The New Era (Book 1 of Starknights)

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In the 22nd century, the daughter of a wealthy family forms a romantic bond with soldier, having a friendly history with him as the two had in fact trained in boot-camp together in early years. Much the daughterโ€™s dismay, there is a conspiracy against her and her family, to which the soldier vows to warn her about.

Action / Scifi
Liam Barath-Lane
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2012 was the year mankind believed that the world would in fact meet its end. But thankfully enough, the was not, nor ever, the case; granted, many (perhaps, even to this day) wish that it had been. That is not to say that there were never any other predictions that were far from accuracy.

While there have been many have likely managed to predict their own deaths, some (if not, few) have even gone so far is to predicting far bigger (and far more tragic) events, such as the twin towers being attacked and/or destroyed, and little did others know that would most certainly be the case.

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