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In a world full of Monsters and Humans, the craft family stumbles upon a group of hybrids :]

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

*No ones POV*





T- where the f*ck are we?

W= give me a second gremlin I’m looking at the map

P= I don’t see any land wil

TB= bruh-

The family looks around to see where they are. Tommy looks at the water, it looks dark and deep, the night moon reflects off the water.

Tommy sees something in the water, glowing. It continues to get closer and closer to there boat.

T= hey guys…

W= not now Tommy

T= what is this glowing thing in the water?

TB= heh-

P=look closer

W=it’s probably a fish

Tommy looks closer at the glowing fish-thing. He starts to lean and his face is almost touching the water. A glowing fish tail comes to the service of the water. Tommy reaches down to grab it…

But a hand grabs him and drags him into the water.


Everyone turns there head to see that Tommy has fallen into the water, then they see some type of woman dragging Tommy away from the boat… but the lady had a tail following behind her, [a siren]

Everyone thought and went and started up the boat.

Tommy’s POV

I feel a cold shiver hit my body as of me being dragged into the water my something or… someone.

I open my eyes to see a lady dragging me I look behind me to see a blue tail, the top of her tail was blue but the bottom was red faded into white. A Siren!? I thought those were extinct! I look up from the tail and at the boat I was just on, I looked so small from all the way over here, I felt tired but I didn’t want to sleep, because who knows what would happen to me if I did.



The siren finally stops pulling me and throws me on the ground… Ground!? I’m at shore!? How long was she dragging me for???

Siren- alright it’s your turn Luke

I look up to see a wolf with a Mexican mask, I’m guessing there name is Luke.

Luke- fine, I’ll meet you at the house.

The wolf and siren look out onto the water, a boat is coming straight to us, wait… THAT LOOKS LIKE TECHNO! ARE THEY GOING TO SAVE ME!?


I see all there faces turn towards me, YES, I GOT THERE ATTENTION! The wolf grabs me and turns the other way and starts to run.

Holy sh*t, the wolfs quick-

*Wilburs POV*

We heard a yelp of help come from the land in front of us…


Right when we all saw them a wolf picked Tommy up and started to run.

Soon enough we got to shore and ran in the direction of we’re the wolf ran with Tommy.

*Tommy POV*

Idk how long we were running for but it felt like ages.

I started to lean in to the wolf, they had soft fur ngl… so soft that I could just… sleep…

*Luke’s POV*

I kept running with the kid in my arms holding him bridle style.

I felt something warm lean into my fur so I looked down at the child…

he was fast asleep curled up in my fur- I decided to ignore it and keep running… I don’t want to keep Him waiting.

*Time skip*

*Technos POV*

We had been running for awhile still looking for Tommy when we came upon a little cottage in the woods, is this we’re there keeping Tommy…

TB- I think he’s in there

W- are you sure techno, who knows what’s actually in there…

P- we have to at lest check, just in case

Techno grabs his sword ready for what was behind the door.

He slams the door open to see a ram, a wolf, a tank with the siren in it and a demon with there back to the door

The demon looked like it had a green cape that was withered with light red skin and big red horns with a demon tail

All the hybrids looked over at the door except for the demon

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