight said, angrily, the man then angrily huffed.

“I’m coming.... Stop worrying about me...” a voice shouted.

The three turned and saw a Knight slowly approaching, while carrying a piece of large wood over to the main entrance of the castle, to lay it down to the entrance. The barricade was barely formed up, the Knight who had just arrived angrily swore before looking Back, expecting someone, but to his surprise no one was there, “God damn, Frenche! He was suppose to be behind me! I’ll go look for him!”

The Knight then angrily stormed off, shouting the name of the man he was looking for with an angry tone, as the three turned to each other and shrugged...

Inside the castle a meeting was taking place, in the castle’s centre. The castle’s centre was a large room, with a large wooden table in the middle; it was covered with a red rich like layout with silver cutlery and bowls on it, filled with freshly picked fruit and . The walls were covered with a yellow badge which looked like a police man’s badge, but had two small horns at the side, and one giant horn between the two. It was against a large blue background. There were several handmade chairs around, which were mainly at the tables.

Around four people were there; two were in Knight armour and were sitting at the table with one eating an apple. The other two were lizards, with one of them sitting in a throne and the other working on a sword on a grindstone.

The first man had a little bit dark brown hair, with some of it gone, leaving him looking like a mental patient and a messy rough beard. His face was slightly wrinkled, mainly around his eyes, the current set of motions were not fairing him well in this time. His light brown eyes were bloodshot and twitching every minute or so, and he was looking nervously around nervously as if he expected the walls to fall down any moment. His armour had taken on his characteristics; it was tired and exhausted and didn’t look strong enough for combat. The only part of his gear which looked strong was his sword, which gleamed in the light.
He did not handle stress well, most of the time his stress got the better over his calm mind, and it showed. Some people who met him recently said he smelled of sweat, and fear, though the fear bit was just to mess with him.

The other man had long chestnut coloured hair, and he looked relatively calm compared to the other man. He looked around forty, his face still looking rather young with his eyes looking rather tired.
His armour was in far better condition compared to the stressed out man, not a sign of damage, or dirt on the fine Knight armour. His sword however, unlike his friend’s was not as shiny but was rather slimmer and deadlier, able to cut through any substance. And unlike the other man, his eyes were a very calm and a misty blue.
He bit into his apple, and smiled widely at the nervous man, his white shining teeth showing before he began to eat away at the delicious fruit...

One of the lizard humanoids had a long snout and jaw, giving him the appearance of a dinosaur, but he wasn’t, he had lime coloured eyes, and was on one of the smartest people in the castle grounds. He was donned in a long light brown rope which covered most of him, with his waist holding the robe in place by a khaki rope. Excluding a bit of his sleeves and face, it was hard to tell if the robes were dirty, and he was wearing goggles over his eyes, he was humming while sparks flew out to the side.

The lizard humanoid in the throne was the smartest person in the castle; he had a shorter snout then the grindstone lizard and had grey tired eyes.
He had his head down showing off the rows of spikes, which were on his neck, back and the backside of his head, if you touched them, you’d most likely get a finger cut. He was wearing a red long rich textured cape with yellow faded and somewhat scratched shoulder pads; the rest of his body had nothing over him. He was sighing deeply.

The room was filled with nothing but sighing, the sound of an apple being chomped, and the sound of the grindstone working away. It was disturbing for those who had nothing to do, till the one in the throne sighed once more, he slowly raised his hand, and the chomping stopped, but the grindstone did not.
“Gentlemen, let us not poke around the barrier any further, we all know what is coming...” said the lizard, in the throne, “The possible end of our lives...”
“We know, sir. Like we keep saying, we’re not leaving your side. If he wants the Keystone, he’ll have to go through us!” said the apple eating man, “Surrender is not an option. We will serve you till our lives are gone, and our bodies are nothing!”
“If I can suggest, Gator. Uh.... Maybe we can use the Keystone to wish Exterminator to well... Death? Or banish him... Or, we can use it against his underlings, you know?” asked the bearded man, “I mean it’s not honourable, I know but... It’s simple! No one will die!”
“We can’t. Like every other Elder, the Keystone will not kill him. And even if I desired to do so, I would not... It is not right. The Keystone must be isolated away... no one must ever use it’s power again.” said the lizard in the throne called Gator, “You should know this Salvage... I’ve told you so many times!”
The bearded man called Salvage, muttered then looked down. He didn’t want to fight this upcoming battle, it was going to lead to death and chaos if they weren’t careful... He tried, again, and again to come up with a solution to stop the fight but they were all wrong.
“Roderick, are your men ready for the attack?” Gator asked, pointing to the former apple eating man, “Everyone has to be ready...”
“Yes, sir. I admit the planning and the preparation has been shaky, not everyone is ready for the fight... but I can assure you, prepared or not - everyone is ready to lay down their lives for you! Nothing shall make us fall, not the vast army of the undead they have created. Not the electrical demon Kronos. Not the killer of families Reptilian – and we will never bow before Zen! We will fight till the last man, sir!” retorted the man called Roderick, his words carrying a heavy boom to them.

Salvage nodded at this, while Gator nodded nervously, he admired the Knights for their loyalty, but sometimes, he felt overwhelmed by it. The thought of people fighting and dying for him, was worrying to say the least...

“And what of Charon and Mortimer?” asked Gator.

Roderick smiled and leaned back in his chair, “Charon will be prepping the area which will allow us to flee if things become too hairy. And Mortimer will be manning the walls, with Knight Scruffy... I don’t know what he will be planning.”
“Frankly, Mortimer can plan whatever he desires, aslong as he can stop Zen’s army, we’ll be good! Do you have any idea of when they’ll be here?” said Gator.

“They should be here soon, we don’t honestly know... We actually thought the attack would happen when we were all napping earlier!” Roderick smirked, “Lucky us, eh?”

“... We weren’t napping earlier.” Salvage softly spoke, eyeing Roderick with suspicion, “Were you sleeping while everyone was working?”

Roderick laughed and rubbed the back of his head, “I uh... Yeah. I mean no, uh... So yeah, any moment now or later...”

Gator shrugged off the thought of his chief guard sleeping on the job, there were bigger issues to worry about, his attention shifted once again, to the lizard on the stone, “And what of you Tikon?”
Gator watched the lizard work away, the stone being sharpened to its peak – but his words feel. The lizard named Tikon hummed louder as he grinded harder, with a grin across his face.

“I see someone is enjoying their work... Tikon, may you stop?” Gator asked softly.

Tikon seemed to be in a world of his own, his sword still being grinded as they all waited on him. His humming growing louder.
“Tikon! I wish to speak to you.” Gator’s voice grew as the lizard worked.

Tikon then hummed out loudly, and lifted his sword into the air, with a huge smile, “Well look at this beauty...”
“TIKON!” Gator shouted out causing the room to fill with the loud tone.
Tikon quickly jumped and fell off his grindstone and landed on his back, his newly sharpened sword flung to the right side. He sheepishly got to his feet and shook his head, his hands moving to his goggles revealing his cautious eyes, as he picked up his sword and turned to his leader...

“I was uh... doing it again huh??” Tikon nervously asked as Gator nodded, “Ha... sorry, what is it sir?”
Gator rolled his eyes in frustration, he knew Tikon was often absent minded but lately it was getting out of hand, but he couldn’t stay angry at one of his oldest friends, “Yes I did, my old friend. Are the newly made swords and armour ready?”
“Hm? Swords? Armour? OH YEAH! The new swords should be brilliant for combat, spent hard hours prepping them for battle! Very sharp! Very deadly! The new armour I have crafted for our men should be excellent, we managed to protect it against strikes from swords, the helmets are extra sturdy! They’ll have a tough time killing our Knights, that’s for sure! But I have a suggestion for you, Gator...” Tikon went on and on, till he stopped to lend his voice on the battle, “I think we should run. BAD to say... but if we leave Utopia and hide away, witht he Keystone somewhere FAR, and I mean FAR AWAY! ... get me?”
“Tikon.... You know, I always value your opinion. But, we will not run from him, Utopia is the most secure palace in the Universe, nothing can get in, and nothing can get out! If they do breach our walls.... Then we’ll run...” explained Gator, “Run as far as we can...”
“Yeeeeeeeees, valid! But if we run now, we’ll still have some people alive, rather than deal with whose dead and injured later.... You know? Know what I am saying? Looking at the big picture here – and, Elders help us, we will have alot of blood on our hands!” Tikon pointed out nervously.
Salvage nodded in agreement with the nervous sword crafter, “I have to agree with the coward! If we run now, we can get cornered and killed later then now. No fighting back – let us die with our hands behind our backs!”
“OH! OH OK! YEAH! AWESOME! That’s not a kick in the nads, Sal. I am trying to think of all of our survival and you make me out to be a coward, Elders help me!” Tikon ranted on, swaying his hand in the air, “We need to survive. Any of us could die!”

“Survival can only be achieved by fighting! I hate to say it; I don’t wanna fight here, but let’s face reality. We, have, to, fight!” Salvage angrily snapped to the nervous lizard.

“Ok time for a quick list. Ok everyone? Ready? Ok... Stay here leads to... One, getting killed. Two, getting overrun and slaughtered, and of course three, dying. While running, uh... We live.” Tikon reminded, smugly, “Death Vs Living... LIVNG IS WHAT WE NEED TO DO, HERE!”

“Nice list, come up with it when you were planning your escape tunnel or when you were pissing yourself in the corner?” Salvage snapped once more, as Tikon spoke with such a smug voice.

Tikon walked over to the table and smirked smugly once more, “Oh really? You think that’s me. Well let me do my impression of you, Sal. Ready? It’s spot on... Duh am Salvage, I think I know what’s best when in reality, I don’t know jack. Watch me do stuff!”

The lizard then opened his mouth with a dull expression then proceeded to smack his fist against the table while sticking his tongue out, while making Roderick laugh out loudly, almost on the verge of tears. Salvage, without much hesitation, leaned forward and grabbed Tikon by the collar of his robes, “You shut the fuck up now Tikon! I am more of a man then you will ever be!”

“Oh, big man! How’s your hair... Oh too soon?” Tikon smiled softly, as the man’s right eye twitched rapidly, “oh touch a nerve?”

“Atleast I have hair, lizard!” Salvage snapped raising his other first into the air, and preparing to punch the smart talking creature in his face.
“ENOUGH!” Gator shouted out so angrily, raising his hands, making Salvage and Tikon stop talking, “We are on the verge of war... and you two are preparing to fight each other, over mere ideas! Don’t you understand, we need to remain calm, and logical... stop it!”

Salvage let go of the lizard’s collar, with the two backing away from each other. Tikon sorting his clothes out, and sheathing his sword, while Salvage sat down and let an angry huff escape his mouth. Roderick smirked and leaned forward into his chair, “Now kiss and make up!”

“No!” the two of them replied in unison, as they angrily stared at each other before turning away from each other.

Roderick laughed a little, wiping his eyes, before going to what Tikon called, his professional mode. He knew this by his movement. Roderick straightened himself and put his hands together, with a confident smile, while brushing his hair out of his eye sight.

“Sir, if you desire, I can protect you during the battle, sort of a bodyguard if you get me.” Roderick proposed, “I give you my life. I will make sure; you will have a tomorrow...”

“Kiss ass...” Salvage snapped under his voice as he looked to the ground.
“Atleast he has an ass...” Tikon scoffed hearing Salvage.

“Roderick – I may not like the idea of it, but I will take you up on your offer. We still have no idea what Zen will bring to this battle... We all need to smarten up. Stop fighting each other – no comment snapping!” Gator said proudly, causing the two previous bickerer’s to look to the groun, “... we are facing the end... and even if this is the end. I can proudly say-”
“Elder Gator, sir!” a voice shouted out rather loudly.
All four turned their heads in unison, as a Knight barged in and headed for Gator. He carried his helmet under his arms, showing off his scarred face, and greying ginger hair. He bowed out of respect, as Gator got up from his throne and approached the warrior.
“What is it, Knight?” Gator asked quickly as the Knight straightened up.
“Sir, I came from the main wall... the commander wanted me to tell you they’re here! Exterminator’s here!” replied the Knight, terrified.

There was a brief silence, as the room fell under an eerie silence, before Gator spoke, “You have done a good thing, Knight. Well done for alerting us. What has come with him?”

“Undead... Skeletons to be precise. Hundreds of Skeletons, he’s... he’s got... them. All jittering... And creaking. He’s leading them, and there all there... All three of them!” He replied instantly, his face filled with fear, “... he has Knights. Dead ones...”
“I was praying Zen would never do something this vile... how he can defile the lost... with such ease, is a feat I am not proud of saying... but he’s no longer Zen is he? ... Tikon, I want you to raise the alarms, give out the weapons, quickly as you can! Salvage, prepare the troops, we’re at war! Roderick, you’re with me – just stay alive. Soldier... get back to your position.” ordered Gator, drawing his blade out and turning to his friends.
“Alright, you got it Gator. We’ll send them running!” Salvage shouted out loudly, drawing his sword and rushing off out of the room.
“Raise alarms, weapons out, quickly – got it! Quickly as I can be!” Tikon repeated to himself before nodding and rushing out the room too, “Oh this is gonna be painful...”
The Knight donned his helmet and gave it a quick whack, before drawing his sword, kneeling down and stabbing the tip of the sword into the ground, “For the Elders I shall lay my life down, for the path of peace – I shall fight! Till the end, I serve you, the Elders of the Universe!”
He then got up and looked towards Gator, nodding quickly before running out of the room, ready for his possibly end. Roderick approached Gator and weakly smiled, with his sword drawn. Gator turned to the valiant warrior as his sword remained strong in his hands, “Are you ready Elder?”
“As much as I will ever be, Knight... I hate to say it but the time for talking is over!” Gator replied sadly.
“It’s been an honour, Elder!” Roderick proudly said as the two of them began to walk, “It truly has – my life has been spent under your gaze – and... and I feel proud.”
“We’re not dead yet! And I assure you, we will not die today! We shall live to see a tomorrow, do you hear me?” Gator proudly asked as Roderick nodded to him. The two of them then turned to their path and began to run. The battle of Utopia finally starting...

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