We Of The Night

By Arcin_Enroth All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy


Years after what happened in The Assassin Roxanne returns with a new mission, a new drive, and stronger than before. A new organisation join's the Yano and the Marione's hunt for powered human's. They hunt for these people for an unknown reason ​and are a dangerous force on their own. Roxanne will have to push beyond all her limits to be able to do what she believes is right. But will she be able to handle what they have to throw at her? Or will she crumble? Will she come to accept the truth of who she truly is and what fate has in store for her? As one of the night there was always risks, one's she's always understood. Can she handle what's to come next?


“Alton! Where the hell is she?!”

“I’m not really sure. She said something about sensing another one and then just left.” Alton replied.

“God Damn it! She just got back. I understand the importance of all this, but it would be nice to know.”

“The last few years have been hard. It helps get her mind off things... she feels extremely guilty of what happened a few years ago after all. And the fact that her old friends have gone off to do things doesn’t help.” Alton sighed as he began working on a motorcycle.

“That’s still not a good reason to leave without telling me.”

“Well you know her boss, she’s more of a lone wolf than a team player.” Alton muttered.

“She wasn’t always this bad Alton. I’m just worried about her, I hope she understands she still has us.”


The mirror in the airplane bathroom shook, my black locks were in my face once again.

Just another day, just another mission. I muttered as I pushed the hair behind my ear. I fixed my uniform up, and right before I was going to leave the bathroom things got a little crazy.

My six sense started to tell me of danger. I jumped up and held myself up to the ceiling of the bathroom. Right after doing this the bathroom was filled with bullets.

My right arm and leg were grazed by a bullet, making a slight pool of blood on the ground that trickled out the doorway. That was apparently enough for them to leave. When I heard the attacks leave I landed on the floor quickly and quietly.

From under my uniform, I pulled out a knife. I place my ear to the door and waited.

I pulled the door open and his from view. The closest attacker grabbed and took them to the cargo bay down below.

“How many of you are there?” I asked. “As if I would tell you!” they hissed. “That so? I guess if you have no intel to give me your no longer of any use to me.” I sighed as I put on an oxygen mask and walked over to a button.

“What are you doing?!” the exclaimed. “I hope you can fly... oh wait you’re only human! Oh well, have a nice fall.” I remarked with a slight smirk as I reached for the button.

“D-don’t kill me, please! I’ll tell I’ll tell!” they gasped. I walked over to them and away from the button to open the cargo bay door.

“Alright, we’re getting somewhere that’s grand!” I huffed with a pleased tone.

“Putain de fou, ass chienne (Fucking crazy ass bitch).” they muttered in french. I kicked them onto their back and held my foot on their stomach.

“Ce n’est pas très gentil miss. M’appelant de telles choses... (That not very nice miss. Calling me such things...)” I paused replying in french with an unfazed looked. “After all, I’m not the one’s trying to take over a plane, and shot at the most dangerous person on this plane.” I sighed.

“Now since that’s out of the way... how many of you are there?” I sighed.

“F-four! There are 4.” she stuttered.

“Is that including yourself?” I asked.


“So there’s 5 in total.”

I get off the women as I stand back and think for a minute. “Not the worse odds that I’ve had.” I muttered.

“You can’t be seriously be thinking of going up against them are you?!” She asked looking at me with pure shock. “You are! You really are crazy! There is no way you could take all of them out.” she exclaimed.

It won’t be impossible... just difficult. After all, it’s not like I’m a normal person either... despite all my wishes to be. Without a gun, I’ll have to kill or take out each one up close and personal. It’s also way to dangerous to use a gun on the plane anyways since the cabin is pressurized. One missed shot and we’re dead. I paused as I pulled out a cloth and tie a gap over her mouth to stop her from screaming for help.

My best bet is to blend in with the passengers and make my way to take out any guard in the cabin with the passengers. I want to minimize casualties, kill and be the reason that someone’s killed. I’ll just make the plan us as I go along. I sighed walking over the luggage.

I pull out a pair of clothing I could wear and change into to be able to blend in with the other passengers leaving my slightly bloody uniform down in the cargo bay. I also grab some things I’m sure will be useful. I pull out a small bag to hid my knife and the items, for the luggage to use, also putting my other items in the bag too since I wasn’t going to leave them down here like my uniform.

I fix my hair up and clean off the dried blood that was on my arm and leg to make sure it wasn’t going to stick out. I look at my leg and roll my shoulder before climbing up the ladder but stop before I enter the main bay to look are the situation we were currently in.

I see one in the commons, and one in the back. The other two must be in the cockpit. I pause as I could see a dead steward close beside me. They must have killed all the other’s first to decrease resistance, then went to try and kill me while I was in the bathroom trying to clean up after someone knocked their drink into me. It was probably one of them to cause a distraction. I sighed.

I eventually found an open seat in first class so I quickly got up and silently close the hatch to the cargo bay before making my way over to the seat sitting down.

The man I sat down next to looked at me oddly. I indicated to him to keep quiet.

“Don’t worry sir. I’ll get everything under control momentarily.” I whispered.

“They’ll kill someone if you even try.” he told me. “Don’t worry.” I repeated.

I made my way over to the barrier (really it’s a just a curtain) and hid behind the wall that separated first class and commons. Alright, let’s begin. I muttered. I motioned to the first class passengers to get down.

“Hey, could I get some help here? I got a fighter!” I exclaimed imitating the voice of the person I have in the cargo bay.

“Can’t you take care of it yourself?!”

“Why do you think I’m asking for your help!” I growled. “Alright! I’m coming over.” they sighed. I smirked as I pulled out my knife.

They entered the first class area. The curtain closed behind him and in a quick action right after the curtain closed I hit him in the back of the head with the back of my knife really hard. I’m surprised I didn’t kill him. I quickly caught him before he hit the ground.

I made sure that I did knock him out I did and... also cause his head to start bleeding a little. I tied him up and put him in the cargo bay and made sure to remove all the weapons from him like I did with the women earlier.

I came bac to the main area before going to coach and took the first open seat before the one in the back saw me.

“I don’t want to die!” the person beside me muttered.

I moved closer to the back close enough to be able to hear what they were saying. With my phone, I could see there was currently an out of place frequency.

They’re using that to communicate eh? Good thing I broke their com’s then. I muttered. I hacked into the signal plugging in my handphones to my phone and then put it in my ear’s. I put the phone down and pulled out the things I pulled from the bag I borrowed. I then began mixing up the mixture as I listened to them talk.

That’s when this came through. “Red leader I think something happened to Pink and Green. Should I take action?” the one behind me asked.

“Hold on Yellow. Pink, Green is everything alright?”

"Yes. There was just a little problem in first class that got out of hand. We took care of it and will be taking it below." I replied in the male’s voice down below.

“Is that true Green?”

"I think he mean’s you." I sighed in the male’s voice. ”What? Don’t let go! Ow! I-it’s true. Now get this body off me!" I replied in the womens voice. I was surprised they weren’t the wiser. My guess is that they never knew each other till then.

I then got up going to the back. “What are you doing back here?! Get back to your seat!” they snapped.

“I get the but I really need to go! I have been holding it for an hour!” I groaned, going full through with this really embarrassing lie.

“No.” he replied.

Damn it this is so embarrassing. I muttered. “But I really need to go.” I groaned. I want to kill this guy! I growled.

“Fine! But be quick.” he huffed.


“Thank god!” I sighed. I opened the door to the bathroom but didn’t go in right away. Instead, O grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him into the bathroom with me locking the door behind me.

“What the-?!” he exclaimed.

“Shhh!” I hushed him as I kissed his neck. I had my hand behind his back as I did this. From my sleeve, I slid out a needle. I bit his neck as I poked him with the needle and injected him with the fluid mixture I made earlier.

“Too easy.” I muttered backing up with a smirk on my face as I leaned against the door and dropped the needle.

“You bitch!” he slurred. He tried to shoot me but I unloaded the gun and turned the safety on when he was distracted.

“Wow, the second time I’ve been called that. However, there is nothing you could possibly do now. It is a mixture of my own creation... momentarily you will begin to fell sleep and fall asleep.” I sighed as I pushed the hair out of my eyes.

“People are so easy to deceive sometimes. It’s a little sad honestly.” I sighed as I noticed it taking full effect I smirked. “Night night.” I chuckled right as he passed out. I took his clothing and change into them.

"Red leader. I had a bit of a problem. I took care of it but do you want to use them as an example for the other passengers not to try anything?" I asked in the person with the code name yellow’s voice.

“Fine Blue go back there and do the example for them.” Red sighed. “Yes, sir.” Blue replied. I pulled the man’s body out of the bathroom. I drag him to the front of the plane to meet this Blue person.

Blue didn’t speak a word to mean but quickly took Yellow from me. “Look here! This is what happen’s to those who disobey us.” Blue growled holding him up. They then took out a gun and shot yellow in the head.

Fuck! They will be a problem if I don’t take them out now. I hissed as the hope for not killing anyone wasn’t going to continue from here in this plan.

“It’s done, sir.” Blue told Red. I quickly go behind Blue and pull out my knife.

“Alright come back to the cockpit Blue.” Red told them.

That’s when I stuck, and I did it quickly to make sure they couldn’t warn Red about me. I broke their com and slid my knife across their throat. I quickly caught them before they hit the ground and realized that they are actually a woman.

The passengers looked confused and afraid. I put Blue down, then took off the hat and face mask.

“Is everyone alright?” I asked.

“Hey you’re alive!” the first class man I sat next too exclaimed.

“Yes. Now please remain calm,” I told them. “I would like you to proceed to the back, however, all carry on’s must come to first class so we can even out the change of weight.” I told them.

Two passengers help with that. When all the carry on’s were moved everyone went back. I closing the curtain that hid the first class area from view. I then went over to the cockpit door and knocked.

"Sir, could you let me in?" I asked in Blue’s voice. I watched as the door to the cockpit slowly opened.

“You’re not Blue!” Red hissed when he saw me.

“You’re quite right about that.” I sighed as I charged forward. I tackled Red to the ground, I noticed that he also had a gun and was trying to aim at me. I tried to take his gun from him, but he didn’t want that of course.

His gun discharged and I quickly moved out of the way of the bullet. The bullet doesn’t hit me however it does hit the pilot in his arm and right through to his leg.

“Argh!” the pilot groaned. This causes the plane to sharply bank to the right. From this, I tear the gun for Red’s hand as I kick him back.

“Get the plane under control.” I exclaimed unloading the gun as I slid towards Red. “I attempted to kick Red in the head but he moved out of the way.

Red then punches me in the face. I roll on the floor but quickly get up and put him in the gut. Right as I was about to punch Red in the nose the pilot pulled us out of the sharp turn.

I quickly regain balance but so did Red. He charged at me and to force him back I slashed him across the chest with my dagger. I swept his legs right after causing him to fall to the floor. Then I finally knock him out by using the hilt of my dagger and slamming it into his head.

I tied Red up removing all threats off him. “Are you alright captain?” I asked as I searched Red. “I’m alive. My Co’s dead and I can’t continue flying in this condition. I can hardly move my arm.” he sighed pretty much implementing we are going to crash.

“Hold on for a few more minutes. I’m going to put him below then I’ll take control.” I told him.

“You can fly?”

“Of course.”

I left the captain as I went and threw Red down below and changed out of these clothes and back into my uniform. I go back to

the cockpit and remove the dead co-pilot from the other seat putting him in an empty seat behind me.

“You told control about what was going on right?”

“Yes right before they broke in.” he told me.

“Alright.” I sighed putting on the headset.

“I’m giving the control’s over to you Aya.” he sighed.

“Alright. Control. Can you read me?”

“I’m surprised you can fly a plane like this. Why are you a part-time stewardess and not a pilot?” he asked.

“The key word is part-time. I have another job plus it easier to get flights.” I answered him with a slight chuckle.

“A675. This is Control what’s happened?”

“This is A675. I’m pleased to inform you that we’ve regained control of the plane and the hostels have been taken care of.”

“What happened to the pilot and the co-pilot?”

“I’m alright Control. My co-pilot’s dead. I’m just injured, Aya is the one that’s currently flying this bird.” the captain told Control.

“Control. I do however request for an emergency landing. Have law enforcement, and medic’s for we do have injured.” I tell them.

“Alright wait till you’re cleared to land at the nearest airport. Try to remain in the air till then.” Control told me.

I sigh a little before getting onto the intercom. “Passengers could you please take your seat as we will be landing as soon as possible. However, since I have no one to inform me if you are all in your seats.” I pause. “Ring your requesting assistance bell. When all are rung I’ll know you are all in your seats.” I added.

“They were all out of their seats?”

“Yes before entering the cockpit I had them go to the back. To avoid any unneeded death.”

After a few minutes, I heard the captain. “Everyone’s seated.”

“Good. Now we just wait for the green light from control... luckily it didn’t happen as we waited for everyone to be seated.” I replied.

It wasn’t long till that green light came in. “At this time could you all buckle up, store your carryon’s and put you tray tables in the upright position. As we are about to begin our decent.” I announced. “Alright, Captain let’s land this puppy. Help out as best as you can.” I tell him.

“Okay, pilot.”

We begin our decent down and prepare the jet for landing. The captain was counting out the altitude level to me.

Landing gear out and then we felt the jerk of the plane as it touched the pavement.

As all the wheels are on the ground I immediately reverse the trust and put on the breaks. As we slowed down the less trust I used till we coasted to a stop. We could hear cheers from the passengers as we landed safely.

“Good job kid. These cheers are all for you.” the captain told me. I let out a slight sigh. We powered down the plane and made sure it wasn’t going to move.

I then opened the door holding onto the captain as we made our way down with the passengers close behind us. The police grabbed the three below and everyone has to make statements about happened and all the medic’s checked us over.

My statement understandably took longer than the others. I was asked why and how. I gave generic answers, going the route of being a part-time stewardess as I’ll take any position.

The hardest thing to explain was how I could take care of 5 hotels, survive, capture three of them, and without a scratch.

Trying to explain that took a few hours. They offered me coffee which was a nice gesture however with my enhanced senses I can’t stand coffee. I don’t like the taste which sucks right now as I’m thirsty.

I really want a beer... or some type of alcohol. I groaned as I slammed my head on the table, which caused the coffee to spill and get in my hair and also burn me a little.

“Ow.” I yelped shooting up and moving back. Eventually, I just told them I tried to become an officer first but dropped out because I could no longer afford it. After that they eventually let me go.

I grabbed my bag, I went to the changeroom and took a shower. Afterwards, I got changed into normal clothes. We landed in Santiago airport it’s still pretty warm over here even though it should be winter.

I got out of the change room and began making my way to the runway to catch a flight. But before I could do that I run into the captain with his arm in a sling and leg all bandaged up.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“Sorry got to go! Can’t miss my flight.” I exclaimed with a wave.

I rush out onto the pavement. “Sorry, I’m late. I got a little held up.” I laughed as I ran my hand through my hair.

“Don’t worry miss. You’re the only passenger anyways so we can’t leave without you.”

I smile as I climb into the plane and sit back in the comfy seat.

“None the less I apologize for the wait.” I sighed as I put my bag down putting on a long black dress coat (with a hood).

“Could we please get going please I do have important business to take care of.” I sighed as I grabbed the glass of wine from the stewardess.

I leaned back as I took a sip of the wine, as the plane took flight.

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