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The Corporate Ladder

By Jimiller99 All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Thriller


In a world of dirty politics, Jasper Silverman works as an assassin for a corporate company. However things soon take a turn for the worse when Jasper's daughter, Kate, tries to compete against the company he works for. Jasper must choose between work and family before it is too late. But a dark turn of events reveals many secrets in the world of dirty business, and Jasper must flee from the people he once considered his friends. Author note - This novel is coming to its closing stages and I would like to receive any feedback on what to improve. If the story interests you, please let me know, or tell me anything I can do to improve. Many thanks.

Chapter 1

The sleepy stillness of night was interrupted by the black sportscar that rolled slowly and silently down the street. Even though it was the middle of the night, the car’s headlights were switched off; The driver using only the dim overhead street lighting to see.

The residents inside the grand, expensive houses which lined the street remained oblivious to the car that crept slowly down the road, before coming to a halt outside a set of large metal gates.

Jasper Silverman climbed out of the car and stared between the bars at the protected house within. Jasper, a middle aged man dressed in a dark black sports gear and gloves, glanced up and down the street. All residents were asleep at this unlively hour, however Jaser was not prepared to leave anything to chance.

Pressing himself against the wall, Jasper threw a large duffel bag over the top, where it landed on the other side with a thump. Without hesitation he hoisted himself over the wall, scrambling after his bag.

Despite his muscular build Jasper moved gracefully up the stoney drive towards the house, using the bushes and cover of darkness to hide himself. Like every other house in the street, no lights came from within, allowing Jasper to creep close to the porch, where many exotic flowers and plants were neatly placed.

Ducking under the windowsill, Jasper crept around the house to a small maintenance box that protruded from the side of the building. As expected, Jasper found the box padlocked shut. From within his duffel bag he produced a set of shears, which he used to cut the lock. The box’s cover fell off, revealing a nest of wires within.

Jasper scavenged through the wires until he found the ones he wanted. Immediately he took a small pocket knife from within the bag and sliced through the wires. Jasper glanced at the surveillance camera above him, hoping that it was now disabled.

Out of the corner of his eye, a flash of movement caught Jasper’s attention. He reached for the gun tucked into his back pocket, and quick as a flash pointed it towards the source of movement.

A small black tabby cat stared back at Jasper, its fur camouflaging it into the darkness. The cat’s bright yellow eyes glew at Jasper like headlights, making him feel intimidated, and even uncomfortable. The cat hissed at Jasper like a deflating balloon, its eyes fixed on the weapon in Jasper’s hand.

Jasper relaxed and lowered his weapon. Sensing its opportunity, the cat darted off into the darkness, flicking its tail at Jasper as it passed.


Keeping himself flat against the wall, Jasper crept around the side of the house, trying to find the door which would lead him into the kitchen. Just as Jasper’s hand closed upon the door handle, the sound of footsteps came from around the corner. The sound of dirt crunching underneath footsteps grew louder and louder. Jasper tensed, ready and waiting.

First to appear in Jasper’s view was the pistol, then a large, beefy man, with a small moustache on his lip.

Jasper lurched at the man like a snake, grasping the his arm and twisting. Despite the pressure Jasper applied, the man’s hand continued to grip the weapon like a vice.

Jasper clasped his hand over the man’s mouth to stifle his shouts for help as they wrestled for the weapon. After a few moments of scuffling, Jasper over-powered the man. Ignoring the look of terror that spread over his face, Jasper reached out and took hold of the man’s throat. In one swift action he twisted the man’s neck.

The man’s lifeless body dropped heavily to Jasper’s feet, where it led still and unmoving. Quickly and quietly, Jasper dragged the man’s body into the bushes. With one last glance he checked to make sure the body was concealed, before resuming his assignment.


As Jasper crept into the house he held his breath, hoping that the alarm wouldn’t go off. He breathed a sigh of relief when he crossed the threshold, and the house remained silent.

Creeping through the large house filled with expensive items and luxurious status symbols such as bookcases and detailed porcelains, Jasper took care to leave as little indication that he had been there as possible.

In the hallway was a steep staircase made of oak leading to the upstairs floor. As Jasper placed his foot on the first step of the stairs, the groan of wood echoed throughout the house. Jasper tensed, fearful of waking the sleeping residents, but no movement could be heard above him. He continued to climb the stairs, this time with more care.

The master bedroom was bigger than Jasper had imagined. Thick velvet curtains prevented any light from entering the room, making it difficult for Jasper to see clearly, but he could make out heavy cupboards nestled in the corner of the room. The faint glow of bronze light came from portraits and ornaments covering the wall, and a king-size bed complete with drapes sat squarely in the middle of the room.

Sleeping on the bed were two people; An overweight, balding man and his younger, attractive wife. Jasper watched them in silence for a few moments, mesmerized by their slow breathing and peaceful looks upon their faces, oblivious to the intruder in their room.

As if he had done it many times before, Jasper attached a silencer to the end of his pistol, pointed it at the sleeping bodies, and did what he had come to do; He pulled the trigger.

Aiming the weapon at the female, Jasper fired three bullets into her torso. The woman writhed as the bullets penetrated her skin, then lay still on the bed.

The man beside her awoke in panic. His eyes widened as he saw Jasper stood over him. Before the man could cry for help Jasper tossed his gun onto the bed. The man scrambled for the gun, and fumbled the weapon in his rush to point it towards Jasper, who stood calmly, pitying the man.

A clicking sound came from the gun as the old man pulled the trigger. He tried again, but the gun produced the same clicking sound. Picking up a fallen pillow from the floor, Jasper approached the old man, who pointed the empty weapon threateningly at Jasper.

Lurching forwards, Jasper covered the man’s face with the pillow. The old man writhed under Jasper’s hands trying to escape, but despite his efforts he was unable to pry the pillow away from his face, and eventually became still.


Propping the body in a nearby chair, Jasper placed the gun in the man’s lap. From within his bag he took out a small medication bottle, and inserted a handful of pills into the man’s mouth, before scattering the rest on the floor.

Jasper approached a portrait on the wall of an aging, balding man - the same one sat dead in the chair. Slipping the blade of his knife behind the portrait, he pried the frame away from the wall. The portrait swung forwards on its hinge, revealing a hidden compartment in the wall.

A single folder of paperwork was the only object in the compartment. From within his bag Jasper produced an identical folder, which he switched with the one in the wall. Jasper carefully closed the portrait, making sure there were no signs of damage.

Jaser scattered furniture and objects around the room, making it look as if a struggle had occurred. As one last precaution, he dragged the hidden body from the garden into the house, which he lay at the bottom of the stairs.

Without a final glance, Jasper left the house and climbed into the car. As slowly and quietly as he had arrived, Jasper drove out of the street, his headlights still turned off.

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