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The Story of Us

By cats4321 All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Mystery


We are in fact one race; the human race.

Chapter 1

The savannahs grew arid,
withering under a hot African sun.
Herds of animals followed the green, forever moving north,
searching for water and forage for their young.

A village picked up what they owned and followed too,
wandering toward a salty sea and tomorrow.

The first wave moved toward the east,
populating the lowlands of what one day would be India,
and continued on, to a continent cut away by a mantle rift.

Another wave headed toward ice and snow,
finding thick fur to wear instead of a small bit of pelt. The sun, lower in the sky, refused to give them aide, and because of that their pigment changed, once more allowing the weak rays to touch their cells.

The third wave split in two and wandered until they met their past, huddled in small groups on hillsides and in caves.

And so it was that you and I began;
from a village and a mud hut to now.
Scientific Eve walked out of Africa,
carrying our mitochondrial DNA wrapped within her genes;
the great migration and our link to long ago.

The Genome Project has proven beyond a doubt that we are and always have been one people, forever following the animals that kept us alive. Too bad we don’t remember; too bad time has made us bitter. Instead of looking at each other as brothers, we see only what we don’t have. Was it Babel or only greed that took away a hug and left a crevice that we must span if we want to continue living on a planet, somehow placed within that “sweet spot”; far enough from the sun to shelter us but close enough to keep us warm.

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