The cyborg

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A cell pinned down in the search for Valvbule intelligence that could take down a corrupt government is trapped, pinned down by enemy fire, one their own downed, but saved by a mysterious cyborg and his team. Soon questions arise, and a friend rises from the ashes...

Action / Mystery
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The cyborg

“Ready?” The voice said through the helmet of agent nebullo AKA Sprocket, and he blinked.
“Yeah, everyone else ready?” he asked, looking at his ungloved robotic Hand, then at the attack. He pulled the glove back on and checked to make sure his jetpack was still on.
“Yes, let’s go,” three Voices said, annoyed. He took a couple of steps back then ran off the edge, his jetpack activating. He flew towards the helicopter and grinned, landing on the underside of it, and walking up the side, using his robotic arm to Rip off the canopy and throw out the pilot, turning the guns on the Military men.

Rumor gritted their teeth as a second Round Of machine-gun fire from a helicopter ripped through their wall. “Ray-Ray, May, what is your status?” they yelled through the small Comm device held in their hand. The radio crackled to life and heavy breathing could be heard
“Not much better Over here” the sounds of gunfire could be heard as two more of them went down, Only for the helicopters machine guns to stop firing, and for them to whirr up again, this time facing the Soldiers, and Blasting at them, allowing Them to get away from the men, and meet up with Ray-Ray and May. They sighed as they saw Ray-ray and May looking quite tired, and May had fallen on the floor, as a female figure, pressed her hand to the wound, frantically trying to Speak with Someone else, and turning to Rhayi, Who looked scared as hell. Two others appeared out of the shadowy corners of the warehouse, their armor looking quite chuffed. “Nebulous Plan worked, that crazy Son of a bitch!” the One to the left said, his helmet had been grazed, but otherwise looked unharmed
“Somehow, his plans always work, stryker you Should Now that by Now,” The woman said calmly, taking a medkit and a knife before, removing her hand, digging the bullet out, and Starting to stitch the downed may and turned to Zioas, who found themselves shifting uncomfortably from the unnerving gaze of the Visor, before turning to one on the right, Omega, tell nebullo we need to go” The now named omega nods, and unclips his radio “Omega to nebullo, We got them, let’s go” the sound of rushing air could be heard, as nebullo abandoned the Helicopter, and a boom could be heard throughout the facility as the group made their way towards the car

“MAY!” Rhyai shoulder and grabbed her rifle and shot the two men who came close, grabbing mayhem and dragging her behind cover, as the sounds of a firefight could be heard and the incoming military men were shot in the back, dropping to the ground with burn marks on their armor, as women kicked their heads away, and strolled towards Them.
“Omega Stryker, guard my back, it may be clear, but we never Know and might need a way out” She yelled, and walked right past them.
“Of curse Havoc,” they said in unison, and she sighed before turning around, and walked right to their cover pushing the box away, and bending down, holstering her weapons, Placing a hand On Mays wound, she used pressure from her armored hand to stem the blood flow and looked at Rhyai. “It’ll be alright, it didn’t hit her in the chest, only the shoulder, thank heavens' ' She Spoke looking at Rhyai, looking at her softly. One of the men grinned, and pulled a sticker out, slapping it On the wall.
“There,” he said looking satisfied, “Now they know we were here” She sighed and kept putting pressure on the wound

When they got to the car, the doors popped open, and a reluctant three people piled inside the car that could hold all of them, as the driver hit the gas peddle. “No trackers, I just checked,” he said in a distorted voice.
“You work fast sprocket, didn’t know you could be that fast” Omega boomed, and the team took off their helmets. The person named agent havoc and stern, yet kind face, and looked about eighteen, with blue eyes and Blonde Hair. She sighed and turned to face the sleeping Mayhem, then looked at her. The two men, omega and stryker removed their helmets. Omega had a face that belonged to a supermodel and he looked to be 17, While stryker had Golden eyes, metallic hair, and a fair complexion, looking to be about 19. He sighed and looked at her.
“So where are going?” Rhayi sighed, looking over at Ziaos, and they nod, seemingly giving her the go-ahead. ‘“Ziaos’s Place. 23rd elm street” She rattled off, and The person in the front made a left, giving a nod of acknowledgment and didn’t take off his helmet or speak a word.
“What’s his deal?” Rhayi asked Jabbing a thumb at their driver.
“Oh sprocket, He’s Just like that, and hasn’t taken his mask off ever, the mouthpiece detaches for him to eat.” She said looking at Rhayi. “We haven’t been properly introduced, I’m Avaina, but you can call me Ava or color! This is Javi '' she said cheerfully. The boy grinned “Call me Java though” he shrugs and points to omega “This is Samuel, but you can call him Sam, Just don't call him Sammy'' He said cheerfully as Sam rolled his eyes at him.
“We got a Jump up ahead, hold onto your spare parts” Sprocket yelled as he drove the car off a ramp, sending it flying and onto the other side as he drifted the car to left, and with an ungodly noise got it back on the road, heading towards the underworld.
“Who the hell are you people?” Rhayi asked simply as Sprocket kept driving, and Avaina sighed
“That depends on what you want to know” She replied smoothly
“Everything” Zioas replied
"First off, what do you know about project nebullon?" She asked Rhayi
"It was a project designed to 'cure' LGBT people of their 'condition' that thing being What is called LGBT," she said, shifting under the weight of the entire team's stares
"Damm, your a talented hacker" sprocket said, sounding surprised, but not much else. "You are correct, I was the original prototype for the project, and yes, I did check myself over for implants and trackers, so did the team," he said lazily as they sped towards Zoasis place.
"We aren't sure where you came from, '' Ava reminded him gently, almost causing him to crash the car.
"You don't think I wonder where I came from, for fucks sake all I can remember is fire and collapsing buildings, but that's about it. I'd like to see you try forgetting everything you've ever known" he yelled angrily and took a deep breath, an odd mix of metallic sound and organic sounds. "Sorry about that ava, I guess I got wound up, '' he said, as he shifted in his seat a bit. Ava looked shocked at the yelling, and even slightly mad at him, but stayed silent, as only the sounds of the car traveling down the road were heard. Every single person was shocked by sprockets outburst and Judging by the looks on the team's faces, it was the first time something like this had happened. Sprocket kept driving, seemingly unfazed.

When they arrived, Sprocket turned the Car around in the driveway, and parked it there, seemingly waiting for the trio to get out.
The team meanwhile was having a nonverbal discussion, glances, nods, and shakes of the head, before Zioas Seemed to relent to the girls, and sighed as the girl grinned in victory “I forgot, I’m Rhayri, but you can Call me ray-ray!” she said happily, and gestured to the rest of the team, as the girl leaning on her glared at them.
“I’m Mayhem, also known as May,” She said, gritting her teeth. Either at having to introduce herself or at the fact that She had been shot. Sprocket did not like the idea of the former, As The aforementioned Rhayri helped her inside.
“Why Do those Names Sound familiar?” he muttered Softly, as the third person approached them
“Names Zioas,” the third person in the group said simply and walked away, becoming them inside as he did So. A flurry of chitters and beeps could be heard from the group, but mostly from Sprocket as he spoke with them, and then grinned as they begrudgingly followed them inside.

Once they entered the living room, sprocket Seemed to freeze up as he looked around the living room area, then walked slowly, running his hands above the metal, wood, and fabric of the room, before going to the side of the Room, and Just standing there, the sounds of his breathing filling the room, as Ava waved a hand over his face, and Javi grinned, then poked the cyborg, and groaned.
“Think He’s crashed,” Javi said cheerfully “Ah well, We Just gotta wait until he reboots,” he said cheerfully and sat down next to him
“Give or take 5 or 6 hours” Ava muttered at the two and shrugged
“Can’t you just force a reboot?” Rharyi asked
“Nope, he’s a cyborg and if we force a reboot, it'll kill him” She replied seriously
“Kill him How?” Ziaos Asked Cursorily
“Instead of a gradual shutdown, that allows him to stay alive, it'll Just ‘Cut’ all of the power to every system, and kill him Almost instantly” Rharyi Replied calmly “What, he wasn't the Only Person Who was an engineer, but he was leagues ahead of me in that field” She replied somberly, As Ziaos mirrored her expression.
“Who are you talking about?” Javi asked curiously, as Avina Smacked him
“Sorry bout my friend, he can be a bit of a Dolt” he replied, She said and Javi grinned madly.
“Hey!” He huffed “I'm not that bad, sprockets worse” the man defended, rolling his eyes. Said cyborg seems to start up again, and then shut down again, As they settled in for a long wait.

“I hate my life” sprocket muttered, opening his eyes to a Cavonurs Church hall, and walked through the Rows, His footsteps and mechanical Breathing filled the empty Hall, as a priest walks up to him.
“Welcome Child, Why is it that you are here?” The priest asked, sounding very much like a grandfather figure.
“I Have come here to seek answers as to who I was” the cyborg replied simply, sitting down in a Pew in the front.
“What do you mean my child?"
"I don't know who I am, all I remember is fire and death" he coughed an odd ratcheting sound.
"All you remember is hell?" The priest muttered softly, looking amazed.
"It wasn't hell, it was earth,” He said, his voice glitching out, and sighed softly. "I know because I felt being pulled into a helicopter, but not much else,” He said softly. “Then I was knocked out and well I’m What I am now” He shrugged and closed his eyes

“Ah Fuck, My head” He groaned as he woke up. “Goddamit, think I overloaded the Neural processors again, fuck I need to get better Ones” Sprocket muttered as he shakily Stood up, and with Ava’s help, sat down on a couch.
“What happened?” Javi asked.
“You tell us, though it was probably the signfactnlly higher levels of neural activity in the cerebral cortex and frontal Lobe” a woman Replied from a chair nearby, swirling some orange Juice, seemingly out of sheer habit.
“So Deja Vu?” Samuel Muttered, carrying a bottle of beer and Sprocket groaned.
“Samuel!” Avina yelled and snatched the bottle, shoving it back in the fridge.
“He does have the ability to find any amount of alcohol anywhere” Javi rolled his eyes as sprocket seemed to open a panel On the back of his head. “Oh yea, diagnostic time,” he said grumpily, as the diagnostic panel appeared. “Oh well that isn't that bad,” he said cheerfully, as Sprocket closed the panel, and then closed his eyes falling asleep on Javi. He quietly slipped out from Sprockets Head, and let him lay there, with a shushing motion.
A couple of hours Sprocket had woken up. “Covrin” was the One word that had left his lips before he sighed. “Why does it sound so familiar?” he rasped as Zioas looked at him Quite Oddly, and shook his head, as He stood up. “Is there a workshop nearby?” Zioas simply pointed Down the hall and Sprocket ran down there.
“And now we aren’t Gonna see him for a solid four hours” Ava Muttered, glaring at Zioas, and Javi sighed.
“Please, that's just on the low end” He snorted, and Zioas looked worried.
“Sounds like someone We used to Know, would shut himself in the workshop in days On end,” Zioas Replied calmly, as they learned back. The women groaned as sprocket Yelped in surprise then started chuckling, then laughing madly. Everyone in the Room gulped, and Zioas paled. “Well shit, that laugh is uncannily similar to a friend” a Sigh was heard and Javi was grinning madly
“Let's See what insane thing sprocket comes up with next” a second mad giggle Was heard as Sprocket had presumably attached something to his arm, and with a loud whirring, sprocket detached his hand and started to work.

Sprocket ground, and reattached his arm, spinning it around, then pressing a button on it with his organic arm, as a fingertip slid back and the Fitz of a welding flame as he giggled, and pressed the button again, as the flame deactivated, and his fingertip reassembled in its normal way, and a console drew his attention, and he wandered over to it. Sprocket tilted his head and chittered oddly, spotting the keyboard, and sitting down as clicked on the first of the videos. There Was an Odd sense of Deja Vu, and as sprocket watched, he began to glitch out, and scream as something in his programming just broke, and he slumped over.

“Here we go again,” Covrin said calmly, turning to his other half who was currently looking very shocked.
“I’m you?” sprocket asked Horsley, and he stepped towards covrin. Covrin giggled madly and offered a hand, and as sprocket took it, a bright light engulfed the two parts of the mind, meshing them together.

Ava had laid Cyborg on the couch, as Rharyi looked confused and Groaned. “I’m not sure that was there beforehand,” Javi said calmly, pointing at an Unknown file on her laptop. “It looks to be some sort of memory backup, and it predated all of the Ones we've seen previously” Everyone in the room looked at him as he grabbed the computer against the master hacker's protests, and clicked on the File. When it was opened it appeared to be a subfile named CO-01 memories.
“Why do I recognize this designation?” Zioas asked curiously tilting their Head
“I think We Should leave it alone” Rhayri Repiled, and without warning, Zioas snatched the computer from the girl and clicked on the subfile. “Zioas, you can’t Just” She sighed As they clicked on the file and put it down as a video started to play.

“That Crazy Son of a bitch” Everyone in the room chorused almost Unanimously as Sprocket groaned
“Thanks for the headache ray-ray, and Sammy don't call my mum a bitch” Covrin grumbled, and Rhayri looked close to crying as the duo Launched themselves at him. “Bloody hell women,” was all that could be heard as the two nearly squeezed the life outta him, and a loud slap, probably by Zioas Could be heard
“Covrin Nicolas Pyroflux, don't you ever scare us like that again” He yelled and pulled him into a kiss as Mayhem walked in with Some coffee, and took one look at it then sighed.
“What the hell did I just walk into”
“Just get these two of me may, I'm begging you” Covrin gasped half annoyed and half-amused as Mayhem looked on in Shock. Zioas breaking off the kiss just long enough to let covrin say his piece, and dragging her into the pile “ZIOAS GET YOUR GRUBBY LITTLE HANDS OFF ME” She screamed, and Covrin groaned in annoyance as she fell right on top of him. Suddenly, a loud thud could be heard as covrin had managed to get them all off, and he started to fritz.
“Goddamit knew th-that this would h-ha-happen, my memories are still a goddamn mess, thanks for that by the way” the fritzing cyborg. “I'll see you all Soon, I just need some time” and with that, he walked out, leaving a Shocked House. Zioas ran after him, as he took his helmet off, breathing in the fresh air.
“Can you stay?” they muttered catching up to him.
“I wish I could, but I need to figure things out,” He said, and activated his Jetpack, flying off.
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