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The Last Bite

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Toby that is now about to turn 18 has been bestowed godly powers and now had to return the favor and participate in the war amongst gods for the sake of the world. And who better to save the world than a young adult who's been served the worst meal than any other person. Toby has lost his parents, the love of his life, and dear Rachel. But now he stands to lose more than ever as police, gangs, and a few old and new rivals go out of their way to hunt him down and take what they believe to be theirs.

Action / Fantasy
Grant Ayers
4.8 80 reviews
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Chapter 1 The Gods Last Hope

“So Goros I see that you just came back. Mind telling me how well our secret weapon is doing?” Ayers asks as he stands straight and his hands behind his back. Goros the chubby god of food floats up behind Ayers the god of creation with sorrow on his face.

“He’s stronger now. But he can’t catch a break no matter how many times I try to intervene. Right now instead of training he’s been kidnapped.” Goros states with fear in his words.

“Vrun the devourer is coming and Toby doesn’t have the time anymore to be kidnapped. The hounds are about to come and when they hit Earth he’ll need to fight. Then once the hounds are here Vrun is not too far behind them!” Ayers keeps his calm demeanor while raising his voice. He was truly upset to hear his champion failing.

“One of Vrun’s hounds is already there. They took over one of Toby’s friends. By your law I couldn’t have saved him. Are you saying that Vrun is almost here already? I thought we had at least a couple of years.” Goros says, opening the palm of his hand and summing a golden spatula.

“Son, I don’t know what to say. At this point, Vrun won’t even take a whole six months before arriving. And Toby isn’t ready. So it left me with one choice.” Ayers says with a single tear rolling down his chiseled face. “I’ll buy Toby an extra month or two but you have to get him back in line and get stronger. Otherwise, my creations and yours will be doomed to be eaten.”

“Father no. There has to be another way. Why not just make something to stop Vrun?” Goros pleads but Ayers just lets out a chuckle.

“Goros. My brave creative baker. Vrun can’t be stopped that easily. It would take more than whatever I could create to destroy Vrun. After all, he’s a god much like us. Toby is the only person on that planet right now that I believe will help us. He has a reason stronger than all to help us.”

“He’s a mortal father! A kid no less. How is he the one!?” Goros shouts out his question, pointing his giant golden spatula at Ayers. But his father just grabs Goros by his shoulders and squeezes gently, reassuring Goros with his smile.

“Because Goros, Toby is the one. He ate your godly item and now has became part god. He is the only one that could possibly be apart of this. And he’s suffered so much and been through hell and back that he must protect the world from what he’s been through. That’s why he must,.. No, will fight in this war.” With that said Ayers lets go of Goros’s shoulders and flouts towards what could be the direction of Vrun.

“Yes, father. I’ll make sure Toby is ready to fight Vrun.” Goros promises as golden tears run down his flabby cheek.


“Get this bag off of my head already!” I shout out shaking my head hoping to get this black bag off. But these two ruffians aren’t responding to me as they haul me towards somewhere.

“Kid just shut up. We are almost there and if you get us caught I swear to god.” In almost a whisper a female voice states. Suddenly we stop and I get placed against something. As soon as their hands get off of my arms I spring up to my feet and rip the bag off, flinging my skeletal horned helm off with it. My white trench coat was dirty and my pants were in ruins. And my shirt had so many holes in it that it practically was just showing off my greek statue-like figure.

The two who I assume kidnapped me were standing in front of me aiming what looks like tasers at me. One of them was female, skinny, and had a mask over her head. She was wearing black clothes that were tightly pressed up against her curvy body. And next to her was a black man who was more skinny than the female. He wore the same apparel except for the huge fake eyelashes.

“Girl, he’s going to get us fired. Let’s taze his ass and get back to work.” The male kidnapper says taking a step towards me.

“Wait.” The female kidnapper snaps. I look around and piece together that we are in some forest. Trees, grass, and bugs were everywhere. Something that is quite rare to see nowadays in the world as it is a concrete jungle for the most part. The female looks around breathing heavily making her companion look scarce.

I moved my hand inside of my trenchcoat and was relieved to feel that a couple of my throwing knives were still in the sheath. Tzésy’s power flows through my body easily as I start to see golden targets form on their chests. Fortunately for me, I at least have him.

“Where are we? I demand to know.” I ask about getting ready to throw the blades.

“Kid, we can’t tell you. But keep your voice down. That tunnel should be opening any time soon.” The female kidnapper whispers, putting the taser back in her little utility belt. Her male coworker does the same looking at her in confusion.

“Listen up here sweety we were tasked to bring you to our leader. We only know that your name is Toby and you’re an outlaw that attempted to kill someone. Your powers are to copy whatever power as long as you touch someone’s body with said power. This also extends to the blood of someone who had powers. Like your little sword back there.” The male kidnapper says, shaking his head.

“Fiacla. That sword you were talking about has a name. There was another one too. Uain. We need to get back there and pick them up.” I am already rethinking what I just said. “Wait, no just bring me back!” I raise my voice and both of them lunge out at me and cover my mouth with their hands.

“Shhhh!” They both loudly shush me.

A portal appears to the side of us. It was orange with little sparks of lightning popping off randomly inside of it.

“That’s our ride. Better hurry before “they” Catch up to us.” The female states grabbing my forearm and pulling me towards the portal.

I jerk my arm out of her grip and open my mouth. As I am just about to scream for help a vine-like tendril wraps itself around my waist, digging its thorns into my torso before yanking me into the portal.


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