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Mafia's Love

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Mara is a stripper at a famous club in Las Vegas. She always keeps her head down and do her work until one night when she's working, she has an unusual customer who wants a private dance with her. Little does she know that the unusual guy is the head of the Italian mafia.

Action / Erotica
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Chapter 1

The music drummed through my body like a drug. My body moved along with the base of it naturally enticing the crowd before me. I always loved dancing. I love the way my body can capture even the most uptight of men eyes. The other dancers are more than jealous of me if looks can kill let's say I'll be long dead. Some of them even tried to intimidate me into quitting but I'm not going to let some bitch who looks like a dying fish out of water when dancing walk over me. That problem was quickly resolved when I stole that bitch clients, needless to say they still request me for private dances.
Sadly my turn on stage ended I quickly gathered my discarded clothes and money and got off the stage. "Amazing performance My dearest Mara!!!!" This sleazy man again.
"Thank you boss. It's always a pleasure working here." I replied plastering a smile on my face. He walked over and squeezed my ass and said "You know... you can always come to my office if you wanna perfect your dancing some more." He's so disgusting that he makes me wanna puke. "Thanks for the offer boss but I really must be going." I twisted his thumb so he'll lose his grip, once he did I quickly went to the dressing room to go change and leave. Once I got in the dressing room I began taking off my makeup and gathering my things.

I was nearly done until one of the waitresses came in and said "Mara you got another dance request."
"Seriously? But my shifts' done." I replied back a little annoyed.
"Guy said he'll quadruple of the original amount. That's why I actually came to bother you."
"Oh." Holy shit with that I can start up my own club if I wanted to or open my own dance studio. "Alright, give me ten minutes." After the waitress left the dancer on the side of me laughed. What's her name again?



Candy? Candy! Damn, unoriginal much. "What's so funny Candy?" I asked while reapplying my makeup. "What's so funny is how you immediately spread your legs for a few more extra dollars. Are you not making enough money by already shaking your flat ass?"

"Haha! Now that's funny seeing as how we both shake our ass for the same purpose. I however, do it better and don't think I don't know about you trying to take my clients. This flat ass do a better job than you by a landslide."
"You took my clients first."
"Because you wanted to start shit. Think before you act next time before coming to cross me." I was done with my makeup and got to get dress. Walking out Candy looked like she was on the verge of tears. Too bad if she approached me right we could've been friends.
I walked over to the private booths looking for my customer. The bouncer pointed me all the way at the end of the room. Looks like this guy likes their privacy. I entered the room to see a man lounging in the couch. He had a blazer that was thrown over the couch arm rest and his shirt was unbuttoned to expose his chest. What I also notice was the large amount of money on the table in front of him and on the side of the money was a gun. Is he someone important to be carrying around a gun?
He turned his focus on me and nodded for me to come inside. I walked in and shut the door. "Are you Mara, love?" He had a thick accent that I couldn't place. German? British? Russian? Spanish? Italian?
I didn't answer so he asked again a little firmer this time. "Are you Mara, love?"
"Yes, that's me."
"The manager tells me you are the best dancer here. That true?"
"Yes." I began walking towards him. He then asked "Do you really think that you can satisfy me with a few shakes of your hips?" I smirked this guy clearly hasn't been here before. The regulars and any one who has been here at least one night can tell you that Mara is the best of the best. I always leave an impression on anyone watching me dance. I swung my leg over his lap and planted my ass on his dick. Did he really think he can fool me when he's this hard? "Well... during some private dances with some of the customers here I was able to make numerous of them jizz their pants with just a few shakes of my hips. So I am pretty confident that I can satisfy dear customer." He brought his hand down from the top of the couch, placed it on my ass and gave it a firm squeeze.
Damn, that felt good! His touch didn't make me wanna puke in my mouth. It didn't make wanna quickly find a way to leave here quickly. It make me want more, so much that I was drunk off of it. He then tilted his head towards the pile of money on the table and said "If you can satisfy me I'll give you all that money right there and more." I ran my hands across his chest and up around his neck, this guy must be chiseled all over. I leaned closer into him so close that my breasts were squished between us and replied "How do I know that when you are satisfied that you won't just shoot me and leave?" He laughed a little and answered "You're smart for someone who works here."
"Just because I shake my ass for money doesn't mean I don't have a brain. You still didn't answer my question." I grinded my hips down onto him hard, groaning he threw his head back to rest on the back of the couch. "For someone who was so sure that I wouldn't satisfy them you sure are enjoying yourself." The song that was playing was began to build. I grabbed his shoulders and quickly began moving my hips along. His next hand came to grab the next side of my hips as if to slow me down or stop me but I won't be stopping any time soon.

I quickly placed his hand on my breast and received in return a firm squeeze. Throwing my head back I let out a long and low moan. If anyone were to listen from the other side of the door they would think that we're fucking. "Dammit... s-s-slow down." The hand that was on my ass left and came back with a firm slap. I hissed from the pain but that quickly morphed into pleasure and made move against my new favorite customer faster. His head was still thrown back against the couch as if seeing the scene before him would be too much. I brought the hand that was on my breast to my mouth bit his finger and said "Look at me." He's bigger than me and can overpower me really easily if he wanted to, but he didn't. He wanted to feel the lost of control that he could never feel and I can easily give it to him. I brought my mouth against the column of his neck and licked a long line going up till I reached his jawline. There, I began to bite and suck along it. I kept going until I reached his ear. I bit along his ear and whispered into his ear "You know, you were talking a lot of trash for someone who's about to cum in a matter of seconds."
"Who- Who said that I was close to cumming?" He groaned out that response while making an attempt to buck his hips with mine. "Damn how long is this song?"
"Oh you didn't notice dear customer? The song was over for a while now this is a different song with a completely different tempo that requires a different speed. You were so into me that you didn't even realized." I laughed out, the hand that was on my chest finally moved down to my hips. Now with both hands on my hips he tried to keep up with my dancing. He brought his head up to look down where our hips were. I felt his dick twitching every time I connected with him. It was almost too much for him. The song changed again it was extremely slow. This was the kind of song you have sex to, so that's exactly what I'm going to do with him. My hips came to a stop, I sat up away from him. I was covered in a light sweat from how fast I was going. I needed to catch a breather so I began to slowly grind against him and take off my top. I mean I am a stripper, my breast immediately captured his attention. It would captured anyone attention, why? Because I had my nipples pierced, right on each nipple was a silver orb on each side supported by a silver bar going through my nipples.
"By the way you never told me your name." I stood up on my knees and pressed my breasts in his face. He further buried himself in my chest not answering me. I pulled the hair at the nape of his neck bringing his gaze back to me.


"My name is Aeron." Huh?

"You mean like slaughter?"

"Ye-" His word cut off as I began my dancing again. Because the song was now slow my grinding was slow and hard. Aeron buried his face into my chest and bucked his hips up in time with mine moaning everytime my hips rubbed against his dick. Judging from the outline he's pretty big this is gonna be fun. "Come on babe harder. You wanna finish right?"
"You...just want that money. That's all...you care about." I stopped and asked "Well why exactly do you think I'm in this place? Do you think I like grinding against drunks and perverts? Tell me why exactly do you think I'm here." He looked away from me not answering. "That's what I thought. Now let's finish this and--"


Just then the door bursted opened. I quickly got off Aeron's lap the first thing I grabbed was the gun on the table and hid behind the couch.

What the actual fuck just happened?

While I was hiding Aeron just remained on the couch. Should've saw that coming seeing as how he has a gun and all that money. The people here are more than likely after him. Three men walked into the room with Ak-17 pointed at Aeron. Damn, he's in deep shit huh? That's crazy, I'll keep my head down. Maybe they'll kill him and leave oh well, fun while it lasted. They began speaking in Italian. That's where his accent was from.

"Questo non ha bisogno di essere risolto in un inutile spargimento di sangue Aeron. Tutto ciò che vogliamo sono i file." One said
Aeron answered "Puoi prendere il file quando mi succhi il cazzo e muori."

Whatever he said made them angry
Great I'm about to die without a fucking shirt on. Fantastic.

"Mara il mio tesoro I'll need my gun."

Did he just call my name?

Is he talking to me?

Should I shoot them and run?

What the hell I'm not here you idiot! "Now Mara." Son of a--- I got up from behind the couch and handed the gun to Aeron. As I was about to walk away he pulled me by my arm and sat me in his lap.

'Remember everyone I don't have on a top'

He sat me down with my back to his chest facing the armed Italians. He better not use me for a human shield.
When I was seated on his lap he immediately grabbed my breast twisting and tweaking my nipple with one hand in front of the three men. His next hand held his gun towards the three men.
Having a piercing increase sensitivity, I'm also a bit of an exhibitionist so doing this immediately caused me to throw my head back onto his shoulder and moaned.
"You like that don't you love?" Aeron asked. I mean obviously or I wouldn't be moaning before I could replied a gun clicked from the three men in front of us.
One said "Non siamo venuti qui per guardare uno spettacolo di sesso, siamo venuti qui per la posizione dei file di dire alla tua piccola cagna di andarsene." The gun in Aeron's hand also clicked he replied,
"Guarderai la tua bocca oppure guarderai le tue viscere sul pavimento."
He placed his lips against my neck and began sucking and kissing my skin. His lips traveled up my ears, he then murmured "When I twist your nipple really hard I want you to immediately hide behind the couch. Understand?" Oh god if he twists that hard I may cum and not move at all. "Yeah I got it." I breathed out. He bit my earlobe and continued speaking with the other guys. I don't know how long they were talking all I was focused on was the sensations through my nipple. It's embarrassing how I may just come from having my nipple played but who cares an orgasm is an orgasm. The situation went on for who knows how long. After a few more minutes Aeron twisted my nipple extremely hard causing me to cum right on his lap. "Ohhhhhh fuck me!!!" Of course me cumming on his lap I didn't move but that didn't stop Aeron from taking us both behind the couch and began shooting at the other Italians.

The couch became our barrier against the hail of bullets, occasionally Aeron would go up and return the shots. I was still in the aftershocks of my orgasm, damn that was good. I looked at my chest and saw that my nipple was quickly turning purple against my dark skin. I whined "Aeron look at what you did to my nipple." I held my breast up for him to look. "Mara, dear I'm busy right now. I will look at you wonderful chest later but right now I'm trying to make sure we get out of here alive and not body bags." Gunshots rang out through the room whizzing passing my head and into the wall. After a few seconds the rapid fire from the angry Italians stopped and Aeron quickly grabbed my hand then began running out of the room. Bodies were on the floor unmoving and laying in pools of blood. "Ew my feet are going to get dirty." Aeron quickly picked me up and ran to the nearest exit. Wait a minute is he kidnapping me? "Hey hang on what are you doing?" He looked down at me as he placed me in the car, clearly confused and asked "What do you mean? I'm taking you with me so that you can be safe." I pushed him away and asked "How would I know if I'm safer with you? I would like to see my next birthday." I stood up out of the car under different circumstances maybe I would stay. Maybe, but it isn't. This guy is clearly trouble I'm not risking my life for a quick fuck.
"Look, Mara you basically have no choice. You either come with me or I'll make you." He threatened "Then you're going to have to make me bitch." Aeron stared at me then suddenly I felt a sharp pain searing through my neck. Before losing consciousness I see that Aeron has a weird black object in his "You motherfuck--"

Everything went black.

*Please note that I am not sure if this is correctly translated. I apologize for any misinterpretation🙏🏾😓.*

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